Life history of a beautiful lady!

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

She’s just 16. She has high aspirations. First I believed she’s totally normal.But later on as I went on into the depth of her life, everything shook me up from the base! I never believed people can have such disasters of life too!

Nevertheless,when I just befriended her on a social networking website,I thought she might be normal as other 16 year girls.But hey! This girl was different from others. Yesss. Not only because of awesome reasons, but also due to some disastrous events which shook up her life at a very small age.I wish I could name her,but I would prefer to keep her identity as a secret.

So, I seldom talked to her, normal talks which always people do at first sight and then became good friends.She dreams of cracking the SAT examination. And hopefully she will. Also, came to know that she’s a scholar of her school. Has been making her parents proud since childhood by getting extraordinary results.And is an apple of the teacher’s eyes.

So,one fine day this amazing personality went off the social networking website for gross two days. I was out of mind. Then after inquiries,realized that she was hospitalized,because she had eaten extra Icecream on her birthday. ๐Ÿ˜› So as usual she got scolded and blah blah. ๐Ÿ™‚ She had been hospitalized because she was prone to pneumonia. And even after coming back home,she was more worried of going to school and tuitions instead of taking some rest at her home.

So came to know that she is a highly intelligent student,and also a gadget lover too. She loves phones & other gadgets because, it makes her sorrow less & keeps her cheerful. Sounds weird for at her age,but nothing new for me because even I fall in the same category.

Then as I was more curious, I was shocked to know that this beautiful small lady had lost her father at the tender age of ten. She never expected it, and I felt sorry, but she was used to it all. And this girl was a happy-go-lucky girl till her dad passed away. She still seems happy, but has a few emotions. She loves to stay happy more. Then she said me about her dreams. Her aspiration is to join the software industry and to work with EA,the huge gaming software giant. Also, a dynamic personality & a lover of her hometown Kolkata, I hope she succeeds in her life :’)

Lots of wishes lady. From bengaliceo ๐Ÿ™‚

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