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Relationships in Kolkata!

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, it’s already a year passed and I’m in Kolkata.Seeing all the greenery around and also,the hidden incidents which mostly happen behind the trees!! Yes yes you may say that the situation is mostly common in Mumbai,but there the Police is more strict with couples making out love in public than in Kolkata. Being a homesick person,I travel to my temporary home from college on weekends. And, the best part is these couples never fail to amuse me! Once I even got indulged in a fight only because I requested to not make love in public hehhe!

But yes, I’ve seen a trend and also I came to know about this trend only after staying in Kolkata for a year.I have a very good friend of mine and she explained the trend to me in a very simple manner. She said, that here in Kolkata, most school boys and girls will get committed to each other at a very tender age. From 5th or 6th grades, they’ll start roaming together during Pujo,eat together,sip water from the same bottle etc etc! Yesss it might be happening in Kolkata itself! Even the ugliest looking guy/gal will get a boyfriend/girlfriend. So, this was the process of first friendship then love!

But people get misguided. Even I myself had got misguided! Do they actually get laid in school life like in the States? Naah! This notion is actually a misconception. And this misconception is so much widely spread that it might become impossible to realize the truth. Love of childhood in Kolkata means just being stuck to one particular best friend of the opposite gender.Which on later life, changes to affection for each other. And later gets tied to a bond called marriage.

But one of my friend named this childhood love term as”Puppy love”. I myself didn’t know the meaning of the term So I asked her. She replied that it’s just childhood love which doesn’t work out actually! True,all school couples compulsorily get married to each other, but somewhere,when a person of the couple gets married to someone else, the feeling remains.

And for us people’s,who have come here from outside Kolkata to study,we see that our classmates do have girlfriends/boyfriends from childhood itself. And so, I don’t expect to get a girlfriend there and finally solely rely upon the famous match-making websites – 🙂


A year in Kolkata!

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s since a year, I have been staying in Kolkata. Away from parents. Away from family. In an unfriendly period of my life. A place, which claims to be my native place, but still feels insecure. A place,which just feels awesome during the Durga Pujo days! But as the idol of Maa Durga is immersed in water, the mindset of staying in Kolkata vanishes somewhere. No, I can’t compare Kolkata, with any other city of India, rather the world! But Yes, home is where your family is! Someday I think, why did I decide to leave my comfort zone? Why did I decide to join some random college in my native place? I agree,this decision has been not less than a tragedy in my life. But it also made me realize,yes, how do people say “naah, Kolkata aar aager moton nei”.(Kolkata isn’t now as it was earlier).

Shotti,Kolkata has changed! Yes it has changed! There was a time, when people used to praise Kolkata & it’s surroundings! But yes,now mostly criticize the worse conditions of Kolkata. Yes I totally agree, metro trains come late actually,but still people do live & enjoy here! There are malls like any other metropolitan city,but the enjoyment of eating “Raabri” from a sweet shop can only be felt in Kolkata! Yes, the bus fares are very cheap,but taxi rates are just soaring everyday! Overall,this city is good, but I guess it ain’t for me 🙂