A year in Kolkata!

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s since a year, I have been staying in Kolkata. Away from parents. Away from family. In an unfriendly period of my life. A place, which claims to be my native place, but still feels insecure. A place,which just feels awesome during the Durga Pujo days! But as the idol of Maa Durga is immersed in water, the mindset of staying in Kolkata vanishes somewhere. No, I can’t compare Kolkata, with any other city of India, rather the world! But Yes, home is where your family is! Someday I think, why did I decide to leave my comfort zone? Why did I decide to join some random college in my native place? I agree,this decision has been not less than a tragedy in my life. But it also made me realize,yes, how do people say “naah, Kolkata aar aager moton nei”.(Kolkata isn’t now as it was earlier).

Shotti,Kolkata has changed! Yes it has changed! There was a time, when people used to praise Kolkata & it’s surroundings! But yes,now mostly criticize the worse conditions of Kolkata. Yes I totally agree, metro trains come late actually,but still people do live & enjoy here! There are malls like any other metropolitan city,but the enjoyment of eating “Raabri” from a sweet shop can only be felt in Kolkata! Yes, the bus fares are very cheap,but taxi rates are just soaring everyday! Overall,this city is good, but I guess it ain’t for me 🙂

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