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It all started with Facebook,and ended up on Twitter.I liked meeting people since childhood.But then at that time,my little mind had just a little area to search for friends.Now it has grown vast,as years passed by.And that small area now is the whole world.

I don’t remember dates. It was probably December. I had my vacations. Was at home,Mumbai. Planned up a meeting with a first Twitter friend. @True_Evangelist or people whom we very well know as Piyush Bhai . Now he did change his handle,but then, it was his handle. And that day, I was stuck in traffic. Remembered that en-route there was one more Twitter friend Saili ,then @not_so_humerus even she changed her handle !!! Called her up and said,I’m goin to meet up a Twitter friend. You coming? She instantly replied “YES”. Then picked her up from her place and then,met him up near Mumbai Central. It was a small one,but then it did give me enough courage to meet more people up.

As I am studying in Kolkata,I rarely come home. I get a chance to come home back once in every six months.And I try to utilize all the days of my holiday session.

Then,a year passed by and I didn’t get much time to meet people.Then, I was back in action.Made plans, and met Miss Kruttika or rather @kru_tikka at the Phoenix city mall,LBS,Kurla. Though she’s a working lady,but, still took out sometime. And that was the start of an awesome journey ahead!.

Also there was a short story of meeting the sweet @BakBakLawyer or precisely,Vidhi Thaker. A lawyer to be. With immense knowledge. Though she was one of the beautiful women I’ve ever met.

Next is just a unique story of meeting two people in the same day.Though one was too risky.Even I myself wasn’t sure whether I’ll meet Shweta madam or not! or rather @dsilvastar . She was in a short trip to Mumbai and was about to leave that day. Though, she was leaving that day and her train was scheduled. So,I reached just half an hour before the train left and it took me somewhat 10 mins to figure out her location. But then I forgot to buy a platform ticket of the Bandra Terminus. Found her coach out,met her,talked to her, etc etc, then she left.Though she was happy coz only for 10 minutes I did come to visit her.Then after she left, a TTE caught me, and was about to fine me,but then, even he was corrupt so left me charging 100rs.Then from there, I went off to meet this Saili because it was her birthday.So from Bandra I reached Shivaji Park,met her, got her a chocolate and returned home with a beautiful experience of the day.

The recent experience was a total disaster with enjoyment. Switching places were hectic but then, I was enjoying the Mumbai local.The plan was a wee bit short,but then it was a Sunday,so did found out that people are free.So, my itinerary started at Borivali. Reached Thakur Village only to meet Radhika ma’am,or @radznanda , a real life CEO!. I was trembling but then somehow controlled myself.She’s a down-to-earth executive personnel.Also,met her son,who was of same age as mine and her daughter too. We exchanged talks,laughed together,shared experiences,had food and then she dropped me at Kandivali.

From there, I reached all the way to Bandra-Kurla-Complex where this Hinna madam was having brunch with her family.I was determined to meet her at any cost because she stays in Switzerland and was in India for a short time.Though spent a very small time with her,needless to say she was amazing and way too caring ! And I sincerely thank her to take out a little time inspite of the fact that she was with her family.

Then from there,headed towards Kurla station to reach Mulund, to meet Mr Nikhil, or rather known as @MrCoffeeKhor . So reached Mulund and then met this amazing personality. Shared talks and lives, and then, Mr Coffee Khor, who is known for coffee, drank tea with me. Also,gave him a packet of biscuit sent by this Radhika madam. So, in this way the itinerary started from the Western Railway and ended up in the Central railway. Though, it was a hectic day,but then I loved the experience and got to know people and their lives,with their experiences. Hoping to meet up more Twitter people in the future.