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Basically, Sachin himself is an inspiration but then yet, his aspiration to become a huge cricketer in future, during his childhood, and then after that, his dedication towards cricket which actually attracts people all around the world and after that, the last but not the least, his way of presenting himself to the people are the three things which inspire me about Sachin a lot. It’s not just his appearance,but the efforts he puts into cricket,and his down-to-earth nature is also something which eventually attracts me. And then, the applause which he recieves from the people are just complimentary. In short it’s just his dedication,aspiration i.e high hopes since his childhood and his magical appearance which inspires me a lot.Though other factors are totally needless when the crowd starts shouting “Sachin,Sachin” when he enters the Stadium.


So,it started with the Signature Worldwide Fashion week and we just got some glimpse of the Fashion week in an event which was held for three days at Galaxy,The Park. The pageantry lasted for three days i.e 21st,22nd and 23rd Feb 2014. The event was in association with the Storm Fashion Company and their official host was The Park Hotel. Designers from different parts of India displayed their vibrant collection of fashion attire for three days. Their variation in style and the unusual ideology for making such designer dresses were just amazing.


Day 1: The event started with the traditional “Sketched and Stitched” collection which was a unique concept for the spectators at the very first day itself.The show was started by Jaya Mishra’s collection. Then it was followed by Agnimitra Paul’s collection and then it was concluded by Jyoti Sachdev Iyer’s collection. Their designs were truly eye striking and was in every way a pleasure to watch. The show was enlightened, when the famous Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta, table-tennis player Poulomi Ghatak and Dr. Sashi Panja entered the ramp. Day 1 reached it’s peak of glory when renowned Bollywood stars Barkha Bist Sengupta and Indraneel Sengupta walked through the ramp, posing for the media. The day 1 was concluded soon after the last event.

IMG_9456 IMG_9616 IMG_9422IMG_9497

Day 2:It started with the lively collection of Mona Pali.Her theme was basically on the colours of India,which had a glimpse of some political trends of the country.It was an out-of-the-box thinking because no one would attempt such uniqueness fusion in the designing sense. The event was followed by the collection of AD Singh. His dynamic collection was just lively and awesome.It became more lively when his show stopper Reshmi Ghosh walked through the ramp with him adding more interest for the spectators.It was followed by the collection of Jatin Kochhar which included his unique designs. It became more exciting with the entry of his show stopper, Meera Chopra.The second day concluded with the next event, of the famous Bollywood Fashion Designer Rocky Star. He had a flamboyant and much exotic collection of designer apparel which made it more eye-striking to the spectators present at the event. His show stoppers were the famous Bollywood actress Riya Sen and the Tollywood actress Koel Mallick. Their presence on the ramp was a treat to the eyes of the viewers and of the media too. This concluded the second day of the fashion event.


Day 3: The final day of the event started away with the “Brahm Kamal” Traditional Indian Designs by Mona Pali,which were based on the village and tribes of the Indian culture. They were just extravagant and beautifully designed on the Indian culture. It became more crispy when Mumtaz Khan started her ramp walk which added glory to the ramp. It was followed by Aslam Khan’s collection, which was somewhat jubilant and eye striking to us. His show stopper Hemangani Singh Yadu and Vijaya Dey. They added more glamour to his collection. And the three day fashion event concluded with the final collection of the famous Mano Viraj Khosla. The best event according to some of the organizers were of his only. People awaited for his famous show stoppers, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and Sonali Sehgall. The crowd gave them a standing ovation because they deserved it. The last show of collection was somewhat totally different because there was an actual live performance by a band which added effervescence to the audience. And finally the whole event concluded with the interviews of the designers.

IMG_1061 IMG_0995 IMG_1037 IMG_1080

Also,needless to mention was the hospitality of The Park Hotel. They do deserve a round of applause for the hospitality and fulfilling all the demands of the guests present at the venue for the Fashion event.

And last but not the least, thanks to Signature for the wonderful event.

So,it started when I left from Mumbai. Texting up people and saying,dude wanna come to the station to meet? Atleast for 15-20 minutes. Asked three of them,all were busy in their own way! This Madhumita @bitter_koffee was busy in shopping, Rajneekant bhai @iRajneekant was chilling and Anjana @defi_ant was busy with her job of accountant. Locations – Nagpur,Raipur & Jamshedpur. So all busy in their own way and I reached The City of joy,Kolkata.

So,called up our dancer madam or our favourite Mumpy di 😀 @MissT_Doi whether she was free or not? And made up a day to meet her. So that day landed up meeting two people on the same day. And the day started as follows.


    Credits- The waiter at Babumoshai.
    Me & @MissT_Doi at the restaurant

So I reached at this Kavi Nazrul station expecting her. After cross checking and location exchange, I found this lady. And then after exchanging talks about life,twitter,studies etc and such topics related,we landed up to this Babumoshai hotel in Garia for having lunch. Then after that, left for Esplanade where I was about to meet this Neha madam or rather @OhTeri_ .After asking around and stuff, spotted her, waving out! Though couldn’t spend much time with her that day because she was busy (in shopping). And women shopping is ermmm, ok let it be. So I accompanied her till Shyambazar metro & I returned back. Though the time spent with her was actually fun.

The second was kinda a yes-yes-no-no for me. Because I was used to meetups but tweetups were not my cup of tea. So I called this @ohteri_ and one of my best friends @Deckle_Edge Sir. Both of them pushed me over the edge to actually go for the tweetup. Though Neha couldn’t make it up,Sammyabrata sir or @Deckle_Edge landed up late. So this first official tweetup of Kolkata was held under the leadership of Shoumik @TheSolutionBaba at the Barista Camac Street. So after asking routes and stuff, I landed up at the venue only to see Shoumik @TheSolutionBaba , Sana @scimitar_ , Anupa @inxs_m, Tuhina @DuttaTuhi and Taru @TaruBhargav already having conversations. Still I was warmly welcomed and then it continued after introduction. As time passed by, everyone felt as if all were friends from such a long time. Then Vedant @Rig_Ved joined us. Though Sana,Taru and Tuhina left shortly. After that The poet Vineet @FaaduKAVEE joined us for a short time. He was fun though. After that our handle of the day @SaapKaBaap Sudesh joined us. Then finally Mr Sammyabrata @Deckle_Edge turned up for the tweetup and Shekhar @shark_speak joined us at a later stage only to make the tweetup more interesting.

We had everything including fun. Ranging from a coffee which was unordered to bitching about others. Though I still couldn’t understand who ordered the coffee?? We left around 9pm and before leaving we had photo shoot sessions thanks to Sammyabrata & Shoumik , our Vedant was much benevolent to drop Me,Anupa and Sammyabrata to our destinations. It was actually a memorable day and I sincerely thank everyone who made the day memorable.


Credits – Sammyabrata Mallick Photography.

Left to Right – Anupa,Sudesh,Shekhar,Vedant,Shoumik & I’m at the centre.