Meetup & Tweetup ! Kolkata Chapter 1.

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

So,it started when I left from Mumbai. Texting up people and saying,dude wanna come to the station to meet? Atleast for 15-20 minutes. Asked three of them,all were busy in their own way! This Madhumita @bitter_koffee was busy in shopping, Rajneekant bhai @iRajneekant was chilling and Anjana @defi_ant was busy with her job of accountant. Locations – Nagpur,Raipur & Jamshedpur. So all busy in their own way and I reached The City of joy,Kolkata.

So,called up our dancer madam or our favourite Mumpy di 😀 @MissT_Doi whether she was free or not? And made up a day to meet her. So that day landed up meeting two people on the same day. And the day started as follows.


    Credits- The waiter at Babumoshai.
    Me & @MissT_Doi at the restaurant

So I reached at this Kavi Nazrul station expecting her. After cross checking and location exchange, I found this lady. And then after exchanging talks about life,twitter,studies etc and such topics related,we landed up to this Babumoshai hotel in Garia for having lunch. Then after that, left for Esplanade where I was about to meet this Neha madam or rather @OhTeri_ .After asking around and stuff, spotted her, waving out! Though couldn’t spend much time with her that day because she was busy (in shopping). And women shopping is ermmm, ok let it be. So I accompanied her till Shyambazar metro & I returned back. Though the time spent with her was actually fun.

The second was kinda a yes-yes-no-no for me. Because I was used to meetups but tweetups were not my cup of tea. So I called this @ohteri_ and one of my best friends @Deckle_Edge Sir. Both of them pushed me over the edge to actually go for the tweetup. Though Neha couldn’t make it up,Sammyabrata sir or @Deckle_Edge landed up late. So this first official tweetup of Kolkata was held under the leadership of Shoumik @TheSolutionBaba at the Barista Camac Street. So after asking routes and stuff, I landed up at the venue only to see Shoumik @TheSolutionBaba , Sana @scimitar_ , Anupa @inxs_m, Tuhina @DuttaTuhi and Taru @TaruBhargav already having conversations. Still I was warmly welcomed and then it continued after introduction. As time passed by, everyone felt as if all were friends from such a long time. Then Vedant @Rig_Ved joined us. Though Sana,Taru and Tuhina left shortly. After that The poet Vineet @FaaduKAVEE joined us for a short time. He was fun though. After that our handle of the day @SaapKaBaap Sudesh joined us. Then finally Mr Sammyabrata @Deckle_Edge turned up for the tweetup and Shekhar @shark_speak joined us at a later stage only to make the tweetup more interesting.

We had everything including fun. Ranging from a coffee which was unordered to bitching about others. Though I still couldn’t understand who ordered the coffee?? We left around 9pm and before leaving we had photo shoot sessions thanks to Sammyabrata & Shoumik , our Vedant was much benevolent to drop Me,Anupa and Sammyabrata to our destinations. It was actually a memorable day and I sincerely thank everyone who made the day memorable.


Credits – Sammyabrata Mallick Photography.

Left to Right – Anupa,Sudesh,Shekhar,Vedant,Shoumik & I’m at the centre.

  1. shoumik says:

    Super we certainly hope there are many more to come.

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