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नमकीन ज़िंदगी और कुछ मीठे मीठे खाव्ब 

ज़रा सी हंसती ज़रा सी रोती 


और मुस्कराहट भरे खाव्ब 
कभी बाच्चों जैसी मचलती 
कभी सयानो जैसी बहुत से सवाल पूछते खाव्ब 
बारिश में भीगती 
तो कभी गलियों में भागती 
गीली मिटटी कि खुसबू जैसे खाव्ब 
सरहाने के पास रखे मोगरे कि गंध जैसी 
और कभी साँसों में भर जाए तुम्हारी महक जैसे 
गुदगुदाने वाले खाव्ब 
बहुत खूबसूरत सी लगने लगती  दुनिया 
और कभी सुनी सुनी सी  तुम्हारे बिना 
कुछ आंसू भरे खाव्ब 
बचपन कि यादों से भरी 
माँ के गोद में सर रख कर सोने वाले 
प्यारे प्यारे से खाव्ब 
इमली से खट्टी और कभी आम सी मिठी 
सफीद से कैनवास पे रंग बी रंगे खाव्ब 
ज़िन्दगी में सबसे प्यारी, सबसे अनमोल, ढेर सारी 
मुझ जैसी ज़िन्दगी
और तुम जैसे मीठे मीठे खाव्ब 
Shoumik De

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So,that day I was planning to go on a shopping with my mom. She refused,saying she was a bit busy. So called up my girlfriend to give me company. Even she refused. So I decided to go all alone. It was probably too late. As I was too much angry, I left home late. Only to have an encounter very soon.

It was around 12am. I was about to reach the mall,but unfortunately, the cab in which I was travelling, broke down mid way. So, I paid the cab driver and started walking. After I walked a few minutes,I saw a lady, dressed in a totally modern look. She was wearing a coat,pant and a t-shirt inside.She asked “Excuse me,are you going to the Candy Mall?” I replied “Yes,but why?”.She said,that she was searching for a cab to go,but none agreed to go that short distance. So I convinced her to come along with me. And then we started walking,exchanging talks.

I came to know that she was an executive of a firm which was related to social media.She had planned to go shopping but she left so late that she couldn’t get a cab to travel to the mall.So,we entered the mall and I saw that,she requested me to accompany her till her shopping is done.And I was such a foolish,that I agreed.

So we started our shopping spree. After sometime,she totally forgot that she was in a mall. She started to Bargain like she was in a wholesale market. I calmly said her that, this was a mall.Then she somewhat calmed down. After the hectic shopping and me answering questions by the lady, “how am I looking?”,”Is it pretty?” and some similiar questions, we went on to the CCD, to have dinner. Now, after the dinner and coffee, she offered to pay the bills. But I refused, because I had the Coupons of CCD,which were luckily in my pocket at that time. So, I offered the attendant the coupons and left the coffee shop.

Now after that,we did some more shopping and then, when we went on to pay our bills, I saw that her credit card was not working. So she paid her bill in cash, and luckily my debit card was working, so I paid my bill with the debit card, and I came to know that my bank offered me a 20% cashback on shopping from Candy mall. I jumped in joy that I got a cashback on my bill and went out.

As,it was 2am,there were no cabs. So we walked together for sometime,and then we got a cab.I offered her a lift to her place with me in the cab.She had no option but to agree. Then I dropped her to her destination.She got down from the cab,and I looked out of the window to wave her goodbye, only to find that her legs were turned backwards. I screamed and shouted the cab driver to drive faster.

And finally I reached home,safe and sound, after shopping with a lady executive “Ghost”.Phew! What a jaw-dropping experience I had.


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People put randomly infinite theories over the MH370, saying it might have been hijacked, hidden, etc. Though everyone can be right according to their theory because the fate of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is probably unknown to all of us. Yes. People may put theories this that stuff. They can even claim that The MH370 was airlifted by a UFO. But then they’re probably baseless theories.

Let us connect the dots. The plane sent it’s last signal on 8:11am local Malaysian Time. After that, there are two possibilities,that, it might have gone northwards, or gone southwards. Yes. Here comes my point. North or South? For me,I’ve just created a random theory, that it has gone a bit towards west and crashed somewhere between Sri Lanka & the south of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Now, let us discuss how and why?

Everyone knows that there are always radiations going on in the space. And then,there are inter planetary motions, and continuous disintegration of particles from the sun,and other planetary bodies. Though the cosmic radiation is too far away from the earth,yet the particles do land up on the earth, penetrating the different layers of atmosphere of our earth. Now Cosmic radiation consists mainly of protons and helium nuclei that originate outside our galaxy. Scientists have long speculated over their origins, with likely candidates being powerful events such as star collisions, gamma ray bursts, black holes and supernovae – explosions that mark the death of large stars. Now, here lies the question. What possibilities could be there, for the cause of the crash landing of #MH370 in the Indian ocean?.



There may be two possibilities here. The first possibility which I would like to put forward is, there is a specific relation between the sun’s outer core and the earth’s inner core. Because the outer core has a lower temperature than the earth’s inner core. Though I believe that, there is a gravitational and centre of line relationship between the earth and the sun. Probably when the plane was passing through a specific area,where the gravity was more than the normal, the inner core of the earth pulled it down instantly,due to which the pilots were helpless, and they tried to change the course of the plane,but it was too late, and the situation had gone already out of control. Probably if this occurs, I believe that, it might have fallen into the Southern part of Indian ocean.

courtesy -

courtesy –

The second possibility is that, there are always cosmic radiations going on into the space and then the earth attracts all, because its magnetic field is strong.And, it might have happened that, the specific place, where the plane was heading to, transformed into a cosmic radiation storm playground, which eventually took away the lives and the plane altogether, forcing it to crash land into the water. Now because of the cosmic radiation, the signal transponders failed to send or receive any message from/to the air controllers on the ground. And,neither the black box could send signals when it actually plunged into the deep sea. Also,there is a slight chance that it may have crashed on the Andaman islands,but I doubt because if it were actually crashed,then the Indian Government would have reported immediately.Though, after plunging deep into the ocean, immediately all the passengers died in the aircraft,and are stuck deep below the sea. And,if this happens I believe,the plane could have ended up landing in the South China Sea.

courtesy -

courtesy –

People may laugh at me for putting up this theory,but I feel, the debris could be found in the Indian ocean only. To the south of Sri Lanka or Andaman/Nicobar Islands. Probably, the people shouldn’t be alive after such an incident. If they remain alive,then it’s either a miracle of miracles, or the returned zombies,as they predict a zombie breakout. And, the cause of the accident is probably unknown. Though according to me it might have been some strong solar storms or the centre of gravity case.

If it is hijacked and my theory proves to be wrong,I’ll be very happy to hear the passengers are intact and safe. Thanks for reading.

P.S: I also want to put up a probability that Singapore probably will be the first to get hold of #MH370 ‘s debris if my theory proves to be true. Though the plane might have gone 90 degrees straight, the debris might come floating around the south China sea, probably starting with the nose of the plane,followed by the other parts which float on water.

It all started with some of my friends who mocked me because I was a Linkin Park fan,in my school days.They suggested me to extend my range.And now I listen to every kind of music, be it rap, rock, jazz whatever.So I want to start in this way, that I didn’t hear Pearl Jam till last year, to be true enough.But then one of my Twitter friends started trending #PearlJamMarathon .They started to trend and I was like I haven’t yet heard them. NOW WHAT!!!



Then someone suggested to start listening Pearl Jam. I did some research work over their music and stuff. And started with the song Once. The moment I put on my headphones, I just entered a new world of rock, where it was just grunge and alternative. It was a beautiful feeling. I loved the song “Once” and I had been a fan of it,playing it continuously on loop on days when my mood is totally dependent on rock.Then as my interest grew deeper and deeper, I went on to explore more and more about Pearl Jam. Yes you might get all the information from the internet,but, still, I’d like to say that Pearl Jam, was formed during the 1990’s and to date, the band has sold more than 31.5 million records in the U.S,and an estimated 60 million worldwide.Pearl Jam has outlasted and outsold many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock breakthrough of the early 1990s, and is considered one of the most influential bands of the decade.

credits-  Europe 2014 tour

Europe 2014 tour

Also, Pearl Jam was earlier known as, Mookie Blaylock.One more thing which interests me very much is the drummer.The band members are Jeff Ament,Stone Gossard,Mike McCready,Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron. Matt Cameron is the drummer of Pearl Jam and he is one of the inspirations for whom I want to learn drumming and listen to alternative rock and grunge rock.They are undoubtedly one of the best rock bands of the whole world, and definitely the Gods of Grunge Rock. #respect Pearl Jam.One more reason to respect Pearl Jam is that, Pearl Jam has been into welfare also. Charity concerts were also a speciality of Pearl Jam.

Though It’s been long time, that Pearl Jam hasn’t released a new album.We fans do expect Pearl Jam to release an album as a treat for us this year hopefully.Some favourite tracks of Pearl Jam are Undone, Not For You,Rearviewmirror,In My Tree, etc.

And last but not the least, long live Pearl Jam. We love you guys! Grunge Gods!

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For your information,The Royal Turds are the bollywood’s worst awards and nomination,which are conducted by the All India Bakchod team, i.e Gursimran Khamba, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya. So, finally The Royal Turds landed up at Kolkata to make us laugh excessively. So,the show was on the 28th of Feb,2014 at the Kalamandir. And I was lucky enough to have a great company. So me(@bengaliCEO), Seemantini (@seemantinibose), Mumpy (@MissT_Doi) and Shoumik(@TheSolutionBaba) landed up at Kalamandir,to watch The Royal Turds. The show started a bit late but then as the moment it started, they didn’t even leave a single second for us to breathe. Firstly all four of them entered the stage and then, Khamba and Tanmay remained back.Their content was just brilliant.Where it was just showing off the reality of the Indians on a very light note. Though it was my first @AllIndiaBakchod event in real, it was just hilarious and brilliant. Then, after that, Rohan and Ashish entered in to present the next set of awards or rather, the worst awards and controversies of bollywood! And it continued till the end,at a point,where basically, they proved a hilarious point of our bollywood music(which I won’t be telling because I personally want you all to feel that,by attending the AIB events in your respective cities). Overall, hilariously presented, and laughter could be heard everywhere in the auditorium. And eventually, I would sincerely like to thank Seemantini dee for suggesting me to watch it and have such an awesome experience.

Last but not the least, do watch All India Bakchod events in your city.Issued in Public and Personal interest.