A tribute to Pearl Jam. The Gods of Grunge!

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It all started with some of my friends who mocked me because I was a Linkin Park fan,in my school days.They suggested me to extend my range.And now I listen to every kind of music, be it rap, rock, jazz whatever.So I want to start in this way, that I didn’t hear Pearl Jam till last year, to be true enough.But then one of my Twitter friends started trending #PearlJamMarathon .They started to trend and I was like I haven’t yet heard them. NOW WHAT!!!

courtesy- billboard.com

courtesy- billboard.com

Then someone suggested to start listening Pearl Jam. I did some research work over their music and stuff. And started with the song Once. The moment I put on my headphones, I just entered a new world of rock, where it was just grunge and alternative. It was a beautiful feeling. I loved the song “Once” and I had been a fan of it,playing it continuously on loop on days when my mood is totally dependent on rock.Then as my interest grew deeper and deeper, I went on to explore more and more about Pearl Jam. Yes you might get all the information from the internet,but, still, I’d like to say that Pearl Jam, was formed during the 1990’s and to date, the band has sold more than 31.5 million records in the U.S,and an estimated 60 million worldwide.Pearl Jam has outlasted and outsold many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock breakthrough of the early 1990s, and is considered one of the most influential bands of the decade.

credits- pearljam.com  Europe 2014 tour

credits- pearljam.com
Europe 2014 tour

Also, Pearl Jam was earlier known as, Mookie Blaylock.One more thing which interests me very much is the drummer.The band members are Jeff Ament,Stone Gossard,Mike McCready,Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron. Matt Cameron is the drummer of Pearl Jam and he is one of the inspirations for whom I want to learn drumming and listen to alternative rock and grunge rock.They are undoubtedly one of the best rock bands of the whole world, and definitely the Gods of Grunge Rock. #respect Pearl Jam.One more reason to respect Pearl Jam is that, Pearl Jam has been into welfare also. Charity concerts were also a speciality of Pearl Jam.

Though It’s been long time, that Pearl Jam hasn’t released a new album.We fans do expect Pearl Jam to release an album as a treat for us this year hopefully.Some favourite tracks of Pearl Jam are Undone, Not For You,Rearviewmirror,In My Tree, etc.

And last but not the least, long live Pearl Jam. We love you guys! Grunge Gods!

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