Me and the ghost.

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So,that day I was planning to go on a shopping with my mom. She refused,saying she was a bit busy. So called up my girlfriend to give me company. Even she refused. So I decided to go all alone. It was probably too late. As I was too much angry, I left home late. Only to have an encounter very soon.

It was around 12am. I was about to reach the mall,but unfortunately, the cab in which I was travelling, broke down mid way. So, I paid the cab driver and started walking. After I walked a few minutes,I saw a lady, dressed in a totally modern look. She was wearing a coat,pant and a t-shirt inside.She asked “Excuse me,are you going to the Candy Mall?” I replied “Yes,but why?”.She said,that she was searching for a cab to go,but none agreed to go that short distance. So I convinced her to come along with me. And then we started walking,exchanging talks.

I came to know that she was an executive of a firm which was related to social media.She had planned to go shopping but she left so late that she couldn’t get a cab to travel to the mall.So,we entered the mall and I saw that,she requested me to accompany her till her shopping is done.And I was such a foolish,that I agreed.

So we started our shopping spree. After sometime,she totally forgot that she was in a mall. She started to Bargain like she was in a wholesale market. I calmly said her that, this was a mall.Then she somewhat calmed down. After the hectic shopping and me answering questions by the lady, “how am I looking?”,”Is it pretty?” and some similiar questions, we went on to the CCD, to have dinner. Now, after the dinner and coffee, she offered to pay the bills. But I refused, because I had the Coupons of CCD,which were luckily in my pocket at that time. So, I offered the attendant the coupons and left the coffee shop.

Now after that,we did some more shopping and then, when we went on to pay our bills, I saw that her credit card was not working. So she paid her bill in cash, and luckily my debit card was working, so I paid my bill with the debit card, and I came to know that my bank offered me a 20% cashback on shopping from Candy mall. I jumped in joy that I got a cashback on my bill and went out.

As,it was 2am,there were no cabs. So we walked together for sometime,and then we got a cab.I offered her a lift to her place with me in the cab.She had no option but to agree. Then I dropped her to her destination.She got down from the cab,and I looked out of the window to wave her goodbye, only to find that her legs were turned backwards. I screamed and shouted the cab driver to drive faster.

And finally I reached home,safe and sound, after shopping with a lady executive “Ghost”.Phew! What a jaw-dropping experience I had.


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  1. Spooky to the core! I hope this good supernatural creature managed to get you great cashbacks!

    Arvind Passey

  2. swarn says:

    Haha….wat an experience!

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