#MH370 The unsolved mystery

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People put randomly infinite theories over the MH370, saying it might have been hijacked, hidden, etc. Though everyone can be right according to their theory because the fate of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is probably unknown to all of us. Yes. People may put theories this that stuff. They can even claim that The MH370 was airlifted by a UFO. But then they’re probably baseless theories.

Let us connect the dots. The plane sent it’s last signal on 8:11am local Malaysian Time. After that, there are two possibilities,that, it might have gone northwards, or gone southwards. Yes. Here comes my point. North or South? For me,I’ve just created a random theory, that it has gone a bit towards west and crashed somewhere between Sri Lanka & the south of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Now, let us discuss how and why?

Everyone knows that there are always radiations going on in the space. And then,there are inter planetary motions, and continuous disintegration of particles from the sun,and other planetary bodies. Though the cosmic radiation is too far away from the earth,yet the particles do land up on the earth, penetrating the different layers of atmosphere of our earth. Now Cosmic radiation consists mainly of protons and helium nuclei that originate outside our galaxy. Scientists have long speculated over their origins, with likely candidates being powerful events such as star collisions, gamma ray bursts, black holes and supernovae – explosions that mark the death of large stars. Now, here lies the question. What possibilities could be there, for the cause of the crash landing of #MH370 in the Indian ocean?.

courtesy- eoimages.gsfc.nasa.gov

courtesy- eoimages.gsfc.nasa.gov

There may be two possibilities here. The first possibility which I would like to put forward is, there is a specific relation between the sun’s outer core and the earth’s inner core. Because the outer core has a lower temperature than the earth’s inner core. Though I believe that, there is a gravitational and centre of line relationship between the earth and the sun. Probably when the plane was passing through a specific area,where the gravity was more than the normal, the inner core of the earth pulled it down instantly,due to which the pilots were helpless, and they tried to change the course of the plane,but it was too late, and the situation had gone already out of control. Probably if this occurs, I believe that, it might have fallen into the Southern part of Indian ocean.

courtesy - wpmedia.news.nationalpost.com

courtesy – wpmedia.news.nationalpost.com

The second possibility is that, there are always cosmic radiations going on into the space and then the earth attracts all, because its magnetic field is strong.And, it might have happened that, the specific place, where the plane was heading to, transformed into a cosmic radiation storm playground, which eventually took away the lives and the plane altogether, forcing it to crash land into the water. Now because of the cosmic radiation, the signal transponders failed to send or receive any message from/to the air controllers on the ground. And,neither the black box could send signals when it actually plunged into the deep sea. Also,there is a slight chance that it may have crashed on the Andaman islands,but I doubt because if it were actually crashed,then the Indian Government would have reported immediately.Though, after plunging deep into the ocean, immediately all the passengers died in the aircraft,and are stuck deep below the sea. And,if this happens I believe,the plane could have ended up landing in the South China Sea.

courtesy - news.go.vn

courtesy – news.go.vn

People may laugh at me for putting up this theory,but I feel, the debris could be found in the Indian ocean only. To the south of Sri Lanka or Andaman/Nicobar Islands. Probably, the people shouldn’t be alive after such an incident. If they remain alive,then it’s either a miracle of miracles, or the returned zombies,as they predict a zombie breakout. And, the cause of the accident is probably unknown. Though according to me it might have been some strong solar storms or the centre of gravity case.

If it is hijacked and my theory proves to be wrong,I’ll be very happy to hear the passengers are intact and safe. Thanks for reading.

P.S: I also want to put up a probability that Singapore probably will be the first to get hold of #MH370 ‘s debris if my theory proves to be true. Though the plane might have gone 90 degrees straight, the debris might come floating around the south China sea, probably starting with the nose of the plane,followed by the other parts which float on water.

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