Official Tweetup of Kolkata – Last chapter.

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, one fine day, our very own, Shoumik De @thesolutionbaba decided to retire from his initiative to hold official tweetups in Kolkata. And hence he called us up, for holding the last official tweetup of Kolkata. Though,I reached a bit late, I could see, Shoumik and Sammyabrata @deckle_edge having a talk over something. And then, it continued.

Basically,we planned the last tweetup at Barista,Camac Street.But, due to the maintenance it was shut down, so at the last minute, we switched over to the CCD,Camac Street. After that, when we three of us gathered together, exchange of talks and lives happened.Shortly after that, Indrani @beingindrani joined us. She was a bit late,as she had her classes. Then, we started discussing stuff, about a video, which will be basically portraying the unexplored aspects of Kolkata city. A video, which will explore the untouched parts of Kolkata city.Though, as we were heading with the discussion, My friend, Eshita @Eshita_Rii landed up, being late.

Mainly the issues of the discussion were, how to execute the project of the unexplored Kolkata video, how the video should be done and should it be place-centric or character-centric. The decision was finally taken,that we will shoot it in different locations and,also, include different characters. Also, there was an idea, of including some fictional characters. The main idea was to include characters from the 20th century to the recent days. A point was also raised that the characters will be basically explaining the places or the city, in a verse/rhyming sense. Though it was also decided that there will be a flash mob performance.
There will be also some other unexplored places which will be covered by the team.

As the discussion was going on, Seemantini @seemantinibose who was on her way to join us finally reached. And she brought one of my best friends Aimè @II_Islander_II with her,which was totally unexpected. Though it was a pleasure having both of them,but Aimè’s presence made us feel more better.We finally came to the solution that, there shall be future meetups,but the official tweetups of Kolkata has been finally concluded from Shoumik.

Indirectly, Shoumik gave a hint later on, that I @bengaliceo may be the future initiator to revive the official tweetup concept of Kolkata, and even this was discussed. Though the main topic of concern was, the unexplored Kolkata project, how to execute the project and what requirements do we need to execute the project.Soon after all the discussion, we left back and in this way, the last official tweetup in Kolkata ended.

Thank you for reading.

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