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Yes, everyone says their inspiration are their dad, their uncles, their relatives, friends or in rare cases, a stranger.In my case, my inspiration is this cab driver,who crashed his car and probably died while saving a little kid.

So, I was in 12th at that time.I was returning home from my college.And it was probably afternoon.Normally, the road was not full of cars as it is supposed to be always,because. So,I was walking peacefully on the pavement. Just when I was about to cross the road, I saw a little kid playing in the middle of the road. The kid was looking shabby, probably he was one of those slum dwellers kids,who stayed in the nearby slums.

So this kid was playing innocently,not knowing that was a main road.Suddenly from nowhere a taxi was coming in full speed on the same road. I couldn’t even do anything because I had a fear of being hit by the speeding taxi.So I tried to shoo the boy from the middle of the road,but in vain. So after nearing the zebra crossing he spotted the child playing. He couldn’t think of anything but just, crash onto the divider and injured himself,saving the child. Instantly I ran and carried the child off to the pavement on the opposite side only to find his mother searching for him.

Just when I returned the lady’s child back to her, I saw some people gathered around and an ambulance was removing the cab driver from the broken taxi.This incident shook me,from the very deep inside of my heart, that to save a small child, the cab driver risked his own life. I didn’t know where was the cab driver after the incident. Was he even alive? Or did he ceased to exist? Though he was bleeding from the head,I pray that he is safe and driving his cab somewhere.

Maybe I didn’t know the taxi driver, from where he came, where he lived or where he used to ply his cab.But after that incident, he had a place of respect in my mind.His thoughtful act and presence of mind made me,write this article and give him some respect.Thank you for reading.

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