The new android phone!

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

So finally I got a new android phone.I was excited like anything. Because it was first android phone. So what happened is, it was not a premium one, but a basic phone with low resolution and not much of capabilities. Yet I was excited because it was my first droid device.

So a friend of mine,called up to congratulate me on my success.I thanked her, and she replied that she will soon come to see the new phone. But a few days later, she had an accident. So she was admitted in the hospital and couldn’t come to my place.


Then one fine day,as I was scrolling through the apps, I found an application, with a weird logo. It had a name Telemap. I was interested in the logo and the app. So I opened the application,and it had a same interface like that of the Google maps. I thought it might be the same as the Google maps. But later, when I typed 7,Race Course Road, Delhi in the search box, and turned on the internet, I found myself present in the exact location. At 7 Race Course Road.

Yes.! I was scared.. how did it happen? But it did happen. So my friend was admitted to the CMRI hospital due to her accident and it struck me that very moment. I typed CMRI Hospital,Kolkata and I landed up in front of the CMRI hospital. I went inside to meet her, and she replied, you were just talking to me on your landline and how are you here? I then said her the secret. She was taken aback but she said to prove me. I said her, “Hold me and lets go”. I typed Mahalakshmi Temple,Mumbai and I am a beautiful person. The very next moment we both were at the Mahalakshmi temple. She was excited because she wanted to visit it since long. She was very happy. And I felt weird but awesome yet.

Then she started clicking pictures from her phone and then we both offered our prayers.After that, I pointed on the “My Location” icon on the map. It instantly took us back home. But she was supposed to be at the hospital. So I had to type the CMRI address again and then left her there.

She suggested to take a backup of the application. She tried her best but couldn’t take a backup. So she ordered the same phone from the same shop from where I bought it. But the new phone did not have this pre loaded application. So, whenever she wanted to visit somewhere, she called me up and said to take her there. On the condition that she won’t be revealing it to anyone else. She agreed.

And we both happily travelled, wherever we wanted to. Whenever we wanted to.

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