The Zest – a Zesty tasty car!

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tata Zest.
They say, what’s in a name. But what if, the name is so attractive that you feel affinity and attracted towards the thing to find out the actual features of the thing? Yes. The name’s Zest, Tata Zest, like the Bond, James Bond.

I would like to review the Tata Zest as follows.

Design: The Tata Zest is designed beautifully and with a very accurate precision. Tata Zest has implied many first-in the cars,which proves that much background research might have been done on the Tata Zest before even its prototype was planned. The engineers and mechanics did their job of background research very effectively and efficiently. They applied three first-in car segment features which are as follows,
1.Daytime running LEDs.
2.Signature Tata tail lamps.
3.striking projector headlamps with LED light guide rings.

These three are absolutely NOT available in the car price segment in which the Tata Zest is being offered. After that, it also has a sublime feature which is not highlighted much, that is, it has 15 inches alloy wheels which are also awesome and has a sporty look.
in the Design part, I would like to give Tata Zest a 8/10.

Performance: Here, I would like to say that, as the specifications are included, the Tata Zest has an extremely powerful Revotron 1.2 version engine on-board, which is appreciable. Absolutely appreciable.Because the Revotron engine can handle high torque and it also works efficiently. There is also something more, in addition to the engine, it has multiple driving modes, namely the Eco mode,City mode and the Sport mode. Now this is an absolutely out of the box feature because they have their own uses. This helps us to change modes according to our convenience and drive the car whichever way we want. In this part, I would like to rate Tata Zest 9/10.

Safety: Normal cars in the Tata Zest price segment supposedly do not have airbags. Also, however awesome the car is, safety first. Because, a person’s life is more precious than the car itself.So, the Tata Zest has applied the 9th Gen ABS and EBD and corner control system. It also has included dual SRS airbags which are absolutely required for the safety of a person. It also has auto door lock sensing system which also senses speed and high speed. Due to the SRS dual airbags I would like to rate Tata Zest 10/10 in this section.


The Connectivity System, live sitting inside the Tata Zest

The Connectivity System, live sitting inside the Tata Zest

The connectivity is something which I liked after the safety features of the Tata Zest. The connectivity is absolutely filled with exciting stuff. Ranging from voice controls to control the temperature and to connect multiple devices to the car and also reading out calls and sms’es and live image viewing on the touchscreen, I see that the IT professionals working behind the Tata Zest actually put the “Zest” in the Tata Zest. Absolutely amazing and one of the beautifully designed features of the Tata Zest.Here I would give Tata Zest a 10/10.

Overall, I would like to say,firstly that Tata Zest is a very beautiful car with some premium and first-in car segment features.And lastly that if the Tata Zest is in a price segment of Rs 4-6 lakhs then it should be a must-buy for every person who wishes to buy a premium car but without paying the price of the premium features.

and my overall rating for the Tata Zest is 9.25/10 which is an absolute buy! for the old and new customers both.

  1. I like the way you incorporated the guesswork on the price tag. I hope TATA is listening πŸ˜‰ Great review.

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