A key can change your mindset!

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was a normal saturday.Nothing much special.But still, something happened which actually changed my mindset and view of perception for the city of joy,Kolkata. Which was once a city of sorrow for my life. Though, let me put some light on what happened actually on that day.

Nevertheless,coming back to my incident, let me start off. I was celebrating Eid at home with some of my friends till friday so I couldn’t go to college which is around 4 hours away from my home. But on Saturday I had to go because there was a C++ laboratory which was absolutely compulsory to attend. So, as I had to leave, I set the alarm at 5.30am. Next day I woke up at 7:30am which was too late. But somehow I wasn’t worried because the lab was at 2:30 pm. So, I left from home to the Thakurpukur bus stand to catch the direct bus AC42 from Thakurpukur to Santragachi. There was this driver Bablu Pal & the conductor Upadhyay on the bus. As usual I got the ticket,but it cost me 10rs more because of the new bus route. Then, they explained saying it was sad on the part of Calcutta State Transport Corporation that the increase in fare was not informed earlier. But still, that was a part of the system. Anyways, as my destination came & I got down to catch the train for Kolaghat.

Then, after a hectic journey of 3 hours I reached the vicinity of my college only to realize that I had lost my small bag of 20 rupee notes along with the hostel room keys in the bag. No wonder I was scared that I had dropped it either in the train of the bus. But, luckily my friend-cum-assistant had the keys so I finally could enter my hostel room, change and then I engrossed myself in the lab and other such intra curricular activities! Though I was worried at the back of my mind that where is the key. How will I find it? What if it is lost and someone else misuses it. But still, I had to because I couldn’t do anything.

Finally when my lab ended I gave keys to my assistant,and left for home because I wasn’t supposed to stay in the hostel. So, while returning I got down at Santragachi to lodge a complaint at the RPF for the money and keys. After lodging, with a sadness, I went to the bus stand to catch the bus. Someone said, that the last bus of AC42 was already gone. But, still I stood. Then, after that, the AC42 bus came,luckily. And that too, the same bus which I had boarded in the morning while going to college. So, the driver questioned me “আপনি আজ সকালে বাসে ব্যাগ ভুলে গেছিলেন কি”?
(were you the one who forgot a bag and the belongings in the bus this morning?). I replied, Yes! I was the one who actually for got the bag today morning. And to my joy they returned my bag absolutely intact with its belongings. My joy had no bounds! I finally got my bag with the money and other things.I thanked them, and got my return ticket done.

This incident actually changed my mindset and made me believe that there are still good samaritans around the city of Joy,Kolkata. And, I hope that I have slowly started loving this city. I know it will take time but I am happy that I have actually realized it.

P.S: This post is absolutely not a part of anything and it is just a personal experience. Love you Kolkata. #Kolkata #thecityofjoy

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