The night!

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

That was a very normal day. And, incidentally I had an abnormal wish. I wished to eat something extravagant that evening. Because we all know how engineering hostel food is, and though Maggi is the national food for us, yet we students always do wish to have something better.

So, after all my college lectures, Laboratories, assignment writing and other things, I finally found myself free at 8.30pm in the evening. As I’m in a remotely connected area, transportation stops around 6:30 or 7. And the railway station was, about 2.5kms. So, I didn’t have any other option and so I thought of walking away the distance.

I reached the station around an hour later and I got my return ticket. And then I left for Howrah. And Howrah, because I knew there was this new KFC Pizza Hut launched there. But, never in my worst nightmares I would think that my journey would be so disastrous.

So, I boarded the Howrah local around 10. It was eerily silent and I was the only person boarding my coach. I was, as usual, on my headphones and reading my ebook. I saw a couple boarded the train at a specific station. Then, for some time they were somewhat fighting with each other and then both, jumped down the running train. I was taken aback, but as I was on my headphones, I couldn’t hear any part of their conversation. So, I went on the footboard to see whether they are fine or not. But as I couldn’t see their bodies, I couldn’t pull the chain.

Now, as I was trying to return back to my seat, I felt as if something had a grip on my feet. Something like a hand. I was unable to move my feet and incidentally it started to drag me. I was sweating but I couldn’t help myself. And, unluckily I fell down the train only to see myself, in a headless state, walking around the railway lines, as equivalent to a Skandhakata ( headless ghost) in West Bengal. I realized I had turned into one. Walking around the railway lines, with a headless body.

And suddenly, I woke up at my seat, with my headphones on. Then I was approaching a station. As it entered the station, I opened my eyes only to see, the same couple whom I saw in my dream were standing at the station to board the train. I got down the train instantly at the station and, waited for the next train to come. And I saw from a distance, the couple got into the train which I deliberately missed.

I heard a loud scream after a few seconds the train left. I realized, it was someone and not me, who was supposed to, die maybe.

And then the next train came within 15 minutes, and luckily I had the courage to board it because it had some people inspite of being 10:45 pm.

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