Distressed Jenni finds a new life! (Chapter 8 – Team Wordoholics)

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Team Wordoholics

Chapter 8

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After some efforts, Darius pulled Jenny up. Both of them had minor injuries and Jenny had sprained her leg.

As they both stood by the cliff contemplating the danger they were in, Jennifer sheepishly said.

“You could have died ,trying to save me”

“I could have never lived if had I failed to save you “,Darius looked deep into her eyes.

And there started a whirlwind romance.

After the camp wrapped up,Jenny followed Darius to Delhi. She convinced her Grandfather to let her join a short term course there.

They saw each other frequently and Jenny soon realised that she could never live without Darius.

And then on one fine day darius popped the question “Jennifer, will you marry me?”

Jenny didn’t think twice before saying yes.

Darius was not Christian, nor did she know much about his family background.But Jennifer, went ahead without any second thoughts and they got married in a small Church in Delhi.

One month passed,and one day Darius left for a business trip to never return. She waited for a whole week,but he did not turn up. His phone was switched off. She did not know whom to contact and what to do.
She finally went to the police station, but other than her word for it, no one else knew about his whereabouts. She contacted the National Geographic channel only to know that he was a freelance photographer who had worked with them once in a while. The address that they had turned out to be an old one. Jennifer was both mentally and emotionally crushed. Where did Darius go? Was he in danger? Was he deceiving her?

A week later, she received a courier.It was Darius’s camera. Her spirits lifted and she tore open the letter that came with it. Written on the note was,

“My love,

I cannot disclose anything now. But I had always loved you.
When I married you, I wanted to be with you for ever, but I am forced to leave now.
You will always be in my heart, I had never intended to hurt you”.

Jennifer started crying, and her tears knew no bounds.She had nowhere to go,but back to Cochin and explain everything to her grandfather.She did not have the strength to remain in Delhi without Darius.

Next day, she took the flight to Cochin. On reaching home she explained everything to her grandfather.

But when her grandfather heard the story, he was blind with fury.
“We gave you all the love in this world and this is what you do in return. You go and marry a stranger without even informing us? And look what a fool you made yourself into..ran away at the first chance, didn’t he..”
Jennifer tried to explain “But , But Grandpa,he loved me so much.! He still loves me!”

“Shut up. I want no explanations. You have ruined the honor of our family. Tomorrow people will laugh at me and say that see this is the man whose Granddaughter was a slut. I cannot bear this anymore. Go away, Jennifer.If you did not think it important enough to inform us before making the biggest decision of your life, go away”. Her grandma, came running and,started taking Jennifer’s side, but alas, all the requests fell on deaf ears. Her grandfather was absolutely adamant.
Jennifer started to pack her bags. She did not know where to go now. She felt as if she lost everything. She was broken .She has lost her family, her husband was missing. She lost everything she had in the blink of an eye.
But, she didn’t lose hope. She wanted to live a new life.
Jennifer left for Mumbai where she stayed with her friends for a few time and worked there as an intern for Balaji Telefilms Pvt Ltd, a big media agency.
Years passed by, she missed her grandfather, but never bothered to stay in touch with him. The hurt, dejection,loneliness and feeling of being outcast from her own community was all afresh in the mind even after four years of the tragic incident.One fine day,when she was in the office, she received a call on her phone. It was a lawyer who informed her of her grandfather’s illness and that he wanted to meet her one last time.

Jenny decided to come back, even if it was only for a while.

She now set of to fix the aperture and ISO shutter speed of her camera to take another sunset shot. That was when her phone rang.She nervously glanced at the display, an unknown number.Her pulse quickened and she broke into a cold sweat.A relief spread onto her as she heard the emotionless voice of a female at the other end.The call was not from the person she had dreaded but it was from a representative of BBC International, one of the best media agencies in the world. They had called Jennifer for the post of senior photographer because they had found her past application for the post. She smiled in spite of herself.

What an irony! She thought.
But as she watched the sun dive back into the inky lake, she knew that she cannot leave the threads loose. She had to go back for the closure. Else she would keep running away from her life all her life.

Here, the doorbell rang and Tara was overwhelmed to see Roohie at the door. Same happened with Roohie. Usually the maid opened the door, she had always wanted to see her Mom at the door when she returned home.But today, she was happy because the door was open, and that too “maa” was opening it, and then she hugged Tara tightly. Suddenly the phone rang, and Tara got a call, saying, that she had to take an interview of a lady who would be appointed as the Media strategist and senior photographer. Tara agreed, because she was used to taking interviews and she was efficient at it. If she weren’t in media, she would have been in some HR company, recruiting people all over and working efficiently. That day, Shekhar was tired, and came home a bit late. Here Tara and Roohie were watching Scooby-Doo, Roohie’s favourite cartoon. She loved watching it. But sadly at the day-care whenever she wanted to watch Scooby-Doo, the caretakers used to reject her request and forcibly showed other cartoons which she disliked. After sending Roohie to bed, Tara opened her laptop to check the emails. Tomorrow was a busy day, with three important meetings and an interview lined up. When Tara retired to bed, it was 12 am. Shekhar still had not reached home.But when he was into some serious work he usually wandered around for inspiration.He had his own key to the house ,so Tara was not concerned.And why would she be?

Next day morning, as usual, Roohie went to school, Tara went to her office,to accomplish her hectic tasks and Shekhar left for Uncle’s Kitchen, to kill his hunger, and to let his creative juices flow out from the mind.

Tara was supposed to take interview of a person,as mentioned.Now, Jennifer landed early morning at the CSIA International, Mumbai. She called up an old friend, to make arrangements. The friend agreed and then she checked in at the specified hotel. After that, she left for the BBC office, all dressed up in formals. She reached the office, and asked the receptionist, “I’m Jennifer. Where should I go for the interview?”. “Right most room on the second floor ma’am”, replied the receptionist. So, Jennifer reached to the room and, asked,”May I come in, ma’am?”. The interviewer was no one else except Tara Dutta. Tara replied, “Yes, Please take a seat”. Jenni replies,”Thank you ma’am.”. And, the interview started. Tara asked her a few questions which Jennifer was able to answer perfectly. She somewhat saw her own reflection in the young girl, with high aspirations and ambitions. And, which triggered her, to recruit her and to give her the job. Finally, as the interview ended, Tara said ” Jennifer, you’re an amazing lady, with good skills and knowledge. BBC is proud to recruit you as the new Media strategist.Get to work from tomorrow itself, okay!”. Jennifer was amazed and replied,”Thank you so much ma’am for the opportunity!”

And, after that, while Jennifer left, Tara got a phone call…..

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