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Chapter 19

Team Wordoholics

Team Wordoholics

Team Wordoholics

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Roohie sat alone in her room , frantically scribbling onto her diary . Penning down her thoughts , her fears , snippets of her life was a means of coping up for poor little Roohie .

“Dear Diary ,

I heard Daddy shouting at Mamma yesterday . I think he does not like me anymore .He said I was his half daughter . He also talked about surrogacy . What is surrogacy ? ” , she wrote wiping away tears running down her cherubic cheeks . ” When I was alone at home yesterday I tried to find more about surrogacy . I couldn’t understand anything diary . I think I din’t come from Mamma’s tummy . Daddy hates me , Mamma is sad because of me . I am alone , I miss Daddy ! You are my only friend now . Jenny aunty is here ,they are all busy .Roohie is alone . Going to sleep now.


Roohie ”

Locking the hurt Roohie in some desolated corner of her heart and confronting adversities with a fragile shield of never dimming smile was a quality that came naturally to her , which clearly showed that she was her Daddy’s daughter . But there were times when the shield wasn’t strong enough.

Even though each member of Dutta household were engaged in a battle of their own , they never let it show .

The next evening as Tara spotted Roohie peeping from her door ,she called out , “Oh Roohie beta, ato taratari(So early)! Come come come, I’ve made some pasta for you! Chalo let’s have it together okay ?”

Tara never had the slightest comprehension that Roohie had already mastered the art of .

“Chalo chaloooo!! I’m hungry mamma!” she shouted . Shekhar came down and sat beside her at the table . Roohie’s little fingers clutched the sides of her skirt . “So, little Miss Dutta how was your school today ?” a nonchalant Shekhar asked Roohie.

“Papa! I came first in drawing competition !” she replied , a sudden happiness flashing across her face . “Ahan ! that’s my girl! Good Good. Kalke(tomorrow) I’ll take you to Uncle’s Kitchen okay ? ” Shekhar asked while he gently patted his daughter .He could see traces of himself and Tara in her but chose to be blind . But he could never forgive Tara.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!” Roohie was jumping around , her fears lay forgotten for the day.

Roohie had very few friends in school. And there was something else she was hiding from her parents . Something she never mentioned about him in her diary either . One of those days when she was playing outside ” Ahuja Uncle ” came into her life . His charm had won her over . He was everything her Daddy wasn’t . She confided in him and trusted him.

Roohie was back after her outing with Daddy and her spirits seemed to be elevated . When Tara went in to check on her , she saw a teddy bear lying on her bed . Since it wasn’t one of Roohie’s she wanted to know where it came from . When she turned around she saw her daughter standing at the corner of her room her eyes clearly avoiding Tara’s.

……..something which she herself did when there were truths hidden .

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  3. anunoysamanta2009 says:

    What a fine piece Depanjan! Something I would like to highlight though… Randomly used Bengali words are looking very out of place… They’re rendering artificiality and hampering the flow. I was already a fan of your action blaster scripts you know. 😛

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