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The day,without the cream!

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And, everyone starts their day, with waking up, brushing teeth, taking a bath, combing hair, wear clothes and off you go. But do we realize we even need something called a “make-up” ?? Duh. Most of us boys will answer, eh, what makeup do we need? We don’t need any! It’s true, but to some extent. The rays of the sun are enough destructive to make your skin look more worse with the UV rays. And then, there, comes something, to interfere in our daily routine, that is, the Garnier BB cream! Oh yes, the Garnier BB cream is something which at first used to interfere too much in my daily routine,but now, it has become a part of my own daily routine.


My Garnier BB Cream packet. Yes I do use it daily ya!

So, as my mom suggested me to use the Garnier BB cream I used to feel annoyed at first. That’s true because in the morning just after the bath I used to comb hair and run for my college. But now this intruder had come into my daily routine. I was annoyed, but as I could not refuse mom’s requests and then I did use it. I never felt the change, but as days passed,my skin did feel the change. And, I did not know that it had SPF 24, which is basically UV A and UV B protection. And, incidentally, I disliked doing heavy make up and other similar stuff, so, this Garnier BB Cream kinda got fit into my daily routine and it was something which I disliked at first, later liked it a lot. I didn’t have to put loads of make up like some other guys who used n number of fairness creams to look handsome. I feel good, using it, because I have to go out tok sometimes,in the peak afternoons at times. Then, my cream protects my skin from the harmful UV A & UV B rays.

Sincerely speaking, I do love even it’s smell. It smells so awesome thanks to it’s Almond extracts. But, sadly I can’t consume it. Obviously, but it smells nice which is one more reason that I like to use it. Then it blends perfectly with the skin as well, which is more preferable than, those fairness creams which look white on the face and I laugh off seeing their semi-white faces.
It is something like, now I wake up,brush,go to bath, come out, apply Garnier BB Cream on my face and then, comb my hair and then go out to embrace the world and accept all its pollution and harmful rays of the sun. But I have my friend, the BB cream to save me, from all the pollution and rays as well. I need not even make up, because I feel the Garnier BB Cream does fulfill all the criteria for the make up creams and such equivalent things, if possible. The UV Rays protection is much required for the skin, because we do need it at every point of the day whenever we step out of the house. You step out and lo! Pollution is there just beyond the door. Standing to attack. But I would request everyone to, try the Garnier BB Cream atleast once and then, just see the difference. If you do not see the difference, do let me know! Because I did feel the difference. And I believe, you too will feel it.

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Basically, I am not a father. I’m not even remotely married. But, I do have a playful child at home. My four year old niece. A cute little girl, who has been my heart-throb since she was born. And we are lucky enough to see her playfully roaming around the house, playing with her cars, and her mobile phones, oh yes we can never deny the fact that she is a 21st century baby. And she has all the amenities a grown up girl might have as well. But, no one can obviously take away her innocence and her charm from her.


Hahha. That's me and the niece Aishani, the one, on whom the post is all about!

So this little girl, who always plays around the home, and teaches us big life lessons, has her own problems too. Yes. After learning a few lessons, her mom never fails to feed her the one and only, Dabur Chyawanprash everyday. I still remember a grave incident where she had to be admitted in the hospital and lots of tensions and worries this, little powerhouse of joy had given to all of us. Let me recall it for all of you then!

She was three years old. Able to walk,run, hide from uncle when he’s back from college, tease him by pulling his nose, watching some Hindi songs and enacting the way the heroine dances, and everything similiar to what, a little princess can do. One fine day, she was out on a school picnic most probably. It was in an unknown place and I could easily bet that she might have eaten something which was not suitable to her little body. She has this bad habit if eating spicy wherever whenever possible. That’s something, elder girls like too, but she is too smart to know her preferences from now itself. So here she was,maybe busy hogging on spicy foodstuff from that unknown place, not knowing that the same foodstuff would probably land her up, into the ICU very soon. So she returned back normally as the other kids did, but her mother, did sense something fishy. She vomited after a couple of hours and she gained fever as well. The family physician was called up immediately and, he suggested to admit her into the hospital as, it was becoming a serious case of typhoid and food poisoning as time was passing by. Plus, she used to be reluctant for eating fruits like her uncle, but I won’t admit, I hate fruits. But I have to eat fruits at times, so that she eats fruits as well.

So, coming back, here were we, worried, and restless, about my little niece. She was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital and, was taken to the ICU unit for some moments. The girl who just got down playfully from the bus, and had a picnic, was now in the ICU. It was too much of worries and tensions that this little girl had given us during those few little hours.

After, that restless night, where her mother fell unconscious twice, her dad tried to enter the ICU twice without permission and lots of such similiar incidents, she was declared out of danger and we were relieved momentarily. And then, we were all happy, when she woke up and with a gleaming face, she started shouting that the food was so boring at the hospital, we all laughed and she even got a big scolding from her mom not to eat any outside food since that day.

And also, to increase her immunity, her mom sees to it that she has her daily dose of Dabur Chyawanprash every day morning before going to school. If she skips it, then she is fed one spoon everyday before she sleeps.

So, as they say, kids teach us how to stay joyous and happy as well as they know the art of making you feel worried and tensed as well, knowing or unknowingly. Hence I believe is, a kid is the heart of the family. Always pumping and filling the family with happiness and joyous moments.

And I believe it is our duty and responsibility to take care of our heart, and if not, then it feels sad that the little one who is always playful turns pale and lifeless. The home seems dark and feeling-less which hurts not only me but also other members of the family. And for that, we need to feed her appropriate food and, something which increases her immunity to fight diseases and sores. And grow up into a beautiful girl in the future. And what I believe is, Dabur Chyawanprash is the best when it comes to immunity. I’ve been fed since I was a kid, and now, the next generation is also fed the same as well.

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Oh yes, Diwali this year is one of the finest time to come home back. Though, there are some rules, regulations and restrictions even during this beautiful season. Like,earlier, during my childhood and teens when I used to live in Mumbai itself, we did get holidays during diwali. But then, as I grew up, and I switched to Kolkata, I rarely got holidays during Diwali. Because the biggest festival there is, Durga Pujo. Though they do consider giving a short term holidays, for the Diwali, but it is too short to come home back and celebrate. Three days are not enough,eh? Yes. Because travelling only would consume a lot of time! So, it’s since the past three years, I didn’t celebrate a perfect diwali.


Diwali - The festival of Lights. Credits - Depanjan Chowdhury.

Now you’ll definitely ask me, what is the definition of a perfect diwali. Ah yes, perfect diwali is a diwali where you celebrate it peacefully with your family, friends, cousins, nieces, nephews and what not. It is something which is very much peaceful and the feeling is always extravagant and blissful. Being at home during diwali, what I believe is, being in heaven. But, since the last three years, I couldn’t make it to home during the Diwali times. And, I’m enough lucky to write this post, from home this year, during the Diwali time.

It’s just not only me. There are a hundred thousand people more who just wish to come back home, during the Diwali time but are unable to come due to unavoidable circumstances. And some are unable due to the distance. Yes they say, distance can be covered but it applies for only the people who are within India. Or maybe nearby. But what about those who are just, far far away from the homeland, being homesick and just missing their home during Diwali. Yes they might feel proud that, I have the NRI status, but don’t they think, wish they were at the home during this time of the year, just to spend some time with the parents. Just to be with their loved ones, during this Diwali!

Let me tell you an incident. A friend of mine, got into engineering in University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign, which is one of the best universities in the world. She was one of the happiest people, who would be going abroad for higher studies. But, whenever we talked, she never failed to raise the issue of, missing parents, feeling homesick, how she celebrated various festivals in which Diwali was the best. So, in this way maybe somewhere she felt, that she was missing a lot. Oh no no no, I’m not at all discouraging people not to go abroad or away from home, but homesickness and missing people is just a part and parcel of the whole scenario.

So as I was describing my version of perfect Diwali, sitting at my home, on the rocking chair with ease, my little 4-year-old niece comes and shouts, “Uncleeeeeeeee! Come let’s burn crackers”. That was something I always loved, but after an incident which left me shaken for life,I decided to stop burning crackers as well. But if you ask me, what’s your most memorable diwali? I’d say only one incident.

I was in 9th grade then. My uncle, and aunt were supposed to come. They live in London, but due to some reasons, they called dad and informed that they won’t be able to make up that specific year. So I was heartbroken because they were supposed to come already. But, surprisingly they did turn up and, I was burning crackers below our building and didn’t notice they came already. So when I was back home, I had that jaw-dropping feeling that, uncle aunty were here. I was overjoyed and,  I still remember that was the best diwali of my whole life.

Coming back to the point of discussion, there are various reasons where I believe, people are stranded at their workplaces or various other situations due to unavoidable circumstances. But, I feel everyone should be at their home, during the Diwali time and season, because it should be celebrated with joy and happiness, along with your loved ones. And not sulking, that I’m out of the home, being isolated and sad.

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Firstly, let me tell you some facts. I will later discuss, and go into details, that why did I choose this title for my blogpost. I was roaming around in Delhi, to meet people, to experience the Delhi ambience and, also to visit the monuments,(psst, I skipped some of them ha! On the cost of meeting people!) and, then I met someone, who could actually be called, as someone who cares immensely, and some instincts similiar to that which cannot be expressed in words.

So now, let me start already.  Who is the person, who could just, figure out from your face that, you are hungry and tired? Also, who would sit next to you, keeping an eye, all the time,till you end eating your food till the last spoonful ? Also, discussing everything and most topics which could be discussed only with friends? That is, most probably, your mom. And, if someone shows one or more such instincts, it is difficult, but, yes it is a mom in disguise. A mom, away from home, with her motherly instincts and blessings, all over.Or someone, who could be a mom in disguise of a friend. Yes that did happen to me. And it was one of the best things for me, to ever happen in the Delhi Rendezvous!

So, here was this lady,Ms T.(She knows who she is,just she didn’t want to disclose her identity as well) whom I was supposed to meet since a long time, and, she was happy as well when I actually planned to visit Delhi. She was one of those, who did take out time to plan, and take out some more time, only on my request to visit her once all over again, respite of the busy and hectic schedule in her office,just to see her last before leaving. So, she was like, you come around the metro station, and get down nearby, from there I’ll pick you up. I was absolutely fine with it because, on the very first day itself, I was familiar with all the metro routes of Delhi Metro Rail Corp. And, accordingly, I reached there, just to roam around and, locate her. Similarly, she was unable to locate me, as well. Because, it happens that, you are absolutely new to the place and, you do not know anything about the place.

After sometime, of brain storming about locations, and” What could you see nearby? Oh that, wait come down the lane, I could see you!! Red shirt ha!” was the first sentence. And, then we met up,exchanged talks,and precisely exchanged lives. She was someone, what I feel is, a very caring and loving person, but she could be the same person, giving ultimatum to her juniors, and being stern at times. But, I don’t know because I never judge anyone. So, it is just an assumption and not to be taken seriously. So, I feel she did see her own reflection as a teen in me, but then, again, might not. Anyways, coming back to the meeting, she was busy driving and, simultaneously sharing her thoughts and experiences with me. Also, she gets annoyed when, it comes to, signals and similiar stuff. I saw her getting angry all over, due to the traffic and all,for a short time though. She drove her car like whoa! I believe, she drives as similiar as James Bond, maybe. Also, I personally feel, she deserved a better car than what she was driving, coz it would absolutely suit her, and also, she did confess she loved driving very much, and did feel proud that, she could drive better and give a challenge to any other person as well.And,then we reached at one of the best eateries and malls where we had fun, discussed various stuff, ranging from my upbringing to her various incidents of life and, also many more such beautiful things. She did advise me on some things though, but it was just as complementary as a free gift. There was the first instinct I felt. She was asking repeatedly,whether I was full or not. I was fine, but she felt as if, I was supposed to have some more. But, that was fine for me. So, after the first meeting, we both felt good and I was very happy. That very fine day I decided, no matter what, I will visit her again before I leave for Mumbai. And, the next visit was something, I could cherish my whole life, kinda.

She was busy in her office. I called her up, and affectionately call her ma, sometimes. So, she was like, ummm, if you really want to come down, then I’m giving you my office locations, and then,you could reach there accordingly. I agreed, and, I was roaming around Delhi since morning, it did take time for me to reach to her office. But, on the very instance she saw me, she point out and asked, “You’re hungry na? Eh? Tired too, it seems?” I replied affirmative, because I was, ummm surprised that, she did figure it out, on the very first instance that I was! So, then she replied, in a jocular way,”Hahha! I’m a mother. So,whoever it is, the motherly instincts come out. And we women cannot help that as well.” And, the very next moment she took me to the cafeteria below her office and, ordered some pasta and a chocolate drink for me. She did seem restless, because she had a meeting reminder the next hour. And, here I was wasting her time, but, she didn’t let me feel that I was actually. And, she did keep a watch on me, till I ate the whole of the pasta and, also the drink. After that, she did seem in a little hurry, and then she showed me the directions, on how to go back and reach the metro station nearest to it. And, she bid me goodbye, only to see her, literally running back to her office to attend the meeting. She also ordered, like a mother, to inform her as soon as I reach the hotel. It was something which I loved a lot. The reciprocation of love, and the motherly instincts, which she loved , and also, the endless affection, was the driving force, which compelled me to write this post. And hence, I used the phrase for her,”A Mom away from home“!

P.S: If you are reading this, just know, I love you, my distant mom! Just pray,I’ll be back soon, to visit you all over again. Because I believe, your prayers shall definitely work for me.

Team Wordoholics

Chapter 24

Team Wordoholics

Team Wordoholics

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And, Aryan’s phone rings.“How did it get so late so soon?”, he thought while sipping his coffee. He mostly loved black coffee because, something which always reminded him while sipping black coffee. The serene ringtone of his phone,can never decipher what is always going on in his skeptic mind. He sees the phone, and, immediately receives the call ” Yes Leaderji!!”, “Alpha, tell me something. Did you find anything against the spoiled brats who are trying to mess with us? Those little puny things want to disclose Insignia. I am wondering how much fearless are they,that they are collecting evidences against us. Do they even know, they could be even killed and we will roam scot-free without any murder charges” asked the Leader. “Leaderji, relax! Nothing to worry about those little fishes.No one can skip the Alpha’s surveillance. Not even a fly. They’re still humans, better than flies.Everything is under absolute control, and I am already keeping my eyes on them. The two suspects are being followed everywhere, by some of my most trusted men, and I know, if they betray me,they know very well what can Alpha do to them. And, moreover, even their locations and phone calls are continuously being tapped by my team.So, Chill Leaderji. I’ll come over to your place soon, for a heated discussion,over these little fishes trying to swim in the ocean!”.

Leaderji had known Alpha since the Nexus deal. The Nexus deal was a very important arms deal where, 50 percent of the arms were dealt for the government and 50 percent arms for the minister himself. He wanted someone influential who could take the responsibility of the remaining 50 percent of his arms. So, he caught one of his party workers who was working as one of the important roles in Insignia and asked him, that who was the main person behind the big name, in the Underworld. He was reluctant,but when the worker was bribed, he said the name, Alpha. Then when, the minister called Alpha, he seemed to have heard the voice before. He realized it was none other than, Aryan Ahuja,the huge influential businessman. He was pleased, and glad, that he could trust his arms deal. During the arms deal, some documents were misplaced which had all the account number of black money accounts which were involved in the Nexus deal. So, it was necessary that, the document thief could be found, and also, there should be someone who could provide the data input correctly.

While smoking his big Cigar, resembling Che Guevara, Aryan thought of Shekhar. He knew inspite of his lameness and, inability to work permanent, he was the only person who can manage to infiltrate a communication system and impersonate each endpoint to the satisfaction of each other. And he could connect to an unencrypted wireless access point. Because he knew he could do it. Shekhar might have forgotten,but he still remembers that, Shekhar Dutta was, given a national prize for infusing communication networks. So there was nothing which could convince him that, anyone else but Shekhar was the best for this job. And he knew that if, something goes wrong, he would lose all his name in the Underworld he earned, and, the Leaderji would turn cruel for his one single mistake. Because it is obvious that he is a potential candidate for the Prime Ministerial elections. And he would just lose his candidature. And his fame as a central minister too. So, everything was at stake. But,amidst all such thoughts, The Aryan Ahuja alias Alpha failed to notice that, the filter had already burnt and, the fire was about to burn his finger, which would eventually burn his life too!

Shekhar, busy thinking, with hundreds, rather infinite thoughts in his mind, was roaming around his room. Just when a call comes on his phone. “Unidentified number”, it said. Without any second thought, Shekhar received the call. “Yes,Shekhar Dutta here!”. “Mr Shekhar, I have some crucial information for you. Meet me at the alleyway behind the Starbucks sharp at 3:45pm.” “Ok,but who are you?…” and the phone call disrupts. Shekhar, starts thinking again, who was the person, what information he wanted to share? what could it be? and, what information related to it could help me?. Also, at the back of his mind, thoughts were running behind his mind,”Aryan was Tara’s first love, is he still her love? Does she still love him? Does she compare me with Aryan everytime, whenever she fights or, whenever we disagree? Is her love for Aryan still alive?” Thinking such issues and matters, Shekhar lied down in his bed, and drift off to sleep, not knowing that the turmoil of his personal life was just about to start.

At 3:10 pm, the familiar “tring-tring” sound of the alarm rang and, Shekhar woke up. Even after the sleep, he seemed to be worried of his tensions and issues. Slowly getting ready, he gave a glance, at their marriage picture, hanging on the wall, and gave a big sigh. He left, for the alleyway, not knowing that there will be a huge turn in his life now.

Now, as Shekhar reached the alleyway, he received a text message from an unidentified number, which stated as, “There is a small briefcase, behind the dustbin. There are some gifts for you in the briefcase.” He reaches near the dustbin to see a briefcase lying down beside the dustbin. There was an iPhone, and, a picture of the great businessman Aryan Ahuja, with his beautiful wife, Tara, smiling at each other, and the engagement rings could be clearly seen on each other’s hands.This, made him furious, and angry. He realized that, if the engagement was happened, why didn’t they get married? Are they having an extra-marital relationship now? Do they still love each other? Are they still close? With such thoughts,Shekhar realized, he shouldn’t enter the Starbucks. He needed something which could vanish his sorrow in a jiffy. He realized, he needs a drink. A drink, which would take away all his sorrows and worries. He couldn’t just take it anymore. The dejection, the other worries, the failure of his novels, failing to please the publishing houses, amidst of all this, he saw the Reshma bar in front of him. Without any second thought, he entered into the unconvincible and uneasy atmosphere. He felt uneasy,but he knew he wanted a drink.And he knew,he would have to come here to relieve himself.And which also reminded him about the previous mails he got, in his inbox.So, inspite of disliking the environment, he went in and ordered a drink. After a few drinks, he wanted more,only to change his own fate.

Aryan gets a call,from a person showing as “Agent X” in his contact. He might have such innumerable numbers of agents in his contact list.But, that doesn’t matter.So, the person reports,”Sir,work done.” And the smile on Aryan’s face was, absolutely incomparable.He thinks, and says to himself, “Fourteen years is a very long time, Tara Mukherjee! I believe, now you should come back to me. I,Aryan Ahuja have achieved all I wanted, and now, I think nothing can stand between us, not even your so called useless jobless husband,Shekhar Dutta. And he takes a teddy bear, and starts playing with it, like a little child, throwing it up and down.

Suddenly, Aryan’s iPhone rings……

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