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Team Wordoholics

Chapter 24

Team Wordoholics

Team Wordoholics

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And, Aryan’s phone rings.“How did it get so late so soon?”, he thought while sipping his coffee. He mostly loved black coffee because, something which always reminded him while sipping black coffee. The serene ringtone of his phone,can never decipher what is always going on in his skeptic mind. He sees the phone, and, immediately receives the call ” Yes Leaderji!!”, “Alpha, tell me something. Did you find anything against the spoiled brats who are trying to mess with us? Those little puny things want to disclose Insignia. I am wondering how much fearless are they,that they are collecting evidences against us. Do they even know, they could be even killed and we will roam scot-free without any murder charges” asked the Leader. “Leaderji, relax! Nothing to worry about those little fishes.No one can skip the Alpha’s surveillance. Not even a fly. They’re still humans, better than flies.Everything is under absolute control, and I am already keeping my eyes on them. The two suspects are being followed everywhere, by some of my most trusted men, and I know, if they betray me,they know very well what can Alpha do to them. And, moreover, even their locations and phone calls are continuously being tapped by my team.So, Chill Leaderji. I’ll come over to your place soon, for a heated discussion,over these little fishes trying to swim in the ocean!”.

Leaderji had known Alpha since the Nexus deal. The Nexus deal was a very important arms deal where, 50 percent of the arms were dealt for the government and 50 percent arms for the minister himself. He wanted someone influential who could take the responsibility of the remaining 50 percent of his arms. So, he caught one of his party workers who was working as one of the important roles in Insignia and asked him, that who was the main person behind the big name, in the Underworld. He was reluctant,but when the worker was bribed, he said the name, Alpha. Then when, the minister called Alpha, he seemed to have heard the voice before. He realized it was none other than, Aryan Ahuja,the huge influential businessman. He was pleased, and glad, that he could trust his arms deal. During the arms deal, some documents were misplaced which had all the account number of black money accounts which were involved in the Nexus deal. So, it was necessary that, the document thief could be found, and also, there should be someone who could provide the data input correctly.

While smoking his big Cigar, resembling Che Guevara, Aryan thought of Shekhar. He knew inspite of his lameness and, inability to work permanent, he was the only person who can manage to infiltrate a communication system and impersonate each endpoint to the satisfaction of each other. And he could connect to an unencrypted wireless access point. Because he knew he could do it. Shekhar might have forgotten,but he still remembers that, Shekhar Dutta was, given a national prize for infusing communication networks. So there was nothing which could convince him that, anyone else but Shekhar was the best for this job. And he knew that if, something goes wrong, he would lose all his name in the Underworld he earned, and, the Leaderji would turn cruel for his one single mistake. Because it is obvious that he is a potential candidate for the Prime Ministerial elections. And he would just lose his candidature. And his fame as a central minister too. So, everything was at stake. But,amidst all such thoughts, The Aryan Ahuja alias Alpha failed to notice that, the filter had already burnt and, the fire was about to burn his finger, which would eventually burn his life too!

Shekhar, busy thinking, with hundreds, rather infinite thoughts in his mind, was roaming around his room. Just when a call comes on his phone. “Unidentified number”, it said. Without any second thought, Shekhar received the call. “Yes,Shekhar Dutta here!”. “Mr Shekhar, I have some crucial information for you. Meet me at the alleyway behind the Starbucks sharp at 3:45pm.” “Ok,but who are you?…” and the phone call disrupts. Shekhar, starts thinking again, who was the person, what information he wanted to share? what could it be? and, what information related to it could help me?. Also, at the back of his mind, thoughts were running behind his mind,”Aryan was Tara’s first love, is he still her love? Does she still love him? Does she compare me with Aryan everytime, whenever she fights or, whenever we disagree? Is her love for Aryan still alive?” Thinking such issues and matters, Shekhar lied down in his bed, and drift off to sleep, not knowing that the turmoil of his personal life was just about to start.

At 3:10 pm, the familiar “tring-tring” sound of the alarm rang and, Shekhar woke up. Even after the sleep, he seemed to be worried of his tensions and issues. Slowly getting ready, he gave a glance, at their marriage picture, hanging on the wall, and gave a big sigh. He left, for the alleyway, not knowing that there will be a huge turn in his life now.

Now, as Shekhar reached the alleyway, he received a text message from an unidentified number, which stated as, “There is a small briefcase, behind the dustbin. There are some gifts for you in the briefcase.” He reaches near the dustbin to see a briefcase lying down beside the dustbin. There was an iPhone, and, a picture of the great businessman Aryan Ahuja, with his beautiful wife, Tara, smiling at each other, and the engagement rings could be clearly seen on each other’s hands.This, made him furious, and angry. He realized that, if the engagement was happened, why didn’t they get married? Are they having an extra-marital relationship now? Do they still love each other? Are they still close? With such thoughts,Shekhar realized, he shouldn’t enter the Starbucks. He needed something which could vanish his sorrow in a jiffy. He realized, he needs a drink. A drink, which would take away all his sorrows and worries. He couldn’t just take it anymore. The dejection, the other worries, the failure of his novels, failing to please the publishing houses, amidst of all this, he saw the Reshma bar in front of him. Without any second thought, he entered into the unconvincible and uneasy atmosphere. He felt uneasy,but he knew he wanted a drink.And he knew,he would have to come here to relieve himself.And which also reminded him about the previous mails he got, in his inbox.So, inspite of disliking the environment, he went in and ordered a drink. After a few drinks, he wanted more,only to change his own fate.

Aryan gets a call,from a person showing as “Agent X” in his contact. He might have such innumerable numbers of agents in his contact list.But, that doesn’t matter.So, the person reports,”Sir,work done.” And the smile on Aryan’s face was, absolutely incomparable.He thinks, and says to himself, “Fourteen years is a very long time, Tara Mukherjee! I believe, now you should come back to me. I,Aryan Ahuja have achieved all I wanted, and now, I think nothing can stand between us, not even your so called useless jobless husband,Shekhar Dutta. And he takes a teddy bear, and starts playing with it, like a little child, throwing it up and down.

Suddenly, Aryan’s iPhone rings……

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  3. Anunoy Samanta says:

    “Fourteen years is a very long time, Tara Mukherjee! I believe, now you should come back to me”—- I never imagined Aryan so much love-filled :-/
    “I,Aryan Ahuja have achieved all I wanted” —- do we bring our name in a soliloquy? 😛
    “I think nothing can stand between us”—— Heheee this reminded me of the caption they used to use in Titanic movie poster :-))
    Good job Depanjan…..

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