A mom, away from home

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Firstly, let me tell you some facts. I will later discuss, and go into details, that why did I choose this title for my blogpost. I was roaming around in Delhi, to meet people, to experience the Delhi ambience and, also to visit the monuments,(psst, I skipped some of them ha! On the cost of meeting people!) and, then I met someone, who could actually be called, as someone who cares immensely, and some instincts similiar to that which cannot be expressed in words.

So now, let me start already.  Who is the person, who could just, figure out from your face that, you are hungry and tired? Also, who would sit next to you, keeping an eye, all the time,till you end eating your food till the last spoonful ? Also, discussing everything and most topics which could be discussed only with friends? That is, most probably, your mom. And, if someone shows one or more such instincts, it is difficult, but, yes it is a mom in disguise. A mom, away from home, with her motherly instincts and blessings, all over.Or someone, who could be a mom in disguise of a friend. Yes that did happen to me. And it was one of the best things for me, to ever happen in the Delhi Rendezvous!

So, here was this lady,Ms T.(She knows who she is,just she didn’t want to disclose her identity as well) whom I was supposed to meet since a long time, and, she was happy as well when I actually planned to visit Delhi. She was one of those, who did take out time to plan, and take out some more time, only on my request to visit her once all over again, respite of the busy and hectic schedule in her office,just to see her last before leaving. So, she was like, you come around the metro station, and get down nearby, from there I’ll pick you up. I was absolutely fine with it because, on the very first day itself, I was familiar with all the metro routes of Delhi Metro Rail Corp. And, accordingly, I reached there, just to roam around and, locate her. Similarly, she was unable to locate me, as well. Because, it happens that, you are absolutely new to the place and, you do not know anything about the place.

After sometime, of brain storming about locations, and” What could you see nearby? Oh that, wait come down the lane, I could see you!! Red shirt ha!” was the first sentence. And, then we met up,exchanged talks,and precisely exchanged lives. She was someone, what I feel is, a very caring and loving person, but she could be the same person, giving ultimatum to her juniors, and being stern at times. But, I don’t know because I never judge anyone. So, it is just an assumption and not to be taken seriously. So, I feel she did see her own reflection as a teen in me, but then, again, might not. Anyways, coming back to the meeting, she was busy driving and, simultaneously sharing her thoughts and experiences with me. Also, she gets annoyed when, it comes to, signals and similiar stuff. I saw her getting angry all over, due to the traffic and all,for a short time though. She drove her car like whoa! I believe, she drives as similiar as James Bond, maybe. Also, I personally feel, she deserved a better car than what she was driving, coz it would absolutely suit her, and also, she did confess she loved driving very much, and did feel proud that, she could drive better and give a challenge to any other person as well.And,then we reached at one of the best eateries and malls where we had fun, discussed various stuff, ranging from my upbringing to her various incidents of life and, also many more such beautiful things. She did advise me on some things though, but it was just as complementary as a free gift. There was the first instinct I felt. She was asking repeatedly,whether I was full or not. I was fine, but she felt as if, I was supposed to have some more. But, that was fine for me. So, after the first meeting, we both felt good and I was very happy. That very fine day I decided, no matter what, I will visit her again before I leave for Mumbai. And, the next visit was something, I could cherish my whole life, kinda.

She was busy in her office. I called her up, and affectionately call her ma, sometimes. So, she was like, ummm, if you really want to come down, then I’m giving you my office locations, and then,you could reach there accordingly. I agreed, and, I was roaming around Delhi since morning, it did take time for me to reach to her office. But, on the very instance she saw me, she point out and asked, “You’re hungry na? Eh? Tired too, it seems?” I replied affirmative, because I was, ummm surprised that, she did figure it out, on the very first instance that I was! So, then she replied, in a jocular way,”Hahha! I’m a mother. So,whoever it is, the motherly instincts come out. And we women cannot help that as well.” And, the very next moment she took me to the cafeteria below her office and, ordered some pasta and a chocolate drink for me. She did seem restless, because she had a meeting reminder the next hour. And, here I was wasting her time, but, she didn’t let me feel that I was actually. And, she did keep a watch on me, till I ate the whole of the pasta and, also the drink. After that, she did seem in a little hurry, and then she showed me the directions, on how to go back and reach the metro station nearest to it. And, she bid me goodbye, only to see her, literally running back to her office to attend the meeting. She also ordered, like a mother, to inform her as soon as I reach the hotel. It was something which I loved a lot. The reciprocation of love, and the motherly instincts, which she loved , and also, the endless affection, was the driving force, which compelled me to write this post. And hence, I used the phrase for her,”A Mom away from home“!

P.S: If you are reading this, just know, I love you, my distant mom! Just pray,I’ll be back soon, to visit you all over again. Because I believe, your prayers shall definitely work for me.

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