Diwali – at home at ease!

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Oh yes, Diwali this year is one of the finest time to come home back. Though, there are some rules, regulations and restrictions even during this beautiful season. Like,earlier, during my childhood and teens when I used to live in Mumbai itself, we did get holidays during diwali. But then, as I grew up, and I switched to Kolkata, I rarely got holidays during Diwali. Because the biggest festival there is, Durga Pujo. Though they do consider giving a short term holidays, for the Diwali, but it is too short to come home back and celebrate. Three days are not enough,eh? Yes. Because travelling only would consume a lot of time! So, it’s since the past three years, I didn’t celebrate a perfect diwali.


Diwali - The festival of Lights. Credits - Depanjan Chowdhury.

Now you’ll definitely ask me, what is the definition of a perfect diwali. Ah yes, perfect diwali is a diwali where you celebrate it peacefully with your family, friends, cousins, nieces, nephews and what not. It is something which is very much peaceful and the feeling is always extravagant and blissful. Being at home during diwali, what I believe is, being in heaven. But, since the last three years, I couldn’t make it to home during the Diwali times. And, I’m enough lucky to write this post, from home this year, during the Diwali time.

It’s just not only me. There are a hundred thousand people more who just wish to come back home, during the Diwali time but are unable to come due to unavoidable circumstances. And some are unable due to the distance. Yes they say, distance can be covered but it applies for only the people who are within India. Or maybe nearby. But what about those who are just, far far away from the homeland, being homesick and just missing their home during Diwali. Yes they might feel proud that, I have the NRI status, but don’t they think, wish they were at the home during this time of the year, just to spend some time with the parents. Just to be with their loved ones, during this Diwali!

Let me tell you an incident. A friend of mine, got into engineering in University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign, which is one of the best universities in the world. She was one of the happiest people, who would be going abroad for higher studies. But, whenever we talked, she never failed to raise the issue of, missing parents, feeling homesick, how she celebrated various festivals in which Diwali was the best. So, in this way maybe somewhere she felt, that she was missing a lot. Oh no no no, I’m not at all discouraging people not to go abroad or away from home, but homesickness and missing people is just a part and parcel of the whole scenario.

So as I was describing my version of perfect Diwali, sitting at my home, on the rocking chair with ease, my little 4-year-old niece comes and shouts, “Uncleeeeeeeee! Come let’s burn crackers”. That was something I always loved, but after an incident which left me shaken for life,I decided to stop burning crackers as well. But if you ask me, what’s your most memorable diwali? I’d say only one incident.

I was in 9th grade then. My uncle, and aunt were supposed to come. They live in London, but due to some reasons, they called dad and informed that they won’t be able to make up that specific year. So I was heartbroken because they were supposed to come already. But, surprisingly they did turn up and, I was burning crackers below our building and didn’t notice they came already. So when I was back home, I had that jaw-dropping feeling that, uncle aunty were here. I was overjoyed and,  I still remember that was the best diwali of my whole life.

Coming back to the point of discussion, there are various reasons where I believe, people are stranded at their workplaces or various other situations due to unavoidable circumstances. But, I feel everyone should be at their home, during the Diwali time and season, because it should be celebrated with joy and happiness, along with your loved ones. And not sulking, that I’m out of the home, being isolated and sad.

This post is a part of the Indiblogger PepsiCo Gharwali Diwali Campaign.

The PepsiCo #GharwaliDiwali Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ7lMDWJOXA

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