Home is, where healthy the child is.

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Basically, I am not a father. I’m not even remotely married. But, I do have a playful child at home. My four year old niece. A cute little girl, who has been my heart-throb since she was born. And we are lucky enough to see her playfully roaming around the house, playing with her cars, and her mobile phones, oh yes we can never deny the fact that she is a 21st century baby. And she has all the amenities a grown up girl might have as well. But, no one can obviously take away her innocence and her charm from her.


Hahha. That's me and the niece Aishani, the one, on whom the post is all about!

So this little girl, who always plays around the home, and teaches us big life lessons, has her own problems too. Yes. After learning a few lessons, her mom never fails to feed her the one and only, Dabur Chyawanprash everyday. I still remember a grave incident where she had to be admitted in the hospital and lots of tensions and worries this, little powerhouse of joy had given to all of us. Let me recall it for all of you then!

She was three years old. Able to walk,run, hide from uncle when he’s back from college, tease him by pulling his nose, watching some Hindi songs and enacting the way the heroine dances, and everything similiar to what, a little princess can do. One fine day, she was out on a school picnic most probably. It was in an unknown place and I could easily bet that she might have eaten something which was not suitable to her little body. She has this bad habit if eating spicy wherever whenever possible. That’s something, elder girls like too, but she is too smart to know her preferences from now itself. So here she was,maybe busy hogging on spicy foodstuff from that unknown place, not knowing that the same foodstuff would probably land her up, into the ICU very soon. So she returned back normally as the other kids did, but her mother, did sense something fishy. She vomited after a couple of hours and she gained fever as well. The family physician was called up immediately and, he suggested to admit her into the hospital as, it was becoming a serious case of typhoid and food poisoning as time was passing by. Plus, she used to be reluctant for eating fruits like her uncle, but I won’t admit, I hate fruits. But I have to eat fruits at times, so that she eats fruits as well.

So, coming back, here were we, worried, and restless, about my little niece. She was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital and, was taken to the ICU unit for some moments. The girl who just got down playfully from the bus, and had a picnic, was now in the ICU. It was too much of worries and tensions that this little girl had given us during those few little hours.

After, that restless night, where her mother fell unconscious twice, her dad tried to enter the ICU twice without permission and lots of such similiar incidents, she was declared out of danger and we were relieved momentarily. And then, we were all happy, when she woke up and with a gleaming face, she started shouting that the food was so boring at the hospital, we all laughed and she even got a big scolding from her mom not to eat any outside food since that day.

And also, to increase her immunity, her mom sees to it that she has her daily dose of Dabur Chyawanprash every day morning before going to school. If she skips it, then she is fed one spoon everyday before she sleeps.

So, as they say, kids teach us how to stay joyous and happy as well as they know the art of making you feel worried and tensed as well, knowing or unknowingly. Hence I believe is, a kid is the heart of the family. Always pumping and filling the family with happiness and joyous moments.

And I believe it is our duty and responsibility to take care of our heart, and if not, then it feels sad that the little one who is always playful turns pale and lifeless. The home seems dark and feeling-less which hurts not only me but also other members of the family. And for that, we need to feed her appropriate food and, something which increases her immunity to fight diseases and sores. And grow up into a beautiful girl in the future. And what I believe is, Dabur Chyawanprash is the best when it comes to immunity. I’ve been fed since I was a kid, and now, the next generation is also fed the same as well.

This post is a part of the Indiblogger Dabur Chyawanprash Campaign

  1. Anusia says:

    Yes I agree with you that when our kids are fine,everything seems good.Very nice post.

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