The day,without the cream!

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

And, everyone starts their day, with waking up, brushing teeth, taking a bath, combing hair, wear clothes and off you go. But do we realize we even need something called a “make-up” ?? Duh. Most of us boys will answer, eh, what makeup do we need? We don’t need any! It’s true, but to some extent. The rays of the sun are enough destructive to make your skin look more worse with the UV rays. And then, there, comes something, to interfere in our daily routine, that is, the Garnier BB cream! Oh yes, the Garnier BB cream is something which at first used to interfere too much in my daily routine,but now, it has become a part of my own daily routine.


My Garnier BB Cream packet. Yes I do use it daily ya!

So, as my mom suggested me to use the Garnier BB cream I used to feel annoyed at first. That’s true because in the morning just after the bath I used to comb hair and run for my college. But now this intruder had come into my daily routine. I was annoyed, but as I could not refuse mom’s requests and then I did use it. I never felt the change, but as days passed,my skin did feel the change. And, I did not know that it had SPF 24, which is basically UV A and UV B protection. And, incidentally, I disliked doing heavy make up and other similar stuff, so, this Garnier BB Cream kinda got fit into my daily routine and it was something which I disliked at first, later liked it a lot. I didn’t have to put loads of make up like some other guys who used n number of fairness creams to look handsome. I feel good, using it, because I have to go out tok sometimes,in the peak afternoons at times. Then, my cream protects my skin from the harmful UV A & UV B rays.

Sincerely speaking, I do love even it’s smell. It smells so awesome thanks to it’s Almond extracts. But, sadly I can’t consume it. Obviously, but it smells nice which is one more reason that I like to use it. Then it blends perfectly with the skin as well, which is more preferable than, those fairness creams which look white on the face and I laugh off seeing their semi-white faces.
It is something like, now I wake up,brush,go to bath, come out, apply Garnier BB Cream on my face and then, comb my hair and then go out to embrace the world and accept all its pollution and harmful rays of the sun. But I have my friend, the BB cream to save me, from all the pollution and rays as well. I need not even make up, because I feel the Garnier BB Cream does fulfill all the criteria for the make up creams and such equivalent things, if possible. The UV Rays protection is much required for the skin, because we do need it at every point of the day whenever we step out of the house. You step out and lo! Pollution is there just beyond the door. Standing to attack. But I would request everyone to, try the Garnier BB Cream atleast once and then, just see the difference. If you do not see the difference, do let me know! Because I did feel the difference. And I believe, you too will feel it.

This post is a part of the Indiblogger Garnier BB Cream Review.

  1. Anusia says:

    I havent use it but I can see it has spf 24 only. Will that be enough to fight against the uv rays.

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