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Job, without the beard!

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Here everyone was busy worrying and I was relaxed. Obviously, the next day there was the campus recruitment procedure in the college. All my friends were like, “Dude, what shall happen tomorrow? Will we all be able to just, just get a job?”,”Can we crack the personal interview round?”,”What if tomorrow we don’t get a job?”

Various thoughts were crossing their minds. And here I was, sitting amidst those worrying people, with a calm mind without worrying about the consequences of getting or not getting a job from the campus recruitment section.And, everyone started panicking as hours passed. And, then everyone slept with the tensions of what would happen the next day with them.

As next day came, everyone started to dress up and face, the interviews and various processes. I woke up, a little early, around 2-3 hours prior to the interview session. I knew I would be late and hence I woke up early. After waking up, I saw myself in the mirror and I saw, the beard might be an obstruction in my confidence level. I could see that, it maybe a reason for the recruitment panel not accepting me for a job as well. So after that,I started shaving and within a few moments, I was absolutely clean shaved,and all set to crack the interview.

And, in the very next hour, me and my friends were all ready to go to the venue and clear our interview. Friends were chattering all the way worrying about the consequences and various other social pressures if they would not get the job. I was all calm, not paying heed to their thoughts and talks. I knew my worth and I also knew I have the capability to crack the interview as well. So, without the second thought, I entered the venue and waited till the interviewers called my name.

I went in and the question answer round started.I was able to answer all the questions correctly and without any flaws in the verbal language, I cracked the interview. I finally got the job and that too, at my choice of place where I wanted to work.I still am happy that, a clean face gave me the confidence, to win and ace the interview.

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And I jumped in joy when I was chosen as the opening speaker at the College annual achievers meet !

This was just the starting. Because,the revered jury panel liked my topic and my research work so much that they gave the proposal to be the opening speaker of the College annual achievers meet. Though the date was fixed and everything, I was in a huge dilemma too. Now, let me share with all of you, that what was it, that was eating my head so much!

Just a day before the annual fest, my girlfriend and I went on a date. It was basically a normal date,but I was rather taking suggestions from my girlfriend whether I should shave for the event or not. I do not know about other women but, due to some reasons, she loved the beard on my face. And due to her, I rarely shave as well. She was adamant that I should not shave at all and appear in that look in front of everyone. But, inspite of her ideas and continuously telling me to keep the beard, somewhere I was feeling that, “I should shave. I have to shave”. Else, I might lose it. Though, after I reached home back, I was feeling uneasy due to this dilemma and, finally decided that, I should shave with my Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. After shaving, I felt as if I was confident enough, to ace the meet.

The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor

The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor

Next day came, and I was feeling a bit nervous. But, when I saw myself in the mirror,shaved and clean, my confidence level increased and I was all set to rock the meet. And, I went up on the stage with a shaved look and with a round of applause,I was greeted by the audience. I could see my girlfriend staring furiously at me, but ah, I knew I could calm her down later. And, after some moments, I could see that I was explaining my theories,practicals and other various things in an interesting and amusing way with real life experience, with full confidence. Even after some moments, my girlfriend too started to laugh and I could understand she was absolutely calmed down. After my explanation,I ended my speech and I could hear the whole auditorium stood and clapped for me. That day, became a memorable day of my life. And yes, my girlfriend did, not mind. After all, inspite of not paying attention to her, I had clean shaved my beard, but did manage to present myself to the audience with full confidence.

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I would like to tag two of my favourite bloggers Sammya and Biswa out here and invite them to express their views on the through their blog posts. This post is in response to Biswa ‘s Post A Villain who wanted to be hero.

Lost,due to stubble.

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So,it all started when I was busy making friends on Facebook and, then I saw a beautiful girl, who was a common friend, and on top of that she was absolutely pretty and eye-striking as well! Believe me, I was in such a dilemma that for days I was wondering whether I could send her a request or not. But, then it went over the fence and I did send her a request. She willingly accepted it, and also, one could say, it is just a beginning of a friendship as well. Though, we both always talked, but, we never got the courage to meet up in real someday. Though, I always used to ask her that we should meet up, she mostly tried to avoid it. And, luckily one fine day, I got a message in the morning that, if I was free in the afternoon. The biggest problem was, I had only an hour to get ready and run outside. Though,I was in such a hurry that I forgot to shave. The beard was weirdly overgrown and I was looking very much older than I was. So, I reached the exact location, where I was supposed to meet her up. And, I was sitting around at the CCD waiting for her. So,she kinda reached, and I greet her and then we talked. I could feel she was not comfortable with my appearance at all. Then she, made some excuse and left earlier than expected.

After that, whenever I tried to talk to her, she always avoided my messages and, she rarely replied when she wanted to.I could realize she was avoiding me and, after that a day came when she actually unfriended me. I still regret that, if, on the meeting day, if I were a bit tad fast and if I shaved that day, I believe, today she would have been more than a friend,or maybe something else.

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One touch can change your life!

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Oh yes,you read it right. One touch can change your life. I am about to recall an incident which actually happened and I was lucky enough to just, see the whole story happening. It was between two of my good friends, Rupak and Arpita. They were such a couple, that love was just something normal than them. They kinda, shared their lives together.

They used to be in such a relationship where everything was more than you could call it a relationship. But, due to career clashes, both of them, had a fight. Arpita wanted Rupak to be a scientist but Rupak himself wanted to be an industrialist. So, due to these fights, the relationship was turning bitter, between them. As days passed, they still refused to resolve the matter. And so, we friends were worried, that the beautiful relationship between them was just, decaying. So, we took the matter in our hands, and we planned that, we will fix up a meeting where both will meet each other and everything shall be sorted out. We also knew, that Arpita had kenophobia, or fear of empty spaces, so we booked a hotel and, we made sure that no one was around in the lobby. So, we fixed a meeting for the two and, we taught Rupak to do as per our instructions.At first he was reluctant,but we just blackmailed him. Because we had to! We cannot just let go off the beautiful relationship. So, we made sure that he acted accordingly. After that, we did drop Arpita at the hotel,assuring her we will join her soon and left. We had to stay nearby because we knew if anything got serious, we had to take instant measures as well. Here, the other friends dropped Rupak a bit later. We were nearby, so we started keeping an eye on both using binoculars.

What we saw is, Arpita already got scared and, was staring at the door so that we will just enter. Here Rupak entered from the other door, and luckily, Arpita didn’t notice her. So, he just went and, touched her shoulders. Arpita got petrified and, in fear she grabbed Rupak tightly. And, this beautiful scene, was being watched, by all of us. And, then, both, stared at each other for minutes, as they fell in love all over again. And, we couldn’t just control ourselves and barged in the hotel entrance. They felt shy, and then, we talked and sorted out everything. After which, both of them were again in love all over each other. That one touch on her shoulder, turned everything bitter into sweet and their decaying love was blooming all over again.

So, here my title goes justified as well. One touch can change your life.

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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Imagine, your mother, wife or any female member of your family going out to defecate in the open. The thought itself is sad. But, you do not have any other option, do you? If you’re a very poor villager lacking basic amenities, you cannot help that. There is not only one. According to statistics, India, even in the 21st century, where Mars Orbiter is launched from Indian Space centre, still has 597 million people defecating in the open. Obviously due to the lack of sanitation facilities in the remote places as well. Even today, we see people in top tier cities defecating in the open as well. Here in this case,we just see the lack of knowledge for people. But that is not the case in rural areas.

They say 75% of the country thrives on rural areas. But, most of the people in rural areas are poor.They cannot even afford to have food twice a day, keeping aside other amenities.For them,it is difficult to, even find a shelter. But I’m very happy that a famous sanitation brand like Domex has taken the initiative to clean and educate the people living in the rural areas of Orissa and Maharashtra by installing 24000 toilets by the next year. People in the rural areas defecate in the open because they do not have any other option. Sanitation facilities are not available there. So, I believe, Domex is doing a very good work for the Rural areas and even you can donate them. For more details check the line below!

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

People need to be taught that,defecating in the open,leads to serious health issues and, could lead to Diarrhea, Typhoid,Cholera and other diseases. It could also help intestinal worm infections to grow as well.And, due to which, if kids play around the faeces or near the open defecation ground, there are high chances where they can get such infections and it might also result in an epidemic where it might culminate into a deadly killer. So to avoid that, we must not only teach the people about the various impacts on health if we defecate in the open but also, the fear of epidemic as well. And also, as people cannot afford even food at villages, we must build free community toilets for the safe sanitation of people. Also there have been cases where women are being sexually assaulted in rural areas because they’ve been defecating in the open or searching places for defecation. So, it also raises an issue for the lack of safety for women as well. Let alone men, women have a dignity of their own. They just cannot go out and defecate in the open. But women in rural areas are bound to. Because of such reasons, community toilets must be build for the safety of health.

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The train at platform number 21.

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Let me clear something for all of you. Everyday goes normal as expected. But, then, something happened that day, which was not supposed to happen. Something which, was not usual, but not unusual…well, for people like me.

I normally get down at Santragachi, which is three to four stations away from Howrah station.And that too, early because, being in the eastern part of the country, it happens that, the sunset happens too early. So, I always come to Santragachi around 6 to 7pm. So,that day what happened is, I was stuck due to some work in college and, due to that, I left too late from the college and caught the 9:39pm Howrah bound local. It was usual for me because, it was night already and there were a very few passengers on the local train. And,I saw a man selling jhalmuri, a local spicy foodstuff. It was too late and I didn’t have my lunch, so I thought of taking some jhalmuri and gossip with the seller. Amidst the various topics we discussed, ranging from Politics to democracy and other social issues, he warned me, that not to loiter around the platform number 21 at Howrah station, from the time 10.55pm to 11.05pm. I replied him that why shouldn’t I? He said that, you will learn it after you experience it all by yourself. I laughed it off and, the jhalmuri seller got down at the next station. I started wondering and, as it was late, I knew that, there won’t be any bus services left from Santragachi to the main Kolkata city, so I decided to get down at the Howrah station because I knew I would get the last bus towards Behala. Who, would even think that, the decision would be one of the most, what can I say, wrong decisions of my life.

So, there was this beautiful young girl with her baggage,in my compartment who boarded the local from Santragachi station. I was all alone and then I kinda felt good that atleast there was someone who boarded my compartment. She sat in the front of my bench and then, I striked a conversation with her.Her name was, ummm, let’s say Miss X.She seemed to be in a hurry,but I tried to calm her saying she will catch the train. She said that she shouldn’t have caught the train.I felt awkward at first but, I thought she might be talking random things due to panic and fear of missing the train. We started talking and she revealed that she was travelling to Mumbai. We exchanged numbers and, then we were talking various stuff. She seemed to be weird, because when we talked of recent movies,she was talking about the movies which were already released in 2010. She did ask me whether Don 2 was released or not. I was like, it’s since three years it was released. She opposed and said that she had only seen the trailer of the movie. I was taken aback, but I changed the course of the topic and forgot about it.


Screenshot from a YouTube video - The disaster site. Till date it is the same. No changes have been made.

As the train was standing as standby near the Tikiapara Carshed, I saw, the 12102 Jnaneshwari Express was passing slowly besides our local. I exclaimed “see see your train is passing dude!”. She calmly affirmed,”this is not my train dear”. I got a bit scared, so I didn’t dare to question her again.And, then we together got down at the Howrah Station.

And, to my horror I could see, the Mumbai bound 12102 standing at platform number 21.The girl asked me to help her a bit and, I reluctantly helped her with her bags. I found something fishy with the train because, when I went into the train, I saw some stains of blood near the washroom and the window pane. After I saw that, she was well settled, she asked me to join her and accompany her till Mumbai. I replied “oh no no no, I cannot. I don’t have a ticket and I have my graduation to complete as well.” She smiled and bid me goodbye. Before getting off, she gave me a piece of paper which read, “Goodbye. You are nice. I’ll miss you and wait for you.”I felt good and then I got off the train and,the train went away, like any other normal train.Before getting off the train, I collided with a person, and accidentally I saw the time on his watch. It read as, 01.31.44am 28th May 2010. I felt it might be because I didn’t have food since long and I might be dizzy as well. I ignored it and, got down the train.

As the train was leaving, I kinda stared at it and, memories of home began to flash. Suddenly out of nowhere a TTE came and asked for my ticket. I showed him and asked him, whether he saw the 12102 departing platform number 21. He laughed at me and exclaimed whether I was mad. I was taken aback and then I asked him,I can see and I did even board the stationary train for a few minutes.He said, “Come I’ll take you to someone who could answer your questions”. He took me to another TTE who was, checking tickets. He said me,that the train which I saw was a ghost train of the 12102 Jnaneswari express which was derailed on 28th May 2010.


A Ghost train. via -

I got scared, and I shared all the events with him which actually happened with me. He said, the girl I met was Miss X who was a patient at the Midnapur General hospital and she passed away the next morning. In fear I tried to call the number, which I got a reply from the other side as the number does not exist.

I got so much scared that I started running away from platform number 21. After stumbling upon various people,I reached outside the Yatri Niwas and, tried to search for the piece of paper. Of course it was found to be nowhere. I went inside the KFC and, ordered some foodstuff.

Till date, I remember the beautiful face of the girl, and I close my eyes whenever I pass the stations Sardiha and Khemasuli. Because whenever I see the ruins, of the derailed Jnaneshwari Express, I feel, the beautiful and intelligent soul is trapped. At moments I even felt that I could go into the past and persuade everyone not to board the disastrous train, but, it isn’t possible.

I still wonder, where will she wait for me.I wish, she hadn’t boarded the train.Now I realize why I should have got down at Santragachi. I still get goosebumps,whenever I pass through platform number 21.