One touch can change your life!

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Oh yes,you read it right. One touch can change your life. I am about to recall an incident which actually happened and I was lucky enough to just, see the whole story happening. It was between two of my good friends, Rupak and Arpita. They were such a couple, that love was just something normal than them. They kinda, shared their lives together.

They used to be in such a relationship where everything was more than you could call it a relationship. But, due to career clashes, both of them, had a fight. Arpita wanted Rupak to be a scientist but Rupak himself wanted to be an industrialist. So, due to these fights, the relationship was turning bitter, between them. As days passed, they still refused to resolve the matter. And so, we friends were worried, that the beautiful relationship between them was just, decaying. So, we took the matter in our hands, and we planned that, we will fix up a meeting where both will meet each other and everything shall be sorted out. We also knew, that Arpita had kenophobia, or fear of empty spaces, so we booked a hotel and, we made sure that no one was around in the lobby. So, we fixed a meeting for the two and, we taught Rupak to do as per our instructions.At first he was reluctant,but we just blackmailed him. Because we had to! We cannot just let go off the beautiful relationship. So, we made sure that he acted accordingly. After that, we did drop Arpita at the hotel,assuring her we will join her soon and left. We had to stay nearby because we knew if anything got serious, we had to take instant measures as well. Here, the other friends dropped Rupak a bit later. We were nearby, so we started keeping an eye on both using binoculars.

What we saw is, Arpita already got scared and, was staring at the door so that we will just enter. Here Rupak entered from the other door, and luckily, Arpita didn’t notice her. So, he just went and, touched her shoulders. Arpita got petrified and, in fear she grabbed Rupak tightly. And, this beautiful scene, was being watched, by all of us. And, then, both, stared at each other for minutes, as they fell in love all over again. And, we couldn’t just control ourselves and barged in the hotel entrance. They felt shy, and then, we talked and sorted out everything. After which, both of them were again in love all over each other. That one touch on her shoulder, turned everything bitter into sweet and their decaying love was blooming all over again.

So, here my title goes justified as well. One touch can change your life.

This post is a part of Bring back the touch campaign. #BringBackTheTouch

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