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And, it was kind of a doom’s day when my girlfriend said,”Come along with me tomorrow.My parents want to see you”.I was startled.I was like,”Err,why but?”.It’s true that I was not startled at all,but, I knew that I had to shave. Still, I needed a day more for shaving, but I think I forgot the topic itself the next day.So,during the evening, I was out with my friends, and incidentally I forgot my phone at my home.So, I did not see the reminder misscalls and text messages as well, because I reached home late at night.

Then,the next day came as well.I was in college when I checked my phone.There were a minimum of 20-25 misscalls and innumerable text messages from her.I realized, something was wrong. Oops! Today was the day of visiting her house.Oh My God and I didn’t even shave because after college only I had to visit her home.I knew I was in deep trouble, so I decided not to shave and go visit her home with the stubble only.

After college as we had decided, I met her on the way.She was furious because I was supposed to shave but I didn’t.Though she liked my stubble as well,she was unsure, whether her parents would like it or not.I came up with an idea.I decided to go to her house in formals instead of wearing those three quarter pants.So, I took her to my home, made her wait and then I changed my clothes to wear a formal suit.

I knew I was late so,I left with her for her home instantly.I could see her parents waiting below her building for both of us.They came and greeted us together. Her father, who seemed grumpy at first was later convinced that, I looked good and sober as well.Though, after a talk with her parents, her mom jokingly said that, I should shave the next time whenever I visit their home as well.Though she thought her parents might have issues with my stubble,the sober formal look cleared it all.

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A dream at the city of Melbourne!

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Actually,it all started when I was talking to a relative in Australia.And she was explaining me,how beautiful the city Melbourne is. She lives in Canberra,but she did visit Melbourne once. She loved the city so much, that she was forcing her husband to switch his business from Canberra to Melbourne.She even persuaded to After a long talk with her,I was still not convinced that Melbourne can be so beautiful.So, I started browsing on the internet,about the splendid city of Melbourne.Slowly one by one, the monuments and places of interest came on the palm of my hands.I was stunned at the very first sight of Melbourne and it’s marvelous sightseeing places. And,as it was late at night, so, my mom called me for dinner, and, I reluctantly went for the dinner. After the dinner, I forgot about Melbourne and, as the normal routine, I went and fell asleep in my room.That’s when the actual incident happened me.

I woke up just to see myself at the Sun Theater at Yarraville , with a friend sitting beside me and yelling at me,”Dude wake up, we have time only till evening”.I exclaimed,”Where the hell on earth am I? How did I reach this place?I was sleeping at home!”.She explained,that I and her were watching a movie at the Sun Theater at Yarraville,Melbourne and after that we had only a day’s time to roam the beautiful city of Melbourne. So,I was finally convinced that it was Melbourne and not my home.I decided to leave the movie midway with her, and I did realize that, I had only a day’s time, because the reminder on my phone had rang and it flashed,”Air India Flight number 301 scheduled for Wednesday,31st December 2014″.I was convinced, I had only a day’s time to roam the exquisite city of Melbourne.So, after a heated discussion,for two minutes(obviously we were running short of time), we decided to visit the Yarra Valley Wineries to have a sip of one of the world’s finest wines and also because it was nearby to Yarraville as well.Obviously I cannot explain the taste of the wine because, it was just brilliant.Then,we saw that we were too late,so we instantly left for the Queen Victoria Market.Because somehow, we knew that it will close at 2pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We reached Queen Victoria market just after 15 minutes of leaving the Sun Theater.The market was just as beautiful as I had read in the article last day.So much diversity in food,clothes and other such items.I could never believe, that the market would be so beautiful as my imagination.Everything can be found there, ranging from food, clothes to beautiful handicrafts and handmade art pieces by various artisans.And the entrance of the market was so eye-striking and mesmerizing that, I couldn’t stop staring actually. The animal caricature and, the yellow lights inside seemed so glowing that I mistook myself for being inside in a golden market.After seeing various shops and various things, I decided to buy a small jewellery box from the Framin’ Souvenir shop.I couldn’t see the price I paid in AU$ but, anyways, I could see I bought it. After that we both,again started with a heated discussion on where to hit next.Later,the same happened, but it was decided mutually.We together decided to visit the Hosier lane as it was nearby and after that, we would ride the beautiful Melbourne City Tram.And, we left Queen Victoria Market.

After some time we saw ourselves amidst the beautiful graffiti of Hosier lane, or I think calling them graffiti would be an injustice to the paintings.I’d love to call them,art! The street art was amazingly beautiful,and we both started capturing the art in our devices as much as we could. But, it was too less,for the beauty which could be experienced with our precious eyes.With a very sad feeling, we saw the time.It was 2.15pm! The afternoon was already half gone.We had very less time and,too many places to visit. I could see my friend, being silent because she knew, we won’t be able to visit so much places together. But,I assured her, to come along with me, and I ensured that I visited much of the places, so that later if someone asked me,”How much Melbourne did you roam?”, I could answer,”Nothing Left hah!”.

Then, after finishing Hosier lane, my friend stopped arguing and I knew, she would follow me wherever I went. So,we together instantly left for,Penguin Parade. Ah, who wouldn’t go to see the beautiful penguins. They were so cute and pretty.My friend tried to click one of them when, the little penguin threw sand on her camera. That was a hearty moment.After that we checked out the time. It was 4pm already.Not much time was left and so we left for the Flinders Street Station.It was one of the best stations I had visited ever. The dome reminded me of, Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus,Mumbai,but it looked much better and glamorous.From there we left for the Immigration museum.We kinda felt like a journey through Melbourne’s history and explored stories of people all over the world who have come and settled in Melbourne.The museum was pretty beautiful and amazing as well.

After that, we rode on the beautiful Melbourne City Tram for a few minutes too.The city tram was beautiful and we could see many beautiful buildings and various sightseeing places within the tram as well.Sometime later,we got down the tram and, we left for the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road.The sun was just setting in and then, the scenario was just, just, mesmerizing and speechless.The huge rocks made of limestone were changing their colour beautifully and they turned to light from dark colour,which was an eye-striking beauty for us.And,after that, we wanted to visit the other monuments too,but as we fell short of time, we decided to return back to our hotel as well. We got into the, City tram and, I fell asleep there.

Then,I saw my mom waking me up and saying me,”Wake up, it’s morning!It’s 7am”.I seemed to be too tired and, I asked my mom where was I.She asked me whether I had gone crazy? I was at home. Back home and sadly, I realized I was dreaming of roaming around Melbourne. But,later when I saw my dressing table, I saw the small jewellery box lying on the top of the table.

Was it a dream? Or did I actually visit Melbourne?

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Truth can never be hidden.

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It all happened, as such. I was in 8th standard then. We were mid-teens at that time.Or precisely, 14-15 year old guys.But, sincerely speaking, our country did enter the technology zone a bit later.Whereas, in the United States,technology was present, when India was receiving it’s technology devices and upgrading.Nevertheless, my point of discussion was, technology came to India, a bit late.

So,during that time,I had got my second phone, the very desirable and amazing Nokia N73 Music Edition.It was absolutely new and, I liked it’s features a lot.But, sadly I didn’t have a computer at that moment.As it was a Music Edition device,the music enhancements of the phone was much superior than other phones compared at that time.So,I was much keen into adding some music in my phone.But, I did not know how to add music, or for that reason, even how to open my memory card for transferring music.

When I asked my other friends about how to transfer songs into my phone, one friend said that, there is a memory card dealer(they are present even now but, in remote areas or villages) who transfers songs into mobile phones.But he took some amount of money for that. So, after some days,after attending school, me and my friend went to the dealer, so that he could transfer songs into my phone. He said that it will take two days for him to transfer the songs, and the mobile has to be with him.I was worried at first, but then later I agreed saying I will manage because it was just one day and the next day I shall get my phone. So, I returned home back after giving my phone and taking the receipt.

Mom was not surprised because, I told her that the phone was with a friend of mine, who will give me the phone after two-three days.When dad returned home from office, he got furious on me. Because, the phone was expensive and he demanded that I bring back the phone immediately.But I knew I couldn’t so I kept my mouth shut.He went on shouting that I was irresponsible and whether the mobile was stolen or did I leave it somewhere or so.He said me, to accompany him to the police station to lodge a complaint for the missing cellphone, and then,I decided to tell him the truth.

Dad was still not convinced. The very next day he went to the dealer and after confirmation that the phone was with him and it was given by me for loading songs into the phone and memory card, he came home, and I did get a bit tad more shoutings and warnings which I had got earlier. But, luckily, I got my phone back after two days and then, everything was normal.

Actually, that day, at the very last moment, if I didn’t say the truth,the dealer would have caught for no appropriate reason, and later maybe I had to bear the guilt of imprisonment of an innocent person.Also,when I look back towards the past, I laugh at myself for such a blunder.But I was happy that at the last moment, I did say the truth and, inspite of shoutings, I was happy later, because, lie is a lie, and Truth can never be hidden.

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“Ammi, I’ll return soon.”
“Jaldi aana!”.

These were probably the last words,at the household of those little students,who lost their lives today morning at the suicide bombing.The loss, can never be repented by the ones who committed such a crime.In my point of view, why even make plans to target a school? Then a twitter friend replied me,”Why even target at the first place?”.She was absolutely right as well. The terrorists claimed that, they mistakenly killed the little innocent souls. But,will they be able to return the little kids to their parents? Some were playing, with their friends. Some were studying. But, fate was, cruel to all of them. Death was inevitable for them.

There were kids, ranging from little kids to youngsters, who did have a future.There were chances,where,some of them, did plan to runaway from the hate and terror to some place, far away from the country.But, everything ended. Today,even I have a little 4 year old niece who goes to school.I couldn’t see the TV channel in her presence. If she innocently asked,”Uncle,why were they killed?”,what could I answer her? I couldn’t answer her. Neither I couldn’t answer myself.

Though, the main reason to write this blogpost, was to address all the parents of every children and teachers of every school that,please learn from the #PeshawarKillings and, teach your students/children that, how to save themselves in such a hostage crisis.They should be taught, how to act dead, or something similiar which could save their life, and return back home, hale and hearty. Also, schools should be on alert not only because some temporary incident has happened, but also, because kids are helpless. They do not know how to react when there is such an unexpected incident.Hence, this is a sincere request to all my parents and teachers, that please, increase security in your respective schools and, train little kids, how to react to such disastrous situations. Maybe little kids would not understand them, but, the ones who are a bit grown up, should be taught on how to react to such incidents.

Last but not the least, the loss can never recover or fill the void of the parents who lost their children, in this man-made unwanted disaster. Rest In Peace, you little ones.

Lucky are those households,who heard today,

“Ammi, I’m back”.

It was a long long time ago.I still remember I was in class 6th.Back then, I used to learn swimming.I was a very fast learner and then, because of that, the trainers loved me very much. And they always urged me to take part in various types of swimming competitions.

Actually, there was one competition where, I did take a risk inspite of my parents and, trainers warnings.I did win that competition, just because I overcame my fear. Though,I had to be admitted after I won the competition for light injuries, but I still am proud that,even after sustaining some damages, I nailed the competition and won it.

There were basically three categories for which the swimming competition was held. The 100m swimming race,200m swimming race and, a jumping and swimming event.I was registered for the 100m & 200m swimming race, but not for the jumping event. And,I saw that, no one from my swimming club participated for that event. Also,that event was strictly for participants above 14.And, incidentally I knew the organizer because he was a family friend of ours.I saw that, the other senior members of my club were not at all interested in the last event. I felt an urge to participate,and, I just asked my dad whether I could participate or not.He instantly replied a big”NO”. I understood, that, officially I won’t be able to participate, then why not ask the organizer himself.

So I reached to the uncle and I asked him whether I could participate in the above 14 single jumping event.He replied, he did want me to participate in that event. But,he asked me, whether I had training prior to this or not. I replied him that, I did have, but for the 30ft jumping boards and not for the 60ft ones. But, still I did persuade him and enlisted my name for the jumping event inspite of everyone’s warnings.

And, then after the first two swimming events, I was tired and I couldn’t win the second event.But still I knew I had the third and final event to ace.When the participants were called, I sneaked into the participant’s lobby by evading my trainers. And as they announced my name in the participants, Dad and trainers were shocked when they announced my name. They called my back,but I didn’t go back. The organizer explained them, that there was nothing to worry as there was enough first aid and instant medication services. But, still they were all worried about me because the distance was too high for me back then.

As they announced my name at the last, and when I was climbing the ladders to the top, I could see half the audience was cheering for me, because I was the youngest, plus, ineligible participant for that specific event.Though, I saw myself as winning the event, my heart was rapidly beating when I saw the top view of the audience and the pool from above, I closed my eyes for a second, and flashbacks started to flash in front of my eyes. My training sir always used to tell me,”Son, take risks. The worst thing which can happen to you is die.Nothing more than that.” After that,I saw the view where I had to jump below. The water looked too deep and clear, yet scary. The whistle blew, and I jumped down the board.I took a somersault,for less effect and, went deep down underwater.After that, I floated up and swam for around 30m and then came to the shore.

I knew I did injure myself, but just because of the somersault, I won the first prize and, along with that, a golden trophy for doing the unexpected.After that, I was admitted for a slight fracture in the leg because of the impact of the water due to jumping from that height.

I still remember the incident, and whenever I see the trophy, only one thing comes to the mind,
Darr ke aage jeet hai!.

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Now-a-days we mostly see news on TV channels, “High speed car kills pedestrians”,”Two luxurious cars rammed and turned into a hundred pieces”,”Motorcyclist killed in a collision”, etc. But, have we ever thought that, can these accidents and mishaps be avoided by any chance? Obviously yes.I think yes,we can avoid them as well.I would raise some cases and give some examples where the accidents and various other mishaps could have been avoided.Do you know, according to the Wikipedia statistics, In New Delhi, the frequency of traffic collisions is 40 times higher than the rate in London.Imagine what is the situation at present! I think every hour there must be around 20-30 accidents happening on the roads.

Case 1: Monday August 18, 2014:13 people sleeping on the divider of a road in Delhi were run over by a driver who was allegedly drunk and has been arrested. One of the victims has died.

Case 2: Tuesday August 26, 2014:A drunk driver was caught on camera after he crashed his Hyundai Verna into a waiting cab in Karol Bagh area in Central Delhi at 11:30 on Monday night.

These two cases clearly depict drinking and driving case.I believe, if they were intelligent enough, or rather conscious enough not to drink and drive, today maybe the other pedestrians and slum dwellers who were either injured or died, would have been saved. I do not know much but there are various bars who have put up the signboards of do not drink and drive. Also, one should never drink and drive. As, you have a family at your home, even they have a family at their home, or rather, without a home.So, A sincere request to all of you not to drink and drive at all.Drinking and driving is something which should be avoided not only for your own safety but for the other pedestrians and various people’s safety as well.

Case 3: January 31,2013:Passenger’s arm ripped off as bus races tram in Kolkata.

Here in this case we see two faults.One is the racing part and other is the passenger part.Everyone in this world is in a hurry.Someone or the other has to be a little slow to be safe.Speed might actually be fatal at times.But, after all, reaching office late for a day, and getting shouted by your boss is way better than ramming into another car and lie unconscious or die.Atleast you will be alive to listen your boss shout at you as well!.
For the second fault.Never stick any part of your body outside moving vehicles.Since childhood we have been taught this thing.Yet we forget at times, that we should not do such things, and we maybe deliberately or not, keep our elbows rested or stick our head outside the windows of moving cars,buses,trams, rail cars,etc.And hence, we have to face the consequences as well.

Case 4: Monday June 3, 2013:Listening to music through earphones while crossing the road proved fatal for a 17-year-old girl as she was run over by three buses in Mumbai on Monday.

Here, in this case, I would love to address youngsters on the case of headphones. My personal opinion is,do not plug in headphones while you are walking.It’s absolutely fine, if we plug in our headphones if we’re sitting in a bus or train,but not while we are in motion.This is a grave problem rising among teens.And, inspite of the warnings and loud honkings, many of us fail to hear the noise and, unfortunately get struck by Autos,cabs,buses,etc. Hence, I would request everyone, not to listen to music during travelling on foot. Or, if you love music too much, maybe you should plug one ear and keep one ear open to connect to the environment and traffic as well,just to save yourself.

Also, there are various safety guidelines which I believe everyone else does follow, which are, maybe, we all know them. Putting seatbelts while driving,helmet for everyone,including kids,stopping on red lights, etc.Wish you everyone a safe journey to your destinations whenever you drive.

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