If you are alert, others are safe!

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Now-a-days we mostly see news on TV channels, “High speed car kills pedestrians”,”Two luxurious cars rammed and turned into a hundred pieces”,”Motorcyclist killed in a collision”, etc. But, have we ever thought that, can these accidents and mishaps be avoided by any chance? Obviously yes.I think yes,we can avoid them as well.I would raise some cases and give some examples where the accidents and various other mishaps could have been avoided.Do you know, according to the Wikipedia statistics, In New Delhi, the frequency of traffic collisions is 40 times higher than the rate in London.Imagine what is the situation at present! I think every hour there must be around 20-30 accidents happening on the roads.

Case 1: Monday August 18, 2014:13 people sleeping on the divider of a road in Delhi were run over by a driver who was allegedly drunk and has been arrested. One of the victims has died.

Case 2: Tuesday August 26, 2014:A drunk driver was caught on camera after he crashed his Hyundai Verna into a waiting cab in Karol Bagh area in Central Delhi at 11:30 on Monday night.

These two cases clearly depict drinking and driving case.I believe, if they were intelligent enough, or rather conscious enough not to drink and drive, today maybe the other pedestrians and slum dwellers who were either injured or died, would have been saved. I do not know much but there are various bars who have put up the signboards of do not drink and drive. Also, one should never drink and drive. As, you have a family at your home, even they have a family at their home, or rather, without a home.So, A sincere request to all of you not to drink and drive at all.Drinking and driving is something which should be avoided not only for your own safety but for the other pedestrians and various people’s safety as well.

Case 3: January 31,2013:Passenger’s arm ripped off as bus races tram in Kolkata.

Here in this case we see two faults.One is the racing part and other is the passenger part.Everyone in this world is in a hurry.Someone or the other has to be a little slow to be safe.Speed might actually be fatal at times.But, after all, reaching office late for a day, and getting shouted by your boss is way better than ramming into another car and lie unconscious or die.Atleast you will be alive to listen your boss shout at you as well!.
For the second fault.Never stick any part of your body outside moving vehicles.Since childhood we have been taught this thing.Yet we forget at times, that we should not do such things, and we maybe deliberately or not, keep our elbows rested or stick our head outside the windows of moving cars,buses,trams, rail cars,etc.And hence, we have to face the consequences as well.

Case 4: Monday June 3, 2013:Listening to music through earphones while crossing the road proved fatal for a 17-year-old girl as she was run over by three buses in Mumbai on Monday.

Here, in this case, I would love to address youngsters on the case of headphones. My personal opinion is,do not plug in headphones while you are walking.It’s absolutely fine, if we plug in our headphones if we’re sitting in a bus or train,but not while we are in motion.This is a grave problem rising among teens.And, inspite of the warnings and loud honkings, many of us fail to hear the noise and, unfortunately get struck by Autos,cabs,buses,etc. Hence, I would request everyone, not to listen to music during travelling on foot. Or, if you love music too much, maybe you should plug one ear and keep one ear open to connect to the environment and traffic as well,just to save yourself.

Also, there are various safety guidelines which I believe everyone else does follow, which are, maybe, we all know them. Putting seatbelts while driving,helmet for everyone,including kids,stopping on red lights, etc.Wish you everyone a safe journey to your destinations whenever you drive.

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  1. Kalpanaa says:

    I agree with you totally.

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