Overcame fear, won success!

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It was a long long time ago.I still remember I was in class 6th.Back then, I used to learn swimming.I was a very fast learner and then, because of that, the trainers loved me very much. And they always urged me to take part in various types of swimming competitions.

Actually, there was one competition where, I did take a risk inspite of my parents and, trainers warnings.I did win that competition, just because I overcame my fear. Though,I had to be admitted after I won the competition for light injuries, but I still am proud that,even after sustaining some damages, I nailed the competition and won it.

There were basically three categories for which the swimming competition was held. The 100m swimming race,200m swimming race and, a jumping and swimming event.I was registered for the 100m & 200m swimming race, but not for the jumping event. And,I saw that, no one from my swimming club participated for that event. Also,that event was strictly for participants above 14.And, incidentally I knew the organizer because he was a family friend of ours.I saw that, the other senior members of my club were not at all interested in the last event. I felt an urge to participate,and, I just asked my dad whether I could participate or not.He instantly replied a big”NO”. I understood, that, officially I won’t be able to participate, then why not ask the organizer himself.

So I reached to the uncle and I asked him whether I could participate in the above 14 single jumping event.He replied, he did want me to participate in that event. But,he asked me, whether I had training prior to this or not. I replied him that, I did have, but for the 30ft jumping boards and not for the 60ft ones. But, still I did persuade him and enlisted my name for the jumping event inspite of everyone’s warnings.

And, then after the first two swimming events, I was tired and I couldn’t win the second event.But still I knew I had the third and final event to ace.When the participants were called, I sneaked into the participant’s lobby by evading my trainers. And as they announced my name in the participants, Dad and trainers were shocked when they announced my name. They called my back,but I didn’t go back. The organizer explained them, that there was nothing to worry as there was enough first aid and instant medication services. But, still they were all worried about me because the distance was too high for me back then.

As they announced my name at the last, and when I was climbing the ladders to the top, I could see half the audience was cheering for me, because I was the youngest, plus, ineligible participant for that specific event.Though, I saw myself as winning the event, my heart was rapidly beating when I saw the top view of the audience and the pool from above, I closed my eyes for a second, and flashbacks started to flash in front of my eyes. My training sir always used to tell me,”Son, take risks. The worst thing which can happen to you is die.Nothing more than that.” After that,I saw the view where I had to jump below. The water looked too deep and clear, yet scary. The whistle blew, and I jumped down the board.I took a somersault,for less effect and, went deep down underwater.After that, I floated up and swam for around 30m and then came to the shore.

I knew I did injure myself, but just because of the somersault, I won the first prize and, along with that, a golden trophy for doing the unexpected.After that, I was admitted for a slight fracture in the leg because of the impact of the water due to jumping from that height.

I still remember the incident, and whenever I see the trophy, only one thing comes to the mind,
Darr ke aage jeet hai!.

This is post is a part of the Mountain Dew India Rise Above Fear Campaign.

  1. Hemu Saini says:

    Indeed darr ke aage jeet hain 🙂

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