They went,but never returned.

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“Ammi, I’ll return soon.”
“Jaldi aana!”.

These were probably the last words,at the household of those little students,who lost their lives today morning at the suicide bombing.The loss, can never be repented by the ones who committed such a crime.In my point of view, why even make plans to target a school? Then a twitter friend replied me,”Why even target at the first place?”.She was absolutely right as well. The terrorists claimed that, they mistakenly killed the little innocent souls. But,will they be able to return the little kids to their parents? Some were playing, with their friends. Some were studying. But, fate was, cruel to all of them. Death was inevitable for them.

There were kids, ranging from little kids to youngsters, who did have a future.There were chances,where,some of them, did plan to runaway from the hate and terror to some place, far away from the country.But, everything ended. Today,even I have a little 4 year old niece who goes to school.I couldn’t see the TV channel in her presence. If she innocently asked,”Uncle,why were they killed?”,what could I answer her? I couldn’t answer her. Neither I couldn’t answer myself.

Though, the main reason to write this blogpost, was to address all the parents of every children and teachers of every school that,please learn from the #PeshawarKillings and, teach your students/children that, how to save themselves in such a hostage crisis.They should be taught, how to act dead, or something similiar which could save their life, and return back home, hale and hearty. Also, schools should be on alert not only because some temporary incident has happened, but also, because kids are helpless. They do not know how to react when there is such an unexpected incident.Hence, this is a sincere request to all my parents and teachers, that please, increase security in your respective schools and, train little kids, how to react to such disastrous situations. Maybe little kids would not understand them, but, the ones who are a bit grown up, should be taught on how to react to such incidents.

Last but not the least, the loss can never recover or fill the void of the parents who lost their children, in this man-made unwanted disaster. Rest In Peace, you little ones.

Lucky are those households,who heard today,

“Ammi, I’m back”.

  1. Anita says:

    Very true. Few are lucky to be alive…
    Sad for the parents and for the entire humanity.

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