Truth can never be hidden.

Posted: December 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It all happened, as such. I was in 8th standard then. We were mid-teens at that time.Or precisely, 14-15 year old guys.But, sincerely speaking, our country did enter the technology zone a bit later.Whereas, in the United States,technology was present, when India was receiving it’s technology devices and upgrading.Nevertheless, my point of discussion was, technology came to India, a bit late.

So,during that time,I had got my second phone, the very desirable and amazing Nokia N73 Music Edition.It was absolutely new and, I liked it’s features a lot.But, sadly I didn’t have a computer at that moment.As it was a Music Edition device,the music enhancements of the phone was much superior than other phones compared at that time.So,I was much keen into adding some music in my phone.But, I did not know how to add music, or for that reason, even how to open my memory card for transferring music.

When I asked my other friends about how to transfer songs into my phone, one friend said that, there is a memory card dealer(they are present even now but, in remote areas or villages) who transfers songs into mobile phones.But he took some amount of money for that. So, after some days,after attending school, me and my friend went to the dealer, so that he could transfer songs into my phone. He said that it will take two days for him to transfer the songs, and the mobile has to be with him.I was worried at first, but then later I agreed saying I will manage because it was just one day and the next day I shall get my phone. So, I returned home back after giving my phone and taking the receipt.

Mom was not surprised because, I told her that the phone was with a friend of mine, who will give me the phone after two-three days.When dad returned home from office, he got furious on me. Because, the phone was expensive and he demanded that I bring back the phone immediately.But I knew I couldn’t so I kept my mouth shut.He went on shouting that I was irresponsible and whether the mobile was stolen or did I leave it somewhere or so.He said me, to accompany him to the police station to lodge a complaint for the missing cellphone, and then,I decided to tell him the truth.

Dad was still not convinced. The very next day he went to the dealer and after confirmation that the phone was with him and it was given by me for loading songs into the phone and memory card, he came home, and I did get a bit tad more shoutings and warnings which I had got earlier. But, luckily, I got my phone back after two days and then, everything was normal.

Actually, that day, at the very last moment, if I didn’t say the truth,the dealer would have caught for no appropriate reason, and later maybe I had to bear the guilt of imprisonment of an innocent person.Also,when I look back towards the past, I laugh at myself for such a blunder.But I was happy that at the last moment, I did say the truth and, inspite of shoutings, I was happy later, because, lie is a lie, and Truth can never be hidden.

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