She liked the stubble, and her parents too!

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

And, it was kind of a doom’s day when my girlfriend said,”Come along with me tomorrow.My parents want to see you”.I was startled.I was like,”Err,why but?”.It’s true that I was not startled at all,but, I knew that I had to shave. Still, I needed a day more for shaving, but I think I forgot the topic itself the next day.So,during the evening, I was out with my friends, and incidentally I forgot my phone at my home.So, I did not see the reminder misscalls and text messages as well, because I reached home late at night.

Then,the next day came as well.I was in college when I checked my phone.There were a minimum of 20-25 misscalls and innumerable text messages from her.I realized, something was wrong. Oops! Today was the day of visiting her house.Oh My God and I didn’t even shave because after college only I had to visit her home.I knew I was in deep trouble, so I decided not to shave and go visit her home with the stubble only.

After college as we had decided, I met her on the way.She was furious because I was supposed to shave but I didn’t.Though she liked my stubble as well,she was unsure, whether her parents would like it or not.I came up with an idea.I decided to go to her house in formals instead of wearing those three quarter pants.So, I took her to my home, made her wait and then I changed my clothes to wear a formal suit.

I knew I was late so,I left with her for her home instantly.I could see her parents waiting below her building for both of us.They came and greeted us together. Her father, who seemed grumpy at first was later convinced that, I looked good and sober as well.Though, after a talk with her parents, her mom jokingly said that, I should shave the next time whenever I visit their home as well.Though she thought her parents might have issues with my stubble,the sober formal look cleared it all.

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This post is a reply of Manogna‘s post Will You Shave.

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