Bolt, the new Zest in life!

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And it all started with the Zest.Ah, who can forget the Zestilicious experience of my life! After the Zest was released, we all thought that, it was the end of awesome cars in a low price segment. But, I was proved wrong,when I received the mail from Blogadda that Tata Bolt was released.I didn’t waste a single day and ran off to the nearest Bolt Arena in my city to have a look at the new Bolt. The nearest Bolt Arena to me was at the Avani Mall, in Kolkata. And I visited the very first day of it’s display in the city.

As I reached the mall, one representative at the Bolt Arena welcomed me, and I saw the Bolt. I recalled my memory and, started matching one by one,expecting that the features wouldn’t be same. But,no. I could see every feature of the Zest floating around at the Tomato-like-red car in front of me. After being confused, I asked the representatives, is it the Zest? They replied me, “No dear Sir, it is the new Tata Bolt, or precisely, the hatchback version of your very own Tata Zest!”.And, within a few moments I was inside the car. I could feel the familiar steering wheel, the ConnectNext screen, the various similiar things, which made me remind our very own Tata Zest.Everything looked similiar.Now I’d love to mention five things, which I liked a lot, about the new Tata Bolt.


At one point it even reminded me of some of the old Tata cars, viz the Tata Indica, the Vista, and moreover, seemed like a little Tata Nano, which was probably fed some nutrition drink which made it look a little grown up.Yet, it had the flair of it’s sedan brother, Zest. As if, they are just two brothers from the same mother, Tata. The not-so-deep-blood-red but as-red-as tomato was a treat to the eyes. And, I just was lucky enough to touch the Bolt from outside, and, had a mental conversion with the Bolt, complimenting it, “Dude, you look great!”. I loved the design a lot, and it was way cool and swanky than other cars, according to me, in the hatchback series of various other cars.

Oh,that's me in the Tata Bolt. I hope you could see me? Or you couldn't? Atleast you could see my teeth right? :D

Oh,that’s me in the Tata Bolt. I hope you could see me? Or you couldn’t? Atleast you could see my teeth right? 😀

2.ePAS steering.

We already have seen the electric Power Assist Steering on the Tata Zest. It was a pleasure to see the Power Assisted steering on the Bolt as well. It is as usual, always an edge over the other cars, because electric power steering helps the car to be in more of the driver’s control, than manual transmission cars.And I doubt whether you will see any change in the steering wheel below. I doubt whether you will be able or not, to differentiate the steering wheel whether is it a “Tata Zest” or the new “Tata Bolt” ?

The same ePAS steering wheel. Do you remember "the Zest"?

The same ePAS steering wheel. Do you remember “the Zest”?

3.Spacious interiors.

This is something extravagant according to me in all the hatchback cars, and what I believe is, people rarely accept the fact that they will get space in a hatchback car. I am happy to declare that, “Oh yeah, the Bolt has the space!”.You could sit in a relaxed position, and inspite of the fact that, it looks little, it has enough space to fit yourself in a very relaxed way.You could easily get in and keep your knees relaxed.

4.Safety measures.

Even if you like the car a lot,you will think about the safety. However you like the car, you have to be sure that it ensures safety of the passengers and the driver.Even in this thought, Tata has not at all given a chance to the individual to give a second thought about the safety.The car is pretty much safe, and it has some amazing features like the 9th Generation ABS which is made by Bosch. Obviously, we can never doubt the build of Bosch. Along with that, we have the Corner Stability Control which is, I believe, passed on from the former brother Zest. Even Zest had this amazing feature which helped the driver to be in full control all the time with the “Bolt”.Also, how can we forget the Dual Airbags feature inheritance. That was one feature, I felt absolutely safe while having the test drive.I doubt whether, the other hatchback cars would offer such amazing safety measures.

5.Revotron 1.2 and Multi-drive option.

Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged MPFi engine, with 90PS@5000RPM is a dream of the hatchback cars. Obviously, what I feel is, this feature was absolutely unexpected for me.I thought, this wouldn’t be included in the new Tata Bolt.But, yes it has come true.This is included in the Tata Bolt, and this powers the ePAS steering as well as the corner stability control. This is what, I believe is Power in the hands.

Now let me emphasize about the multi-drive option of the Tata Bolt.
As,we had seen in the Tata Zest, it is the same, but I liked it so much that I would love to re-explain the whole thing to my readers.

Multi-drive option is basically the ability of the car to switch in three various modes with three different options.

First is the Sport mode: Sport mode is required when we need more power. Whenever we are in freeways or national highways, we might use this mode for greater speed and for more usage of the powerful Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged Engine.

Next is the Eco mode: When you feel, fuel is running low, or the fuel is being wasted, or the fuel needs to be saved, then comes the Eco mode. Basically it is an economy mode, where fuel is efficiently saved according to your needs.

And last but not the least, is the City Mode: City mode is basically the combination of half Sport mode and half Eco mode. The fuel saving is not that powerful as the Eco mode, but it does help in driving on alleyways and city lanes. Also, the power applied is not as powerful as the Sport mode,but it is enough powerful to cross over-bridges.

There are some more notable features, which did catch my eye. I also liked the upgrade in the ConnectNext TouchScreen InfoTainment by Harman. Tata did keep in mind and, very wisely integrated the MapMyIndia smartphone enabled navigation in the ConnectNext.

Now, suppose if you are going to Mumbai from Navi Mumbai, and you do not know the route map, you need not rely on roadside hawkers,shopkeepers and friends.Just, start your “Bolt”,plug in your phone, start MapMyIndia, and vroom,There you go.It also has the advanced voice recognition command which helps the driver a lot while driving.

And, last but not the least, I’d like to say,

“Everyone felt, it ended with The Zest,but it just started with The Zest and continued with The Bolt and will go on.The Bolt is the new Zest in life.

Let the Bolt, Zest up your life again!

And as they said, Get. Set. Bolt!

P.S This is my 50th post on WordPress. I would like to thank Blogadda for giving me the opportunity to write on the Tata Bolt!

This post is a part of Get. Set. Bolt activity at Blogadda

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