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And, it all started when I was in Delhi, maybe on the second last day, when my trip was on the verge of ending.I still remember, I had second thoughts, whether I would come to Delhi or not. But someone’s call, put me over the edge and compelled me to visit Surat,situated in The land of Modi.Oops, Gujarat! I’ll explain in the latter half of my post, that who was the person whose words made me visit Surat. And yes, I do not regret my one day trip to Surat. Yes, just a few hours from Mumbai. I was supposed to stay for some more time, but I was running short on time.So, one day was what I all got.

I woke up at 4.30am that very day. Reached Mumbai Central, to board the Gujarat Express at 5.45am.All excited, to meet up some real life friends, who did agree to meet me that very day, out of Twitter. And I still remember them promising me to give me an actual tour of Surat the next time I visit.And, I would gladly visit Surat anyday, anytime, thanks to them.

Also,after getting down,I called up Hetal tai i.e @bubblydentist ,as I affectionately call her tai always.Tai in Marathi means elder sister.So, I called her up, and she was like, wait for a moment dada, I’ll reach around the place soon. And, I came to know, after paying fine to the cops and various other hurdles, she came all the way to pick me up. And from there, we first left to meet Tanya @rajputanii_ and after meeting her up, we decided to go to Tai’s home.

After a little lot of travelling, we were at the coffee shop, where Tanya was waiting for us. She had her daily office, yet she made time to just meet me up.I’d specially thank her someday for that. Though she was worried whether I actually reached or not. Calling me up on regular intervals,asking whereabouts and also, asking me, how was the city, was something she was constantly doing.And, obviously I didn’t mind. Hey, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I was a li’l late. Apologies Tanya Devi!

And, then we had a hearty time at the coffee shop.And, she was pleasant being around.They even told me that, they were actually planning to meet up but my presence in Surat managed to make the arrangements and all.After a long conversation,we had beverages and Tanya had to leave because she had her office.We called up Sid, or rather @HathwalaThakur sahab, and he was like, you guys come over for lunch and, I’ll meetup CEO then. We were like done done, and before leaving, we requested Tanya to reach over at the lunch place.
(P.S I’m not a real CEO!It’s just a part of my handle so no offence please! People do call me CEO at times 😀 …)

After that, Hetal tai and me together reached her home. Where I was actually warm welcomed by her mom, and her little brother Purav.He was overjoyed to see me, and I got to know that the little one was more excited on the fact that I was coming to Surat just to meet them. Had some beautiful sight-seeing from her home and then she explained how the city is, and various other monuments and important buildings.From there, we left for the lunch and Hetal tai called up Sid, so that he reaches at the restaurant. And then we called up Tanya, but she couldn’t make it because of her office stringents. Such heartless people at her office, you see. But can’t help. Though, I was happy to meet Sid at the lunch. He was one amazing person, both in Twitter and outside Twitter. No words, that he was witty in and out both. Now I realize why he’s a famous Twitter celebrity.

After the lunch, Sid took the responsibility to drop me at the station, and Hetal tai left for home. After goodbye exchanges, I and Sid left for Surat station. On the way, Sid told me, that I should visit Surat for some more duration, the next time I visit. Also, he gave some amazing facts that, there were a whopping 50+ overbridges in Surat and the adjacent areas. He also suggested me to visit the fully air-conditioned vegetable wholesale market which was actually one of it’s kind with state-of-the-art facilities. And then finally, he dropped me off at the Surat station and he did expect me to come again soon.

Then, I checked my ticket and, went to Platform no. 4 where the Surat-BDTS Intercity Superfast was waiting and then, I boarded the train, and one awesome day, came to an end.

I would like to personally thank Tanya, Sid and Hetal tai for taking pains just to meet me up, and special thanks to Hetal tai for convincing me to take the leap of faith and visiting Surat to meet tweeps.

I’d suggest my readers to follow the ones mentioned below! Strongly recommended! And I believe you wouldn’t find anyone more friendly than them.
Hetal tai – @bubblydentist
Sid/Siddharth – @HathwalaThakur
Tanya – @rajputanii_

Thanks a lot for reading! And much love!

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