Namma Bengaluru,What to do!

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

And, you’ve unexpectedly got a transfer in the Silicon Valley, Bengaluru. What next?! Confused right!
Not to worry! Quikr is here to help us. They have everything on sale, ranging from houses to cars and various other household things. Just name a thing and you’ll find it on Quikr. Mobiles, Yes. Cars, Yes. Lifestyle stuff,Obviously Yes. And, even some Real Estate services! So indirectly, or directly, Quikr comes as a saviour to you.

Now let us start with, the basic things, which we were taught to us when we learnt to read and write in our early childhood.Whenever the teacher used to ask us, “Kids,tell me.What are the basic necessities of a human being?”, we kids used to reply, “Food,Clothing and Shelter!”. And in this way, whenever we are at a new place, we always think of food,clothing and shelter. Food and clothing, is our worry. But for shelter,we can rely on Quikr. It has the best offers, rates and probably whatever you want of your choice. Quikr can tell you, whether you want a home near the airport,near the IIM campus, or wherever you want. It also asks you, what is your personal requirement. Do you want to live in rent? Or do you want to buy an apartment? Leave that, do you want to find a roommate? Everything is possible on Quikr.

Let’s suppose we found an apartment very nice and beautiful. It’s probably at Yelahanaka and you called up the dealer,negotiated,fixed the deal and paperwork is all complete.
Living Apartment – Done! Now, what next? You wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor, right? Or what if guests unexpectedly land up at your home? What impression will they have if you make them sit down on the floor! Obviously you would need furnishing! Now here comes the Home Decor & Furnishings. There are various people who want to sell their old, or maybe unused furnitures. You could get some awesome deals there. And, if you think, Illa, the price is too high, just check the MSP of the particular product, and boom! You know what price to ask and check with various sellers that who is the one offering less price for the commodity you are finding.Let’s assume you got stuff, like a dressing table, a bed, a couch, and probably a dining table. Now the home looks probably furnished and even if guests land up, you might not have food to offer, but you would definitely have a seat to offer.

Now, as your shelter and home requirements are fulfilled, what next? Tell me,you would never want to take pains in knowing the bus routes and other services. It is way too difficult to byheart all the routes. Also, one can never rely on cabs these days. What if they do not turn up on time, and you miss your most-important-business-meeting? We do have a solution for that too. But that I’ll be explaining at a later stage. So, now comes a need of a private vehicle. Even here Quikr comes in your service. Absolutely free. Suppose you like a specific car, and you just want the same model, just check the MSP of the price, check which seller is giving you the best deal and then you buy your car.And you are done.

Now you have your own car and a furnished home.Anything else do you need? Oh yes, Electronics. TVs,Mobiles,PCs, Laptops everything can be found either in the Electronics section or Mobiles section on Quikr.

Now suppose, you are actually late for a meeting and you couldn’t attend it and you are fired. OMG. That scary thought. But, Quikr helps you to find jobs as well.There can be various services you may require like babysitting,maid for home etc.Here too, Quikr helps you finding a babysitter, a maid for doing chores or cleaning the house, and various such stuff.

I hope you would find everything, whatever you would need, on Quikr. But sadly Quikr won’t manage a girlfriend for you.

I wish it could manage. But for everything else,only Quikr.

This post is a part of Bangalore Campaign by IndiBlogger

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