Date screwed!

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
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And, sadly that day before my exams started, my Garnier PureActive Neem Facewash finished. I was so engrossed in my assignment submissions and pre-final examinations, for the next four-five days,that I didn’t even notice that a small pimple was growing absolutely in the middle of my nose. I knew, that, it was time to get a new facewash pack.But, exams were on the way,eating my head, I couldn’t go to the nearest supermarket and get my pack. On top of that, the day my exams ended, my girlfriend called me up and, she demanded a surprise date.

This came as a shock to me.I started to search my Neem Facewash pack.Found it in the dustbin and, started the weirdest way for extracting even a single drop of the facewash from the pack. Didn’t work though.And the date was just two hours away.I was worried, as the pimple, was looking absolutely red and, I knew I would be a laughing stock, not only to her but probably everyone in the coffee shop.Having no option,I got ready.And, all set to be made fun of, I left home at the supposed time.Though my attire was pretty good, but the red pimple on my nose, the little red dot, made a lot of people to look at my face again, and smile.

So,this way, I reached the coffee shop, ordered a Cappuccino and started waiting for her.I realized,after some time that, the laughter of a girl could be heard just outside the shop.As,I was sitting at the corner most table,I couldn’t see the person who was laughing. A few moments later, my girlfriend came inside, with a smiling face and, just as she saw me, she couldn’t just stop laughing. This was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Maybe more embarrassing than the day I disqualified IIT-JEE examinations.Though,I realized later that, my table could be seen from the entrance of the coffee shop, and before entering she had already spotted me, and my red pimple on the nose, which made me look like a joker.

And,the laughter continued for a few minutes, after which we discussed various stuff(obviously I would never go into details of the discussion, but still) like exams,preparations for Post Graduation studies,etc.After the coffee session and discussion, she held my hand and, took me to the supermarket which was near to the coffee shop.I was taken aback and was reluctant to go. But, she was affirmative and, she bought me a new pack of Garnier PureActive Neem Facewash. She said that, she knew, my facewash pack was finished and, also for being careless, this was my punishment, to roam around in public, like a joker, with the red pimple on the nose.

Sincerely speaking, I used Garnier Neem Facewash before it was PureActive. I always loved the gel and it smelled nice as well. I rarely had pimples using it and, it also suited my oily skin.

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