Notable Newbie,bengaliCEO!

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

And, I used to see a lot of new faces, on the mainpage of Blogadda. All of them, kinda quoted as “Notable Newbie” of the week. I never expected that even, I could be one of them in the upcoming future.

I knew that,I was new to the Blogadda family, and also new to blogging. But, never expected that, even they would consider me as a notable newbie.

So one fine day, as I was scrolling, Sammya pointed out a tweet on the Blogadda’s Twitter Handle, where bloggers could apply for the notable newbie tag. He believed strongly that even I should apply.So, I applied for the tweet and waited. Days passed, yet I didn’t lose hope to be the notable newbie someday!

Then one fine day, I was checking my mail and I saw, Blogadda shot a mail to send a picture for the notable newbie. Now, a problem was that, I was at my college, which is in a rural area of West Bengal, and so, I had some difficulties getting a decent picture of myself. Yet,somehow I overcame the issue and replied them back instantly.

And, today, Sujata madam congratulated me, when she saw me in the Notable Newbie section of Blogadda. This came as a delight to me.

I would like to thank my friends for the support. And Blogadda for the honour. I wish to keep writing more. Thank you again, Blogadda.

  1. Congrats for being nominated as the ‘Notable Newbie’ 🙂 You’ve a nice blog Depanjan, keep blogging…

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