Love, happened in the air!

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

When I shared this specific topic with my girlfriend, she was already thinking of ways that how can I surprise her.But I knew I had my own ways and I also knew, what could actually make her happy. I knew her idea of expressing love was way too much out-of-the-box and to match her excitement levels, I had to do something which could be just exquisite and a unique way to express my love for her. So what happened is, (oh yeah you know all those rose day chocolate day and blah blah),after celebrating all those days I decided that, on the 14th, I had to do something extra ordinary. And also had to keep in mind that, I had to express my love for her and something too extra-ordinary could result in even a breakup. So, what I did was, I called her up, at my place and from there, we both left to the nearest airstrip from my home.

She was taken aback because, she knew I was pretty much random. But not that level of random to go on an airstrip on Valentine’s day. My idea of expressing love, was way different and also which did blow out her mind later. I had arranged a helicopter ride for both of us. And, she was overwhelmed to see the scenarie when the helicopter landed at the helipad. She was excited, overjoyed, nervous and… oh I can’t remember words, which can define what she felt during that moment. So what happened was, we both, got into the helicopter and then, the helicopter started flying.

She was excitedly clicking pictures, when, I held her hands, and, said the exact words to her “Look into my eyes. Do you see yourself in them?”. She replied,”The same, is with me. I see myself in you.But do you see yourself in my eyes”. And we laughed together. Believe me, if there weren’t headphones and microphones attached to them, we couldn’t have heard each other. Yet we did and then, she knew she was mine for ever. And, since then I believe, it is not necessary to use those three golden words, and yet, you could describe your love for each other.

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at Blogadda in association with Bluestone

"Love has a new expression this season"

“Love has a new expression this season”

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