Social Media Mobile or Social Media Web?

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ah. There’s a hell lot of difference between using social media websites on your so called “smartphone” to using social media on Web. Usually what happens is,due to the change in the interface, it becomes too difficult to think, on what to choose. Social Media on Web. Or Social Media on your Smartphone.

But let’s see what are the reasons, people chose to prefer over their ways to access social media. There are various sites, namely Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Instagram, Zomato( ahha please don’t give me the look. It’s also a social media site as well.). Similiarly for bloggers,their social media is known as Blogadda. So, the list goes on and on.

But where the issue arises is, are they pretty same from both the web and the smartphone interface? Obviously not. Every specific website has their pros and cons. Just as amazing as it could be. Now, slowly I’ll jot down the points where a specific social media website has an advantage over the other and, later will discuss on how it changed my life as well.

Facebook – Now everyone uses Facebook on mobiles as well as laptops. But the two interfaces are pretty different which gives an advantage of what content you are being able to see and perceive in both the cases. Facebook also has a specific app for smartphones which makes it easier to switch interfaces. Yet I would say there is a difference in using the web and the smartphone interface.

Twitter – Twitter is similiar to Facebook. Just that, it has updates as short as 140 characters with respect to Facebook’s long long long status updates by people. Also, an advantage is, even Twitter has its own smartphone app which gives an over edge.

Instagram – Instagram is a wee bit difficult. What I personally feel is, the smartphone interface, is better than the web interface. Now here comes the question, why? The Instagram web interface and smartphone interface are pretty much similiar. So what happens is, if you see a smartphone interface on a website, you are bound to go back to your smartphone for better details. So here lies the problem.

Now coming back to my own experience. I was a strong believer that, social media should be used only on web interface. Due to this wrong notion, it took me two years more to join social media. And after that, it continued. Back then, I didn’t know that Facebook could be accessed even via SMS’es. Or maybe one can send a Tweet via a SMS. And it continues.

I believe that the smartphone interface has a huge advantage because it gives you access whenever wherever you are. Obviously for high corporate officials you wouldn’t say that, Sir please use your phone for social media. I maybe wrong as well, but my personal view is, they might be more on web interfaces than the smartphone interfaces. Smartphones also give an advantage that, you could share your content instantly without any hassles. It could range from sharing a beautiful moment or scenario to saving a person’s life.

I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at Blogadda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore.

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