The world,recreated!

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Let’s start on,with the following note. “Just a thought, to change the world, itself is a change to the world”.And, I guess, there are approximately 7 billion people. Like they update on Facebook, “Feeling awesome with me, you and 7 billion others”. But, even the United Nations are not 100% sure whether 7 billion is a 100% correct assumption or not. Yet they say, it is a rough estimate of the population of the world.

The problem starts is, when you imagine of a new world,where people are just created,and you feel yourself as you are the creator.Even if you try to think,about creating a new world, you always get constant flashbacks of, the present world you are living in. Main issues, which include the basic as well. Food,clothing and shelter. There are nations, where you are not even allowed to raise your voice against freedom.Or even worse, put behind bars for raising their voice against freedom, or what we generally know as, freedom of speech. It feels pretty sad that, there are even some totally developed countries in the world, where the masses are generally well-educated and have a proper knowledge about what is going on in the world, yet some of them, make snide remarks/physical abuse on other people who have migrated from their motherland just to, feed their family, and give them a better life. But,they have to face even these kind of situation. And to deal along with them we have more complex intellectual issues like child-trafficking,corruption,hoarding,drug-addiction,war,nuclear exchanges,and the topic goes endless.

But do we know what is the basic needs for a human? strong>Food,Clothing and Shelter.
Yes,you heard me right. Keeping luxury apart, how many of us can live without basic amenities for long? Not long. Obviously not long.Now, let me explain what kind of a world, I dreamt of living in, and I aspire to live in such a world.

Since childhood, when we were little kids,we knew nothing. All happy and playful in our parent’s safe custody.At the same time, somewhere some little kid is working as a child labour and serving tea to your parents or maybe do household stuff as a servant, whereas your parents would not even let you touch utensils, let alone serving a cup of tea. Here comes my first point.

1. Compulsory free education for kids till the graduation level .
Irrespective of the kid’s social status,economic status,caste,creed,sex or whatever the barriers are,they should be provided education from the ruling party or government. Now, if they want a higher education, they should apply to the government for higher studies.Being from a developing country I have seen, child-labour still exists. Which is absolutely heart-shattering, but, we cannot help it. At instances, I have tried to confront the ones doing such inhuman behavior with kids. But even the kids cannot leave their job because, food. Now here comes the second point.

2. Every family should be entitled some amount of foodgrains and fuel from the government controlled ration shop every month.
There are various cases where people use the money for their personal satisfaction, i.e to drink alcohol,smoke cigarette,etc.So to save the innocent family members from the wrath of such people, I would try my best to design such a system where food will be given to the needy ones.

The third point which I personally feel is,
3.Equality and right to freedom of speech,work and expression for all.
There are also instances where we see that,people are not equally treated.There are places where transgender people have nothing to do,but beg.They are not provided education and the society does not accept them.Also,not only transgender, some places do not have their right to practice the religion they want to.

Let’s get this clear. We have read the recent killings by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the mass murder of 21 followers of the Egyptian Catholic church near Tripoli by the ISIS. There could have been ways to avoid this, but there were no ways to avoid this. There are cunning and selfish people everywhere. You cannot avoid them,but you have to stop them.I do believe in the Gandhian theory of Ahimsa,but can this be curbed by the Ahimsa theory? I’ll rather prefer to leave this question to be answered by my readers.

I have also seen countries,where they arrest you or put you in bars because you listened or watched to something which was not of your country, or not of your language.I would not name the country but it is the only country which, I personally wish to recreate, if I could. People seem to be happy, but the tyranny is unjust. Also, putting a person behind bars for practicing another religion apart from the masses is also unjust,according to me. One should be allowed to follow whatever religion he/she wants to follow.

Similarly is the case with profession. There are some cases where girls are unwillingly pushed in the huge network of human-trafficking and then they are not relocated when they want to. I believe,with the first point, and the second point, the ones who are caught unwillingly in the human-trafficking network, can save themselves from this. Now,there are some people who want to willingly join the prostitution business, they can. Society should be openly accepting them,because even they are human beings. We just cannot shoo them away or mistreat them just because they are sex workers.Rather the government should apply rules,regulations and norms for the safety of them.

I had read an article long back, that many sex workers were not relocated in their old ages.I believe even they should be given a chance to relocate themselves and live a peaceful after-work-life.Their relocation should be done absolutely similar to the old age people who have been cast away by their heartless children.

There are such innumerable changes I personally want to change if I could create a new world. Also, one of the specific things I would like to change on is, the last and point four.

4. Corruption and bribery.
Now this issue, I believe can be resolved upto some extent because what happens is, people are bound to take bribes, so that the work could be done faster, or maybe more efficiently. Whatever be it, the one who pays the bribes is equally at fault as the one accepting bribes.Here, we could introduce a scheme where a person, would have two options. One is the normal way of processing a job, and the other would be a faster way. NO, I am not legalizing bribery. Instead, the person would pay the government and then the official would receive a bonus for the work he did. In that way, the money which would have gone directly to the official’s pockets will now be regulated by the government.

I do wish to create such a world and not only me, but as I said earlier, one fine day, I’ll update a status on all my social websites, “Feeling happy, with you, and 7 billion others”. I would like to thank Blogadda for giving me the opportunity to write on such a dream topic.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at Blogadda in association with India Today #Conclave15

  1. excellent write up with focus on some important points.

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