Z for Zenfone!

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Now,you would start thinking. Valentine’s day is near. What shall you gift your girlfriend?

Let’s start with chocolates.Wait what? Chocolates? Are you kidding me? Okay then. Flowers? Teddy Bear soft toys? Oh no!. These are the things,which you would, give your girlfriend any other normal day. But it’s valentine’s. So, something special. She loves texting, right? He loves clicking pictures, right? She loves clicking selfies,right?

Now, let me suggest you. Asus has given us the power of Zenfone. You will find everything in the Zenfone you want. Even if you do not have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, it won’t matter. Because, if I have a Zenfone, I wouldn’t need anyone. I would have the power in my hands.

If you do not know the power of Zenfone, let me explain you then. Everyone of you must have heard about the word “Intel”. Most of us know that Intel processors are mostly found in the laptops. But what will happen, if Intel powered processors, are given to your phone? Yes. The power of Intel, is what the Zenfone boasts of. Also, who would give you IPS HD screens which clearly show the usage of Gorilla Glass as well. These features are just the tip of an iceberg underneath.

Also, on top of that,
To mark the Valentine’s day, Asus Mobile have come up with an exciting offer with Flipkart.

The all new Zenphone is being sold at an exciting prize and offer exclusive flipkart deal.

As part of #unConditionalLove a small video to mark the occasion!

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