My Inspiration,Grandmother

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who can say, about a person, just on seeing him, after he or she is born? Who would comment that, this boy is going to be a scientist,inspite of the fact that you are just one year old and you have done something which maybe a little uncommon for the kids of your age? Yes. They are your grandparents. I am not lucky enough to see my grandfather alive but, I do have my grandmother. I have seen her health deteriorate. From a hale and hearty old lady to the same old hale and hearty lady lying on the bed whole day due to nerve wreckage and paralysis.

My grandmother was the one, who predicted on the very second day of my birth that, I would be an engineer, but I would be working as a manager. My mother laughed it off,saying, I would study as an engineer and work as an engineer only. But then,who knew that my grandmother would be stating the truth. I am actually pursuing engineering and I do aspire to get into India’s top Business schools for my post-graduation degree in management. And the journey begins from there as well.

I remember an incident related to the change of my thinking process. My parents were overprotective,but they did shout me whenever I did something wrong. So, it happened one fine day that, I wanted a bottle of chocolates. As I was a sweet-tooth kid, my mom knew I would get hold of it easily. Because of that,she used to keep it above at a height. Luckily that day, it was a holiday, and mom dad were out for shopping. So, I took the opportunity and sneaked outside granny’s room only to see her sleeping peacefully on her rocking chair with the novel on her lap. I thought she was sleeping and headed for the kitchen, not knowing that she pretended to fell asleep and, just to keep an eye on her little grandson, she tiptoed behind me.

After that, I stood up on the chair,and not being able to get hold of the bottle and lost my balance. I would have fallen and hurt myself, but granny caught me from behind. She first was about to shout me but she didn’t. Instead she taught me, stealing is bad and it should not be done. But now, as she was there, she said me, that she will allow me to take the bottle of chocolates, but on one condition that I will have to think of an alternative better way than standing on a chair to get the bottle of chocolates.

I had seen my father taking the ladder and washing away rooftop of our home in our village. From there I got the idea. I ran outside to bring the ladder, and with granny’s help, I climbed onto the ladder and got the bottle. We happily shared the chocolates.

Since that day, I always take an alternate approach to everything in life. Everything. Ranging from studies to other personal issues, I always think of an alternate way. Thank you Granny.

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