QuikrNXT : Dreams come true.

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since childhood we have seen many cars. Many on roads, and parking places, and outside malls and where not. Everyone of us do have a favourite dream car. Which is nearly impossible for us to buy, but, if we want to buy them, we have to sacrifice a lot of stuff just for that thing. Obviously we wouldn’t want that,right. So, here comes QuikrNXT. Who will fulfill our dreams, and get us the car which we always cherished and wanted, but couldn’t.

So here starts the story. A middle class corporate executive who has a very mid ranged car, say Mahindra XUV 500. Now, he’s pretty bored of it. Since the past two-three years he has been driving that car, and now he wants a change. When he was a child,he always wanted a BMW car. But couldn’t due to financial constraints. So what happened is, he had to cut short his dream but on a cheaper car.And use it for the next few years.

Now he is determined. After a few years of saving, and decision to sell his XUV 500, he thought he was on his way, to buy the BMW finally. But when, he entered the BMW showroom and asked the prices, his dreams literally shattered into pieces. Absolutely into pieces. Because, the prices were still the same and he was still falling short of the money. Now he was disappointed.

He couldn’t save enough money for a new BMW. So, he felt dejected. It was heart breaking. Yet he decided that, he would get the BMW anyhow. He started searching for BMW cars in the black marketplace. But even there it was pretty expensive. And he couldn’t trust the people there.Incidentally, at that point of time, I met him through a social media meetup. I suggested him, to sell his car on QuikrNXT and, to buy a BMW car of his choice from there itself. He was taken aback at first,but when I assured him that he won’t be cheated unlike the black marketplace, he understood.

Then the searching procedure started. He found a BMW car within his range and that too, in an intact condition. The person who was selling the BMW was a doctor who actually visited rural places. But he had an optional car, which he always used. So even after a year of purchase, the car was standing still in his garage as a show-off which he didn’t want to.He didn’t even feel to bargain, because, he wanted to sell away his car. So, we fixed the deal and we requested him to wait for a few days because, we did not have the money and he had to sell his XUV as well.

So,he found his BMW. Now there was his confusion. He saw the ad where the boy and girl are on a date and, he asks me, is it actually possible that so many calls would come? I was like no, QuikrNXT is better than Quikr but it is also Quikr. Anyways, coming back, then we gave an ad about his XUV 500 which was in good condition. Buyers came and went, but no one responded positively.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a lady came up to buy the XUV 500. She was a college teacher who was fascinated with the cute looking car. Even she did the same thing. She sold her Maruti Suzuki Alto, and was planning to buy the XUV 500. So, he fixed the deal, and then it was all done.

He finally fulfilled his dream,of owning a BMW car. Thanks to QuikrNXT!

This post is a part of Indiblogger‘s Quikr.com campaign.

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