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It all happened with just a connection request in the online networking forum LinkedIN. I sent her a connection request, and she instantly accepted it. From there, we got in touch with each other and finally became good friends.

The main barrier between both of us was language. She was an intermediate level English speaker and I was a newbie to the language of Turkey. Yet, somehow we managed to cross the barriers and conversed with each other in whichever way we could. I loved the fact that “Turkish people do like the fact whenever some foreigner tries to speak in their native language.” From there, today I’ve known so many terms and sentences in Turkish, that I address her Güzelsin all the time. And at times she corrects me that it isn’t “Güzelsin”_ but “Güzellik”. (Sincerely,I still haven’t found the difference in the meaning of the two words). Though both the words mean beautiful in Turkish, according to me, I understood that I need to learn a lot more about her and her language and culture as well.

It felt good when she said, she knew about my country India. Oh, I forgot to introduce you all to her. Her name is Betül Erden. She lives in Istanbul. And she’s very güzelsin! 🙂 (P.S She does have a boyfriend … so no chance). She explained that India was a topic taught to her during school days and the country was famous for spices, culture, art, dance and moreover of that, variety of food. She also showed me some instances where the Türkish people changed their mindset and started to study about Indian cultures and dance forms as well.

When I introduced myself to her, the first lines, which came to her was, “You belong to the country of colours right? The women wear saree, so colourful they are! So gorgeous they look”. Not offending anyone, but Indian ladies do look more graceful in saree than the so called “Western outfits”.

So this was a small anecdote about my best friend who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, Europe. She does invites me everytime whenever I mention about her country and it’s natural beauty! And, we do have similiar interests as well, so hopefully I will be able to meet her up in real someday.

Thank you Betül,for being a part of my life 🙂 I hope you are reading this.


2015. No wonder this is a life changing year for me. But this year, gave me a lot of knowledge of music. Though, I cannot play a single instrument, I love to listen various kinds of music. And my taste of music is absolutely unpredictable. Yes! I bet that if you would want to predict my taste of music, you would be dumbfounded. Because immense mood-swings comes with a song which exactly fits the then present mood.

Though I was being introduced to international music at the age of 9-10 years only, I later realized what were my preferences. I still remember I had a walkman, and plugging the headphones, I used to listen to various kind of music using the walkman. I loved the way, Michael Jackson used to sing. That was my first step into listening to international music.

Now, it has grown so much, that, I’m searching for Azerbaijani & Turkish Folk Music these days. I won’t say I have got immense knowledge on various kinds of music. But, I’m happy enough to know how to distinguish between an Arabic song and a Hebrew song.

Though, coming back to 2015. Last year some of my friends introduced me to MTV Coke Studio (India) songs. And then I liked them a lot. Then, came a moment when they slowly got into my playlist. And then in repeat mode.

I always kept a check on the MTV Coke Studio Official Page on Facebook, and then, one fine day, there was an update. The Coke Studio Season 4 is going to release! I was overwhelmed. That was a happy moment for me! Finally, new compositions. New experiences. New additions. And moreover, new Music!

After seeing the trailer, I was happy. Finally there was the new Coke Studio coming on 1st March.

And finally the dooms day, came. On 1st March, an absolutely amazing masterpiece was released. A song.

“Teriyaan Tu Jaane” – by Amit Trivedi,Harshdeep Kaur and Jyoti Nooran.

The lyrics of the songs were absolutely uplifting and nice. Also, I loved the theme of the song. There’s a beautiful lady in the video of the song who goes around dancing on the streets and shows people her skills. At the end of the video, it is shown that she cannot hear, but she did dance absolutely to the rhythm of the song, because she felt music.

I’d love to recommend everyone to watch the video and do keep an eye on the MTV Coke Studio Official Facebook Page. Link of the video is given below.

Also, if you can, please do watch the earlier seasons of MTV Coke Studio India. Some beautiful notable songs from the previous seasons, according to me are Zariya – A.R Rahman feat Ani Chiyong and Farah Siraj, Aay Hori He – Pankhi Dutta feat Shafqat Amanat Ali, Path Kai Pare Hoi – Khagen Gogoi, Vethalai – Kailash Kher & Chinnaponnu, Nirmohiya – Harshdeep Kaur and Devendra Singh, and Cheene Re Mora Chain – Ustad Rashid Khan feat Salim Merchant.

As they said : Without Music, life would be a mistake!

Balti before I marti!

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Normally, every person has his/her own wishes list before they die. Even I have my own balti list of to-do things which I want to either do or accomplish before I marti. “Marti” is a word in Hindi which means die. So I’ll probably jot down below my balti list before I marti.

Here it goes as follows!

1.Visit Europe with mom & dad.

Who wouldn’t want to visit Europe? Obviously yes. Everyone of us always wants to visit Europe atleast once in their lifetime. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Europe. Though I would always want to visit Europe someday soon. My mom always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. So that’s my first wish I’d like to be fulfilled.

2.Get a C-level job someday.

That’s a dream I always wanted to fulfill. The feeling of being a CXO, (where X= Executive,Finance,Operational,etc) will be absolutely incomparable. It cannot be even compared to the day I got my iPhone 4S. True, I was overjoyed that day. But, this kind of joy will be unique from all kinds of materialistic joys, and desirable as well. Obviously, I’m ready to sacrifice 10-15 years for the post but I’d love to reach there, someday!

3.Get a chance to study in IIM Ahmedabad.

Ah. Not just because of the name and reputation. It’s a new way of living life. I have read so many articles on IIM Ahmedabad that, it inspires me to study, crack CAT with flying colours and then get admission there. My role model, Dr. Raghuram Rajan was also from IIM Ahmedabad. Harsha Bhogle was from IIM Ahmedabad. Ajay Singh Banga, who was the president & CEO of Mastercard was from IIM Ahmedabad. Shikha Sharma, the CEO of Axis Bank was from IIM Ahmedabad. And there are many such more examples of people, who setup new trends for the world. Hence, a subtle dream to study in such a place, where individuals are molded in such a way that later on, in their life, they go ahead and become leaders in the fields they choose to lead.

4.Do something for the transsexual people.

I always feel bad whenever the able bodied people have to ask for alms just because the society refuses to accept them and give them some kind of recognition. It has been always unfair to cast away people just because they are from the neither gender. I’d like to help them and somehow would like to arrange a school for them. Where they would be given the basic education knowledge, maybe till the SSC level examination, or HSC. And after that, options would be given to them if some of them wanted to pursue higher education as well. I believe, if the society accepts them, they wouldn’t have to beg atleast.

5.Buy an iPhone 5.

Ah, the iPhone 5 might have a lot of bugs and other stuff as well. Low memory, first time implementation from the usual 640 x 960 pixels to the absolutely new 640 x 1136 pixels. I agree to the fact that Apple has made a lot of new inventions and has applied a lot of new technology. Sadly, the essence of a sharp edge absolute black iPhone has died since the iPhone 5. They got new colours like the silver gray, gold and what not. They got new models like the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and so on. But the absolute black coloured iPhone is not available anymore. I always wished to buy the iPhone 5. But it became obsolete sadly, and I’d love to buy it someday. Not a refurbished one, but a new one, if available somewhere in the market.

6.Own a home in Mumbai.

Now this is an absolutely out-of-the-box thinking. I’d always want to live in the place where I was born. Though, sidenote : The place where I was brought up, has a price of 55,000/- INR per square feet. I simply think at times, whether, is it possible to buy my own home and customize it, that too in a very costly place like Mumbai? Though, they say, raising questions means that your wish shall never be fulfilled. So, being on a positive side, I will buy my own home someday, and customize it according to my convenience and beauty.

7.Buy my own BMW 760Li.

Man, the car itself is enough to faint me. There has never been a moment in my life where I have seen the 760Li passing by and I haven’t stood still till the time it is out of sight. I love that car and I am very much obsessed with it. I have innumerable pictures of the BMW 760Li saved in my laptop and phones. The car is so attractive and beautiful, as well as powerful, that I’m trembling at the present,writing this post. I wish to own in someday, at a later stage of life. The happiness in driving my own dream car is speechless.

8.Gifting something to the government.

I’m presently a student of Information technology. Recently I’ve been reading various articles on E-Governance, and the loopholes in it. Also, there are certain loopholes in the government portals which we consumers have been facing throughout the years. E.g each and everyone of us knows how difficult it is to book a ticket in the Indian railways website,right. So, I do wish to gift probably, a file containing a document with the details of the loopholes and security breaches of the government attached in it and the solution to them, or directly a software which would be more efficient in the internet sector of the government.

9.Sending my parents to an all India tour.

This has been, a kind of wish for me. My dad rarely got holidays from his job and he always used to sulk about it. Later when I will get a job, I’ll save money and then send them together for the all India trip. Dad always wanted to visit the Konark temples, but, inspite being so much near to Kolkata, he could never visit them. There are various such places where my parents wanted to go. So, I’ll just send them on the trip, and order them, to just relax, and enjoy the trip, not worrying about expenses and other barriers which do not let a person enjoy the moment.

10.Starting a scholarship fund for the needy/poor students.

This comes as an unfulfilled wish from my father. He had to quit his studies because of certain unexpected circumstances. Even my mother had to do the same. But, it did not let him down. He did manage to make it big, even being a dropout. He has his own social circle and he is well reputed as well, according to me. Same applies for my mom. Even she had to dropout due to her high expenses for post graduation. So, I’d like to, setup an institution, or a fund, where every year a stipulated amount of money shall be divided and given to the poor kids, and also, using recommendations, they will be enrolled in schools, taken care of, and provided higher education as well. I know this would take time, but I would love to do it, someday. Sooner or later.

So this is my little balti list of to-do things. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to fulfill all of them, but I will definitely try to fulfill as much as possible.


What do we understand by the term “E-Governance”? Let me start it with the basic concept of paying taxes. I’ll switch on to the details later on, about how can we use E-governance in various fields and utilize it for the citizen of our country.

Paying taxes: This section of E-Governance falls under the Government-to-Customer basic model. Now, let’s come back to paying taxes. Imagine, a random day in the weekdays, you are way too busy in your office, working and discussing important mails with the colleagues. Suddenly out of nowhere a notice from the government of India comes at your desk, which reads “Respected Sir, you are hereby notified that, you have to pay your taxes by the end of this month”. What next? You are already worried. Because you have to run to the Income Tax office, Get form 280 and 281 , consult corporate lawyers and various other offices for filing your tax return. And eventually you have to skip one whole day at your office just to pay your taxes to the government and fulfill your duties.

Now, let’s see the whole scenario in an other way.Imagine the same random day in the weekdays. You are busy in your office. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the notification light of your phone blinks. You receive a mail from the Government of India stating that you have to pay your taxes by the end of the month. You keep your phone aside and start back with your work without any kind of worries. As the day of the tax payment comes, you login to your profile at the Government of India website, and then after entering the details about your bank account, and filling the form 280 and 281, you are done. No hassles of running to the Income Tax office, or consulting corporate lawyers.

This is E-Governance. E for E-Governance. E for Easy.

Now, there are various fields where the E-Governance can be applied for the ease of citizens and the governments as well. I personally feel that, E-Governance could be used for the purpose of whistle-blowing at first. In my humble opinion, there should be an open forum (oh no, not like the DeepWeb please!) where people can voice their grievances and complaints against the specified section of the government maintaining their anonymity. E.g If a person is asked to pay a bribe, he should somehow, instantly write on the forum, keeping his name anonymous, that the specific official from the specific department is asking bribes from him. And then the necessary action should be taken on that person. Another example of using the E-Governance could be, the inconvenience or grievances happening to passengers during their journey in the Indian Railways. They could just post their grievance on the forum during the travel and then strict action could be taken on the official or the service and compensation being paid instantly at the approaching station.

More-over the E-Governance has been active already in India. People pay taxes online these days. I’ve seen some examples where corporate people are so busy that they pay taxes using their mobile phone itself. Though, there are more sections of the government where it could implement E-Governance for the ease of the citizens.

One more example I’d like to introduce is the total digitization of taxation system. Imagine, a system where the user wouldn’t even have to press a button and the tax is already paid. The user’s account details will be taken as input just once and saved in the government’s database. Instead of sending notice to the person, the person would get a notification from the government that the tax has been deducted from his account and a copy of his receipt has been forwarded to his mail. Isn’t this way more easier than even the present situation?

Though, there are a lot of hurdles in the present day scenario for E-Governance, but I believe Intel India will cross the hurdles and emerge with a new #DigitalIndia which we Indians have dreamt of, since long.

This post is a part of Intel India’s #DigitalIndia Campaign.

Jamshedpur, you beauty!

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So here’s a small post on the beautiful small city of Jamshedpur.  I had an opportunity to visit it, just to visit the Xavier Research & Labour Institute. But when I reached the city, I found out many more things which are attractive to the eyes of the beholder.

The whole map of Jamshedpur!

The whole map of Jamshedpur!

It all started with calling a friend, Neha (Affectionately known as @ohteri_ in the twitter world). After living six years in Kolkata, she had to finally relocate to Ahmedabad, due to her job. Inspite of the fact that, she was a non-native resident of Kolkata, I couldn’t find any better advocate who strongly recommends people to live and explore the beauty of the city Kolkata. Native people are always an exception about praising their native city/town. But when non-natives praise about a specific city, and I personally believe that, there is something always charming about the city.

So it goes like this. I called her,  supposing that she would be always back at her very known place (P.S She knows the Axis Mall in & out. Like in and out!. That was her place of ummm…. lazing around. Not exactly lazing but “Lyadh”. Sadly, in my humble opinion, the word “Lyadh” cannot be defined in any language, as similar to the word “Nyaka” in Bengali language.)

But after calling her, I came to know that, she was not at all in Kolkata. And she had a train to catch the day after the next day. I was stunned, now what? Because she didn’t even give prior details about her relocation. Then, I made up my mind to visit her hometown, i.e Jamshedpur. Or rather Tatanagar Junction. Because there is no station named Jamshedpur after all.

The city of Jamshedpur was built by the very own industrialist Jamshedji Tata. He knew that the strategic location could be well established someday or the other. And it did flourish, as one of the largest steel industrial city.

Then she replied, it’s already late at night. Will you even get tickets? I was pretty affirmative and, assured her not to worry. Just that she should be on time the next day to receive me at the station.

Probably there was some kind of misconception between us because she knew I was going to come via the Ispat Express which arrives at 10.45 am. But, I was extra smart to board the Howrah Barbil Janshatabdi Express and reached pretty earlier than expected. Nevertheless, I’ll come to the point later on.

As expected, on the day I talked to her, I couldn’t manage tickets because the chart for Janshatabdi had already been prepared. And I disliked the Ispat express because it had a few stops between Kharagpur and Tatanagar. Now, after waking up at 4.30 am , I was much confused whether to go to Howrah or Kharagpur. Because I was at such a location where both were equidistant. Eventually, I took the leap of faith and decided to head towards Kharagpur and board the Janshatabdi then and there itself.

I caught the first possible local train and then moved towards Kharagpur. According to my calculations;I found out that even if I reached Kharagpur by 7am, or at the most 7.15am, I still would have an hour or so, to explore the station and outskirts. And I was right. I did reach Kharagpur Jn by 7.05 am and so, I had ample of time to roam around the Malancha Road.

Though first and foremost priority was to get a Janshatabdi ticket, because I was already in a huge dilemma since yesterday night. So much that I posted a question regarding this in Quora!. Though I did manage a ticket for the Janshatabdi; but there were no seat numbers written on it. So, I was a little bit scared, yet determined to board the train because the ticket was valid.

Then according to the time, the Howrah Barbil Janshatabdi arrived at Pf 2A. I boarded the DR1 coach because, I felt that would be for the ones who have a valid ticket but don’t have a seat. And I was right. The TTE checked my ticket and asked whether I wanted a seat or not. I refused because it was just a journey of around 2 hours.

And poof! After two hours I was at Tatanagar. Reached the land, where Soren used to rule once upon. (Fun fact: Neha made me realize that roaming charges were being deducted because it’s Jharkhand and not West Bengal!.)

After getting down at the Tatanagar Junction, I called up our host, Neha Mishra madam, only to realize, she was half asleep when she received the phone! I was astonished because she was supposed to receive me. Nonetheless, she said that she would be seeing me within half an hour and till then, she gave me directions to reach Bistupur. I knew that, Bistupur would be nearby so thought of chilling out at the paid lounge, at the Tatanagar Station. Incidentally, there was the India vs Bangladesh match going on. So, after watching it for sometime and having gulped down 2-3 cups of Cappuccino, I gained some courage and left for Bistupur.

Bistupur is basically the heart of Jamshedpur. There are a lot of markets in Bistupur. Ranging from clothes to games and movie CDs, we get everything in Bistupur. Amar Market in Bistupur is famous for computer peripherals and various other stuff related to computers like CDs, DVDs and so on. There are a lot of other markets in Bistupur which are similiar to other markets.

And, I managed to find a share auto to take me to Bistupur. That was a first time experience of a city which didn’t dupe me on seeing a newbie to the city. It seemed that everyone was pretty helpful. Obviously local auto-drivers would persuade you to get into their private autos, but when asked about the share auto, they willingly showed me the way towards the specific stand. After getting down from the auto, I found, my landmark, “Dominoes Pizza” at Bistupur. Well,well, need not guess what I did next.

After I finished the pizza and the coke given free with it, our host landed up finally with her Scooty Pep+. Though, that delighted me, but still she was supposed to come earlier. Though, atleast she came! Nevertheless, from there we went to the Jubilee Park at Sakchi first. The Jubilee park, must say, has some incomparable scenic beauty. The hills behind and the buildings below the hill. That was one moment I regretted myself for not bringing the camera with me. No wonder, beautiful gardens, maintained by the City Authorities.

The Jubilee Park.

The Jubilee Park.

From there we went off to visit the outskirts of the Tata Zoological society. The delight of the scenario at the nearby lake, is something I can’t describe. You should see it with your own eyes as well. Due to time constraints, we decided to skip another beauty, the Dimna lake. And we headed off to the XLRI Campus. Though we were not allowed inside the campus, the joy of seeing one’s dream institute from outside was also inexpressible.

The lake near the Zoological Park

The lake near the Zoological Park

After going around the XLRI campus, we moved to the Airport area which is basically a training ground for pilots. The area was pretty much big and there are talks coming up of opening a domestic airport terminal at Sakchi. From there we went off to a Saibaba temple there, which is probably one of its kind out there. The dome was something, attracted me.

The Saibaba temple!

The Saibaba temple!

After visiting the temple, we returned back to explore the Sakchi bazaar. It was wonderful and so much colourful as well. We had some milkshakes which were pretty amazing in taste. Hence they say, a good guide can make you look a boring city in an interesting way. After sometime, as time was flowing like water, Neha dropped me off to the station and my itinerary for the day was over. I wished to stay back there but it was difficult for me because I had to return back to college as well. And, from the Tatanagar station, tired and happy, I returned back, to my hostel.

One fact I’d like to share about Jamshedpur is, in the middle of the roads, you would find some amazing eco-friendly made idols or statues or caricatures depending on the place you are, or you are heading to. The statues look cool, along with the clean and beautiful roads. A lot of friends said me, when I uploaded the picture of the roads there, that they resembled the roads of Chandigarh.

The beautiful roads.

The beautiful roads.

No wonder, Jamshedpur. You amazed me. I wish to visit again someday! Till then, adios!

A delicious Singapore.

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Let’s start with a delicious meme.


Obviously I’m not at all demeaning the Snickers chocolate. But, there are better options man! So why Snickers? Grab a Singaporean Takeaway instead! So here starts the journey to Singaporean food.

We all have a little bit of Indian-ness in us. Being a little selfish here but I’d love to say that Indians are big time food-hogging people. And when I use the term big time which I absolutely mean at large. Each and every one of us love to explore food, some beautiful delicacies and what not! Keeping aside the fact whether we are in India or not. But the facts remain the same. Food is life for us.

And now, lets talk about Singapore. Really? Just Singapore? Oh no, no! Singapore and its range of food. Some amazing or more than amazing foodstuff which are just exclusively found in Singapore. Oh yes you might be thinking about the size of the country but, trust me, it could be compared with many other countries in terms of variety in foodstuff.

Remember the Indian-ness. Yes exactly that. Ah, the delicacies look so exhilarating that words seem too less to explain the feeling one has. No wonder such variety of food! I doubt if so much variety in foodstuff could be found anywhere else. So, if you are at Singapore and if you say, I didn’t have good food then probably you haven’t been hanging around with the right people out there.


Exactly like the meme. What’s a level? Food is just extravagant and unlimited! Have whatever you want! But on the contrary, you might question me. It seems like only for the non vegetarian people that I might talking of. But I would also mention the vegetarian restaurants as well. But not NOW!

Let’s start with the dishes. I’m flummoxed because I’m wondering from where should I start? Should it be from the exquisite Moules-frites from the Brussels Sprouts. Or, from the unique oyster omelette from the Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster?

Anyways I had to start keeping one or the other in mind. So I started with the Paranthe or Prata or roti Prata because they are pretty much the same thing with different names. Conventional, you see. And it is also a favourite delicacy of us Indians.

Chicken Floss Prata from the Roti Prata House reminds me of the same Indian food Moglai which is pretty similiar and resembles as well with the Chicken Floss Prata. Chicken filled inside and deliciously creamy layers of sauces added onto it. There is another type of Prata which could just bring it back home and eat it with the icecream stuffed in the fridge. Oh yeah you read it right. Prata with an icecream! This version of Prata is called Roti Tissue which could be found in the Al Azhar Eating Restaurant. One could never even think of such combinations. But as we say, variety is the spice of life. I’d love to have a Roti Tissue with a Boneless chicken curry please.

Speaking of curries, Waterzooi a la Gantoise (Belgian Stew) is one thing one should try if you land up at the Brussels Sprouts. The stew prepared by them is just mouth watering.

Watering reminds me of the same place having the best Belgian beer in Singapore. Nevertheless, by now my readers who are vegetarians must be cursing me already for sharing all kinds of non vegetarian stuff. But believe me, I will come back to you guys soon. Now let’s come to my absolutely personal favourite dish which is the grilled (atop charcoal, mind it!) stingray fish is served with a tangy chilli sauce from the Hai Wei Yuan Seafood Barbeque. Also, not to forget the lime essence. It is the last perfect thing one can just add to the grilled delicious fish.

Finally I got time for my vegetarian friends. Let me tell you a fact. I have a friend of mine, who is such a hardcore vegetarian that she even refrains to consume garlic and ginger as well. So from her point of view as well I have to think about it. Bun Me Up, Scotty – Vegan Burg. A delicious juice ripping burger which is undoubtedly purely veg. Vegetarians would love to relish such stuff. Like just imagine the scenario where juicy pieces of vegetables are falling out of your mouth with that intense bite. (P.S we’ll assume the fact that the juices won’t spoil our clothes). One more restaurant as the unique name suggests : How does your Garden of Eden Grow? – Original Sin. They claim to have a substance which they call “vegetable meat”. I bet it would just taste as amazing as one could even imagine. The Principessa Salad for starter, Vegetable Tandoori for the main course and a little Tiramisu for the sweet dish. Or precisely, dessert. Though we do love to call the dessert a” sweet dish”. I believe we could just push my fellow vegetarian friends over the edge just to commit this sin and not repent in the future. Because it’s “vegetable meat”. It should be the perfect evening for any vegetarian.


So this somewhat eventually becomes the Eat.Sleep.Rave.Repeat moment for my fellow vegetarian friends and readers.

And now a little treat for our chocolate lovers : Do not, I repeat, do not miss the beautiful agglomeration of chocolates, icecreams pastries from the patissier Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. You’ll repent if you miss their esoteric choice of flavours.

One more last mention which I feel noteworthy is the oyster omlette from the Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster. This out-of-the-world type dish is basically an omlette in which briny whole oysters are tossed together in an egg batter and then they are pan-fried to perfection which would just melt in the mouth.

Tell me, who wouldn’t want to stop this endless delicious conversation?. But I think it cannot go on right. Hence, I choose to end wherever I could. There are many more little little mentions like the sushi, oyster in chillies sauce, apple pies, a lot of coffee variants for coffee lovers, variants of fish, and a lot of stuff more.

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Mom chose to start!

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As the tagline says everything in itself, #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E! True. I wouldn’t say that I am tempted to buy it just by seeing it’s specifications. But, as for now, I think my mom deserves it more. Now I’ll explain below why, she deserves the Moto E more than I should.

Let’s start on with six upgrades which have been considered from the past Moto E by Motorola.

1. The screen has increased from 4.3 inches to 4.5 inches.
2. Oleophobic coating has been added along with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
3. Upgraded chipset, from 1.2Ghz Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 to 1.2Ghz Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor.
4. Internal memory has been increased from 4 GB to 8GB which helps in storing more files.
5. Video recording has been upgraded from 480p@30FPS to 720p@30FPS.
6. Increased battery performance from 1980 mAh to 2390mAh.

These six upgrades were considered from the past Moto E which was released last year in 2014.

Coming back, I would like to #ChooseToStart a new android journey for my mom with the new Moto E. My mom is absolutely not a tech savvy person as I am. And, till date, she assumes that phones are just used for calling and texting purposes. I would start her journey into a new world, which is probably unknown to her. Where calling is just a secondary option. And, the world of internet would be in the small 4.5 inches device!

I’d like to start with the Messaging services. Starting with the SMS service, which has a threaded view. It gives ease to the user to read the SMS’s in a conversation mode. Also, I’ll setup her first email account using the mail services. And, explain her that it is pretty easy to connect to everyone, on the internet sphere.

After that, I’ll teach her how to click pictures using the beautiful 5 MegaPixel camera which also records 720p videos now. I always show her the pictures I clicked. After getting the Moto E for her, she will show me her first clicked picture. And the enthusiasm, the joy, the happiness cannot be expressed in words.

Then, I’ll explain her on how to use the internet, for various purposes. Ranging from posting her newest recipe to searching about a recipe which cannot be found in her collection of books. I’ll teach her on how to use the immense power of Quad-core on the device. Moreover, there are a lot of YouTube videos to watch. Long back when I was a kid, my mom had a hobby of coloring earthenware, which eventually faded as time passed away. I would want her to revive that and help her regain the hobby by doing both, helping her search for newer designs on earthenware, as well as displaying her talent on the world wide web.

Then comes music. Mom has a big Philips radio in which she listens music. She says that, she needed a replacement for the radio because, it was way too big than the recent standards. Instead of giving her a pocket radio, I’d hand her a Moto E with all her favourite songs loaded in it. Because, 8GB, I feel, should be enough for her collection of songs.

Also, there’s a front camera which would help her talk to dad when he’s away from home. Seeing each other would be way too easy and happier than just listening to each other’s voice over the phone.

There are a lot of similar stuff, which I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E. It’s not just about me. It’s about upgrading the one, who taught me the alphabets using which, I am able to write this article today.

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