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Being a student,I do have a lot of worries, tensions and what not. Everyday or the other is enough, to give me a setback. It may be any kind of setback, ranging from personal setbacks to academic, or maybe other kind of setbacks. Which eventually, discharges your battery from 100% in the morning to 0% till the time you are done through with accepting all kind of criticism and other similar negative things in your conscious mind. I do not know whether, you, as a reader will believe in the concept of subconscious mind or not but from my perspective of life, I do believe that there exists a subconscious mind and which relates things unknowingly from the conscious mind.

Now coming back to the point. Home. How would you define a home? Maybe every person has their own viewpoint to put forth. The question itself is ambiguous. I doubt whether two different individuals will give the same opinion. It is not remotely possible but in very rare cases it does happen. Anyways, what I was trying to tell you is, everyone has their definition of home. Maybe for a working professional, home is having their parents,spouses and children together living happily. Maybe for a home maker, home is having their spouse coming back on time, and handling kids along with some other creative stuff (*sidenote: home makers can never be called jobless.*).

And for a student like me, home is, where my parents are. I live in the college hostel on weekdays and come back home on weekends. Even for students like me there will be differences in opinions. There are some of my friends who have found the college hostel as their second home and they kinda love to stay and spend time there.I am,sadly not one of them. No, I do not dislike my college, but the feeling that I have been away from home. Since 2012, I have been missing my parents. And, incidentally, when I thought it was over, homesickness had killed me within, my mom landed up in the city where I was pursuing my graduation. She decided to stay over, and since then I had some good days, or moments. Some would be a very short feeling of expressions. But still,I hope it made sense.

In college, I face a lot of setbacks. Ranging from questions like,”Why did you leave such a city like Mumbai just to study in this college?”,”Are you a dropout?”,”Did Mumbaikars kick you out from their city?” to answers like, “If everyone has understood the concept why can’t you understand”,”Get out of the class if you cannot understand this”,”Why are you even alive for asking such questions?”. Oh yes I do get such answers. But, after all these criticisms, I do not go back home. Instead I call up mom and narrate the outline of the whole day. I exchange talks with her everyday. Not a day has been missed when I haven’t called mom, and not said about how my day was spent.

Now due to this, I believe, my conscious mind gets enough motivation to accept criticisms for the upcoming day, and the subconscious mind believes the order of the conscious mind accordingly.

This was past. Now comes the present. The title of my blogpost clearly defines the present situation in my life. Earlier when mom was back home, I did get motivation but the boost factor was missing. Now, as she is in my city, I accept every good and bad, positive and negative reviews with a very calm tone instead of getting angry at times in my college. For the weekdays, I gather all the criticisms and negative things including thoughts in a bag, and while I go home on weekends, I throw them away when I just sprang on the lap of mom. Let me tell you, a mother’s lap is the most peaceful place you can have in this world. Everything seems so beautiful and bliss. At times, I even dislike going back to college but then it is my own responsibility. Now, I’m a better person and, charging, as far as charging is concerned, yes I have a home and the person living in my home, who makes the home a home and not just a house, makes me feel happy and better all the time.

Thank you mom, for making my home a home. And, my charger is my home, as I said in my title.
Home : My charger! And,the story continues.

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  1. “Homemakers can never be called jobless” …right..my mom is a full-time homemaker and she is even more active than me. 😀 My father calls her ‘domestic engineer’ 😀

    Loved the post 🙂 buy something for your mom with the voucher 😛

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