Just a small change.

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I still remember the last conversation with my dad when I was just about to leave home to board the Howrah bound Duronto for the first time, alone. It was a very normal day, but a big day maybe, for my dad. I knew somewhere he did not want me to go away from home, but still I was adamant. Had already set my mind for a change. I wanted a break from the normal routine of life. Not freedom, you can say, because I do love my parents and would never want to go away from them. But I wanted to experience what was the feeling of being self sufficient. How to do things on your own? And various similar stuff. Which put me over the edge of taking a decision to stay away from home.

Back when I was attempting my 12th board examinations, I had decided during that time, in my mind that I will pursue my graduation away from home. Everything was absolutely fine even if I had pursued my graduation in Mumbai. But, the feel of self studying, living away from home, experiencing new things, and probably learning a new culture, during the graduation would not have been possible. So, after I gave my IIT JEE and other regional examinations, I made myself sure that I have to go out of my comfort zone and experience life.Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for the IITs and NITs. But got into a semi government college in Kolkata. Now, everyone in my household was way too reluctant about the issue that I was supposed to go away from home for the first time, but I think I my words were enough to make them understand that it was probably necessary for me.

Anyways, coming back to the first-day scenario. My dad asked me,”Will you be able to live there? All alone?” I replied,”Yes. I’ve grown up now. I know that.” And, then we left for the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus to board the train. My dad accompanied me to the station, and a few words of wisdom, encouragement and knowledge were spoken by him. And some usual statutory warnings. I was pretty much normal till he was present. But the moment the train started rolling out of the station, I got the feeling of a lump in the throat. Yet, I waved my dad with a happy face. And after he was out of sight, I couldn’t control myself. Believe me, I still get tears, in my eyes when I even think about the day.

I wouldn’t call it a dreadful day. I would rather call it success, as my dad said once, “My son hasn’t gone to pursue a degree. He has gone to pursue success”. The huge leap of faith, that everything will be fine even away from home, is probably the way of success which I found away from home. I do intend to pursue a Post Graduation degree as well. Maybe back home I would have been sitting idle. And doing nothing at all. But these are just probabilities.

I agree. There are flaws everywhere. I personally had many issues in the city of Kolkata which was new to me. I had come from Mumbai to Kolkata for a short period of time. Ah, I shouldn’t call it short. 48 months, to be precise, my friends. Or 4 years.

But I did learn a lot of new things here. How to combat various situations. How to manage things. And many such countless small things. I wonder, what would happen next. Anyways, my point was that, I am happy that I accepted the change in my life. I started on with a new life in Kolkata, or you can say, from being a stranger to making new friends. It has become a second home to me.

Believe me, friends. “Changes Achhe hain”.

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