Mom chose to start!

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

As the tagline says everything in itself, #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E! True. I wouldn’t say that I am tempted to buy it just by seeing it’s specifications. But, as for now, I think my mom deserves it more. Now I’ll explain below why, she deserves the Moto E more than I should.

Let’s start on with six upgrades which have been considered from the past Moto E by Motorola.

1. The screen has increased from 4.3 inches to 4.5 inches.
2. Oleophobic coating has been added along with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
3. Upgraded chipset, from 1.2Ghz Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 to 1.2Ghz Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor.
4. Internal memory has been increased from 4 GB to 8GB which helps in storing more files.
5. Video recording has been upgraded from 480p@30FPS to 720p@30FPS.
6. Increased battery performance from 1980 mAh to 2390mAh.

These six upgrades were considered from the past Moto E which was released last year in 2014.

Coming back, I would like to #ChooseToStart a new android journey for my mom with the new Moto E. My mom is absolutely not a tech savvy person as I am. And, till date, she assumes that phones are just used for calling and texting purposes. I would start her journey into a new world, which is probably unknown to her. Where calling is just a secondary option. And, the world of internet would be in the small 4.5 inches device!

I’d like to start with the Messaging services. Starting with the SMS service, which has a threaded view. It gives ease to the user to read the SMS’s in a conversation mode. Also, I’ll setup her first email account using the mail services. And, explain her that it is pretty easy to connect to everyone, on the internet sphere.

After that, I’ll teach her how to click pictures using the beautiful 5 MegaPixel camera which also records 720p videos now. I always show her the pictures I clicked. After getting the Moto E for her, she will show me her first clicked picture. And the enthusiasm, the joy, the happiness cannot be expressed in words.

Then, I’ll explain her on how to use the internet, for various purposes. Ranging from posting her newest recipe to searching about a recipe which cannot be found in her collection of books. I’ll teach her on how to use the immense power of Quad-core on the device. Moreover, there are a lot of YouTube videos to watch. Long back when I was a kid, my mom had a hobby of coloring earthenware, which eventually faded as time passed away. I would want her to revive that and help her regain the hobby by doing both, helping her search for newer designs on earthenware, as well as displaying her talent on the world wide web.

Then comes music. Mom has a big Philips radio in which she listens music. She says that, she needed a replacement for the radio because, it was way too big than the recent standards. Instead of giving her a pocket radio, I’d hand her a Moto E with all her favourite songs loaded in it. Because, 8GB, I feel, should be enough for her collection of songs.

Also, there’s a front camera which would help her talk to dad when he’s away from home. Seeing each other would be way too easy and happier than just listening to each other’s voice over the phone.

There are a lot of similar stuff, which I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E. It’s not just about me. It’s about upgrading the one, who taught me the alphabets using which, I am able to write this article today.

This post is a part of Indiblogger‘s Start With Moto E contest. #ChooseToStart


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