A delicious Singapore.

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Let’s start with a delicious meme.


Obviously I’m not at all demeaning the Snickers chocolate. But, there are better options man! So why Snickers? Grab a Singaporean Takeaway instead! So here starts the journey to Singaporean food.

We all have a little bit of Indian-ness in us. Being a little selfish here but I’d love to say that Indians are big time food-hogging people. And when I use the term big time which I absolutely mean at large. Each and every one of us love to explore food, some beautiful delicacies and what not! Keeping aside the fact whether we are in India or not. But the facts remain the same. Food is life for us.

And now, lets talk about Singapore. Really? Just Singapore? Oh no, no! Singapore and its range of food. Some amazing or more than amazing foodstuff which are just exclusively found in Singapore. Oh yes you might be thinking about the size of the country but, trust me, it could be compared with many other countries in terms of variety in foodstuff.

Remember the Indian-ness. Yes exactly that. Ah, the delicacies look so exhilarating that words seem too less to explain the feeling one has. No wonder such variety of food! I doubt if so much variety in foodstuff could be found anywhere else. So, if you are at Singapore and if you say, I didn’t have good food then probably you haven’t been hanging around with the right people out there.


Exactly like the meme. What’s a level? Food is just extravagant and unlimited! Have whatever you want! But on the contrary, you might question me. It seems like only for the non vegetarian people that I might talking of. But I would also mention the vegetarian restaurants as well. But not NOW!

Let’s start with the dishes. I’m flummoxed because I’m wondering from where should I start? Should it be from the exquisite Moules-frites from the Brussels Sprouts. Or, from the unique oyster omelette from the Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster?

Anyways I had to start keeping one or the other in mind. So I started with the Paranthe or Prata or roti Prata because they are pretty much the same thing with different names. Conventional, you see. And it is also a favourite delicacy of us Indians.

Chicken Floss Prata from the Roti Prata House reminds me of the same Indian food Moglai which is pretty similiar and resembles as well with the Chicken Floss Prata. Chicken filled inside and deliciously creamy layers of sauces added onto it. There is another type of Prata which could just bring it back home and eat it with the icecream stuffed in the fridge. Oh yeah you read it right. Prata with an icecream! This version of Prata is called Roti Tissue which could be found in the Al Azhar Eating Restaurant. One could never even think of such combinations. But as we say, variety is the spice of life. I’d love to have a Roti Tissue with a Boneless chicken curry please.

Speaking of curries, Waterzooi a la Gantoise (Belgian Stew) is one thing one should try if you land up at the Brussels Sprouts. The stew prepared by them is just mouth watering.

Watering reminds me of the same place having the best Belgian beer in Singapore. Nevertheless, by now my readers who are vegetarians must be cursing me already for sharing all kinds of non vegetarian stuff. But believe me, I will come back to you guys soon. Now let’s come to my absolutely personal favourite dish which is the grilled (atop charcoal, mind it!) stingray fish is served with a tangy chilli sauce from the Hai Wei Yuan Seafood Barbeque. Also, not to forget the lime essence. It is the last perfect thing one can just add to the grilled delicious fish.

Finally I got time for my vegetarian friends. Let me tell you a fact. I have a friend of mine, who is such a hardcore vegetarian that she even refrains to consume garlic and ginger as well. So from her point of view as well I have to think about it. Bun Me Up, Scotty – Vegan Burg. A delicious juice ripping burger which is undoubtedly purely veg. Vegetarians would love to relish such stuff. Like just imagine the scenario where juicy pieces of vegetables are falling out of your mouth with that intense bite. (P.S we’ll assume the fact that the juices won’t spoil our clothes). One more restaurant as the unique name suggests : How does your Garden of Eden Grow? – Original Sin. They claim to have a substance which they call “vegetable meat”. I bet it would just taste as amazing as one could even imagine. The Principessa Salad for starter, Vegetable Tandoori for the main course and a little Tiramisu for the sweet dish. Or precisely, dessert. Though we do love to call the dessert a” sweet dish”. I believe we could just push my fellow vegetarian friends over the edge just to commit this sin and not repent in the future. Because it’s “vegetable meat”. It should be the perfect evening for any vegetarian.


So this somewhat eventually becomes the Eat.Sleep.Rave.Repeat moment for my fellow vegetarian friends and readers.

And now a little treat for our chocolate lovers : Do not, I repeat, do not miss the beautiful agglomeration of chocolates, icecreams pastries from the patissier Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. You’ll repent if you miss their esoteric choice of flavours.

One more last mention which I feel noteworthy is the oyster omlette from the Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster. This out-of-the-world type dish is basically an omlette in which briny whole oysters are tossed together in an egg batter and then they are pan-fried to perfection which would just melt in the mouth.

Tell me, who wouldn’t want to stop this endless delicious conversation?. But I think it cannot go on right. Hence, I choose to end wherever I could. There are many more little little mentions like the sushi, oyster in chillies sauce, apple pies, a lot of coffee variants for coffee lovers, variants of fish, and a lot of stuff more.

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