Jamshedpur, you beauty!

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So here’s a small post on the beautiful small city of Jamshedpur.  I had an opportunity to visit it, just to visit the Xavier Research & Labour Institute. But when I reached the city, I found out many more things which are attractive to the eyes of the beholder.

The whole map of Jamshedpur!

The whole map of Jamshedpur!

It all started with calling a friend, Neha (Affectionately known as @ohteri_ in the twitter world). After living six years in Kolkata, she had to finally relocate to Ahmedabad, due to her job. Inspite of the fact that, she was a non-native resident of Kolkata, I couldn’t find any better advocate who strongly recommends people to live and explore the beauty of the city Kolkata. Native people are always an exception about praising their native city/town. But when non-natives praise about a specific city, and I personally believe that, there is something always charming about the city.

So it goes like this. I called her,  supposing that she would be always back at her very known place (P.S She knows the Axis Mall in & out. Like in and out!. That was her place of ummm…. lazing around. Not exactly lazing but “Lyadh”. Sadly, in my humble opinion, the word “Lyadh” cannot be defined in any language, as similar to the word “Nyaka” in Bengali language.)

But after calling her, I came to know that, she was not at all in Kolkata. And she had a train to catch the day after the next day. I was stunned, now what? Because she didn’t even give prior details about her relocation. Then, I made up my mind to visit her hometown, i.e Jamshedpur. Or rather Tatanagar Junction. Because there is no station named Jamshedpur after all.

The city of Jamshedpur was built by the very own industrialist Jamshedji Tata. He knew that the strategic location could be well established someday or the other. And it did flourish, as one of the largest steel industrial city.

Then she replied, it’s already late at night. Will you even get tickets? I was pretty affirmative and, assured her not to worry. Just that she should be on time the next day to receive me at the station.

Probably there was some kind of misconception between us because she knew I was going to come via the Ispat Express which arrives at 10.45 am. But, I was extra smart to board the Howrah Barbil Janshatabdi Express and reached pretty earlier than expected. Nevertheless, I’ll come to the point later on.

As expected, on the day I talked to her, I couldn’t manage tickets because the chart for Janshatabdi had already been prepared. And I disliked the Ispat express because it had a few stops between Kharagpur and Tatanagar. Now, after waking up at 4.30 am , I was much confused whether to go to Howrah or Kharagpur. Because I was at such a location where both were equidistant. Eventually, I took the leap of faith and decided to head towards Kharagpur and board the Janshatabdi then and there itself.

I caught the first possible local train and then moved towards Kharagpur. According to my calculations;I found out that even if I reached Kharagpur by 7am, or at the most 7.15am, I still would have an hour or so, to explore the station and outskirts. And I was right. I did reach Kharagpur Jn by 7.05 am and so, I had ample of time to roam around the Malancha Road.

Though first and foremost priority was to get a Janshatabdi ticket, because I was already in a huge dilemma since yesterday night. So much that I posted a question regarding this in Quora!. Though I did manage a ticket for the Janshatabdi; but there were no seat numbers written on it. So, I was a little bit scared, yet determined to board the train because the ticket was valid.

Then according to the time, the Howrah Barbil Janshatabdi arrived at Pf 2A. I boarded the DR1 coach because, I felt that would be for the ones who have a valid ticket but don’t have a seat. And I was right. The TTE checked my ticket and asked whether I wanted a seat or not. I refused because it was just a journey of around 2 hours.

And poof! After two hours I was at Tatanagar. Reached the land, where Soren used to rule once upon. (Fun fact: Neha made me realize that roaming charges were being deducted because it’s Jharkhand and not West Bengal!.)

After getting down at the Tatanagar Junction, I called up our host, Neha Mishra madam, only to realize, she was half asleep when she received the phone! I was astonished because she was supposed to receive me. Nonetheless, she said that she would be seeing me within half an hour and till then, she gave me directions to reach Bistupur. I knew that, Bistupur would be nearby so thought of chilling out at the paid lounge, at the Tatanagar Station. Incidentally, there was the India vs Bangladesh match going on. So, after watching it for sometime and having gulped down 2-3 cups of Cappuccino, I gained some courage and left for Bistupur.

Bistupur is basically the heart of Jamshedpur. There are a lot of markets in Bistupur. Ranging from clothes to games and movie CDs, we get everything in Bistupur. Amar Market in Bistupur is famous for computer peripherals and various other stuff related to computers like CDs, DVDs and so on. There are a lot of other markets in Bistupur which are similiar to other markets.

And, I managed to find a share auto to take me to Bistupur. That was a first time experience of a city which didn’t dupe me on seeing a newbie to the city. It seemed that everyone was pretty helpful. Obviously local auto-drivers would persuade you to get into their private autos, but when asked about the share auto, they willingly showed me the way towards the specific stand. After getting down from the auto, I found, my landmark, “Dominoes Pizza” at Bistupur. Well,well, need not guess what I did next.

After I finished the pizza and the coke given free with it, our host landed up finally with her Scooty Pep+. Though, that delighted me, but still she was supposed to come earlier. Though, atleast she came! Nevertheless, from there we went to the Jubilee Park at Sakchi first. The Jubilee park, must say, has some incomparable scenic beauty. The hills behind and the buildings below the hill. That was one moment I regretted myself for not bringing the camera with me. No wonder, beautiful gardens, maintained by the City Authorities.

The Jubilee Park.

The Jubilee Park.

From there we went off to visit the outskirts of the Tata Zoological society. The delight of the scenario at the nearby lake, is something I can’t describe. You should see it with your own eyes as well. Due to time constraints, we decided to skip another beauty, the Dimna lake. And we headed off to the XLRI Campus. Though we were not allowed inside the campus, the joy of seeing one’s dream institute from outside was also inexpressible.

The lake near the Zoological Park

The lake near the Zoological Park

After going around the XLRI campus, we moved to the Airport area which is basically a training ground for pilots. The area was pretty much big and there are talks coming up of opening a domestic airport terminal at Sakchi. From there we went off to a Saibaba temple there, which is probably one of its kind out there. The dome was something, attracted me.

The Saibaba temple!

The Saibaba temple!

After visiting the temple, we returned back to explore the Sakchi bazaar. It was wonderful and so much colourful as well. We had some milkshakes which were pretty amazing in taste. Hence they say, a good guide can make you look a boring city in an interesting way. After sometime, as time was flowing like water, Neha dropped me off to the station and my itinerary for the day was over. I wished to stay back there but it was difficult for me because I had to return back to college as well. And, from the Tatanagar station, tired and happy, I returned back, to my hostel.

One fact I’d like to share about Jamshedpur is, in the middle of the roads, you would find some amazing eco-friendly made idols or statues or caricatures depending on the place you are, or you are heading to. The statues look cool, along with the clean and beautiful roads. A lot of friends said me, when I uploaded the picture of the roads there, that they resembled the roads of Chandigarh.

The beautiful roads.

The beautiful roads.

No wonder, Jamshedpur. You amazed me. I wish to visit again someday! Till then, adios!

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  2. I love Jamshedpur too. I was born there… and have spent many summer and winter holidays climbing its trees and running barefoot in its lanes…

  3. Archana Kapoor says:

    Awesome write-up and nice pictures!

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