Balti before I marti!

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Normally, every person has his/her own wishes list before they die. Even I have my own balti list of to-do things which I want to either do or accomplish before I marti. “Marti” is a word in Hindi which means die. So I’ll probably jot down below my balti list before I marti.

Here it goes as follows!

1.Visit Europe with mom & dad.

Who wouldn’t want to visit Europe? Obviously yes. Everyone of us always wants to visit Europe atleast once in their lifetime. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Europe. Though I would always want to visit Europe someday soon. My mom always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. So that’s my first wish I’d like to be fulfilled.

2.Get a C-level job someday.

That’s a dream I always wanted to fulfill. The feeling of being a CXO, (where X= Executive,Finance,Operational,etc) will be absolutely incomparable. It cannot be even compared to the day I got my iPhone 4S. True, I was overjoyed that day. But, this kind of joy will be unique from all kinds of materialistic joys, and desirable as well. Obviously, I’m ready to sacrifice 10-15 years for the post but I’d love to reach there, someday!

3.Get a chance to study in IIM Ahmedabad.

Ah. Not just because of the name and reputation. It’s a new way of living life. I have read so many articles on IIM Ahmedabad that, it inspires me to study, crack CAT with flying colours and then get admission there. My role model, Dr. Raghuram Rajan was also from IIM Ahmedabad. Harsha Bhogle was from IIM Ahmedabad. Ajay Singh Banga, who was the president & CEO of Mastercard was from IIM Ahmedabad. Shikha Sharma, the CEO of Axis Bank was from IIM Ahmedabad. And there are many such more examples of people, who setup new trends for the world. Hence, a subtle dream to study in such a place, where individuals are molded in such a way that later on, in their life, they go ahead and become leaders in the fields they choose to lead.

4.Do something for the transsexual people.

I always feel bad whenever the able bodied people have to ask for alms just because the society refuses to accept them and give them some kind of recognition. It has been always unfair to cast away people just because they are from the neither gender. I’d like to help them and somehow would like to arrange a school for them. Where they would be given the basic education knowledge, maybe till the SSC level examination, or HSC. And after that, options would be given to them if some of them wanted to pursue higher education as well. I believe, if the society accepts them, they wouldn’t have to beg atleast.

5.Buy an iPhone 5.

Ah, the iPhone 5 might have a lot of bugs and other stuff as well. Low memory, first time implementation from the usual 640 x 960 pixels to the absolutely new 640 x 1136 pixels. I agree to the fact that Apple has made a lot of new inventions and has applied a lot of new technology. Sadly, the essence of a sharp edge absolute black iPhone has died since the iPhone 5. They got new colours like the silver gray, gold and what not. They got new models like the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and so on. But the absolute black coloured iPhone is not available anymore. I always wished to buy the iPhone 5. But it became obsolete sadly, and I’d love to buy it someday. Not a refurbished one, but a new one, if available somewhere in the market.

6.Own a home in Mumbai.

Now this is an absolutely out-of-the-box thinking. I’d always want to live in the place where I was born. Though, sidenote : The place where I was brought up, has a price of 55,000/- INR per square feet. I simply think at times, whether, is it possible to buy my own home and customize it, that too in a very costly place like Mumbai? Though, they say, raising questions means that your wish shall never be fulfilled. So, being on a positive side, I will buy my own home someday, and customize it according to my convenience and beauty.

7.Buy my own BMW 760Li.

Man, the car itself is enough to faint me. There has never been a moment in my life where I have seen the 760Li passing by and I haven’t stood still till the time it is out of sight. I love that car and I am very much obsessed with it. I have innumerable pictures of the BMW 760Li saved in my laptop and phones. The car is so attractive and beautiful, as well as powerful, that I’m trembling at the present,writing this post. I wish to own in someday, at a later stage of life. The happiness in driving my own dream car is speechless.

8.Gifting something to the government.

I’m presently a student of Information technology. Recently I’ve been reading various articles on E-Governance, and the loopholes in it. Also, there are certain loopholes in the government portals which we consumers have been facing throughout the years. E.g each and everyone of us knows how difficult it is to book a ticket in the Indian railways website,right. So, I do wish to gift probably, a file containing a document with the details of the loopholes and security breaches of the government attached in it and the solution to them, or directly a software which would be more efficient in the internet sector of the government.

9.Sending my parents to an all India tour.

This has been, a kind of wish for me. My dad rarely got holidays from his job and he always used to sulk about it. Later when I will get a job, I’ll save money and then send them together for the all India trip. Dad always wanted to visit the Konark temples, but, inspite being so much near to Kolkata, he could never visit them. There are various such places where my parents wanted to go. So, I’ll just send them on the trip, and order them, to just relax, and enjoy the trip, not worrying about expenses and other barriers which do not let a person enjoy the moment.

10.Starting a scholarship fund for the needy/poor students.

This comes as an unfulfilled wish from my father. He had to quit his studies because of certain unexpected circumstances. Even my mother had to do the same. But, it did not let him down. He did manage to make it big, even being a dropout. He has his own social circle and he is well reputed as well, according to me. Same applies for my mom. Even she had to dropout due to her high expenses for post graduation. So, I’d like to, setup an institution, or a fund, where every year a stipulated amount of money shall be divided and given to the poor kids, and also, using recommendations, they will be enrolled in schools, taken care of, and provided higher education as well. I know this would take time, but I would love to do it, someday. Sooner or later.

So this is my little balti list of to-do things. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to fulfill all of them, but I will definitely try to fulfill as much as possible.

  1. Flo says:

    Loving #9!

  2. Indrani says:

    Very noble thoughts. and a doable list!
    All the best!

  3. First of all, the awesome title draw me to this post. And rest, as they said, is history!!

  4. bengaliceo says:

    Done ma’am 😀 will spread the word!

  5. Great thought…a bit expensive though 😛

    Wish you all the success 🙂

    byapok “baalti” list 😀

  6. kokilagupta says:

    I can see that no compromise on quality has been done here ..thumbs up 🙂 May all these come true soon 🙂

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